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Sustainability and Jobs in Westchester NY

Updated on July 16, 2015

New Rochelle City Center


Suburbs Just Outside NYC

This county as a labor market and metro area actually ranks as one of the Best 25 Medium Sized Cities in America for Jobs and Business. Its economy is largely based in Sales, Service, Healthcare, IT, and Tourism Industries.

Westchester County in New York State is located just to the north of NYC and in the Hudson Valley region of the state.

White Plains is the county seat and other major cities in this county include Yonkers, Sleepy Hollow, Yorktown, and New Rochelle (home of Rob and Laura Petrie on TV's Dick Van Dyke Show, about a fictional television show that would have been an early precursor to 30 Rock).

Set in Westchester: Dick Van Dyke Show Theme Lyrics


Westchester County is dedicating itself more fully to green business and sustainability in the 21st century with increasing numbers of green jobs on the horizon. One such green company. WeRecycle Inc., is a Connecticut company that recycles computer and other electronics waste according to federal standards. It has built a large Westchester location in 2008. The New Croton Dam Project is related to clean waterways and energy clean initiatives in Yorktown.

On the retail side, Burlington Coat Factory opened an 82,00 square foot store in White Plains during the summer of 2008 as well. APF mirrors and picture frames company has established an 82,000 square foot expansion at Yonkers in the same year. Already in place is the huge complex in New Rochelle known as New Roc City, an entertainment and shopping areas that is 1,200,000 square feet in size. It includes a family fun venue and amusement rides, including a "space shot" thrill ride.

Westchester County government is aware and focused on the aging workforce and the phenomenon had having workers remain in the labor pool beyond the usual retirement age of 55 - 65.

Specialized training programs are in place to train government leaders and employers about this situation and how to handle it most effectively -- Westchester officials estimate that by the year 2020, at least 17% of the local county population will be at or over the age of 65 and many of them will be working. Senior training and placement programs are in place and may expand in the 21st century.

Westchester County

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Westchester NY Attractions

Westchester Office of Tourism

The Tourism Industry of Westchester County passed a record $1-Billion mark in the 2000s, based on its numerous historic, recreational, retail, and entertainment attractions.

See the related link for the county's healthy tourism economy and interesting things to see:

Pub in New Rochelle.
Pub in New Rochelle. | Source

"I Am A Fine Musician" - The Dick Van Dyke Show

Top 10 Job Offering the Most Openings

IT, Sales, and Healthcare jobs are increasig quickly, followed by Business and Trucking. Teachers and teaching assistants from elementary through higher education levels are in growing demand as well.

  1. Sales Representatives
  2. Project Managers
  3. Registered Nurses, including Nurse Practitioners - Includes Travel Nursing, even morelucratrive with payment of rent/mortgage for up to one year.
  4. Administrative Assistants
  5. Business Analysts
  6. Team Truck Drivers
  7. Java Developers
  8. Pharmacy Technicians
  9. Clerk/cashiers
  10. Software Engineers
  11. Mobile Engineers
  12. Art Directors - IT
  13. Engineering Specialists
  14. Network and Systems Engineers
  15. Software Engineers

White Plains, New York

Top 10 Fast Growing Jobs

The following list includes job titles that are increasing in demand faster than the rest of jobs titles in Westchester County:

  • Adult Literacy, Remedial Education, and GED Teachers & Instructors - This is becoming more and more important in training a skilled workforce to compete in a global marletplace.
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks
  • Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists
  • Computer Programmers and Support Specialists
  • Contruction Laboreres - Especially in green construction and urban revitalization.
  • Education Administrators for Elementary & Secondary Schools amd Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors
  • Food & Beverage Preparation and Service
  • Nurses at all levels - Rns, LPNs, Nurse's Adies
  • Psychologists and Social Workers
  • Teachers and Instructional Coordinators at all levels, including Vocational and Special

Yonkers Revitalization

Philipse Manor Hall; historic preservation.
Philipse Manor Hall; historic preservation.

Major Employers and Job Posters

  • IBM Corp. - IT/Computers
  • JPMorganChase
  • Massey Knakel
  • General Electric
  • County of Westchester - Government
  • Ameriplan
  • Westchester Medical Center
  • Watkins-Shepard Trucking
  • Yonkers Public Schools
  • Bank of America
  • Sound Shore Health System of Westchester
  • Columbia University
  • City of Yonkers
  • Riverside Health Care
  • New York Police Department
  • PepsiCo
  • White Plains Hospital

Revolutionary War sites: Yonkers, New York.
Revolutionary War sites: Yonkers, New York. | Source

Top 10 IT Jobs

The Top 10 Computer-related Jobs in the Hudson Valley regions include the following list that can proivide earnings from $29,000 to $80,000 annually:

  1. Billing and Posting Clerks and Machine Operators
  2. Computer Systems Analysts
  3. Computer Programmers
  4. Electrical & Electronic Equipment Assemblers
  5. Computer Systems Software Engineers
  6. Data Entry Keyers
  7. Computer Support Specialists
  8. Computer Applications Software Engineers
  9. Switchboard Operators & Answering Services
  10. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts

Education and Training In Westchester County

  • Berkeley College – New Rochelle
  • Cochran School of Nursing - Yonkers
  • College of New Rochelle
  • The College of Westchester
  • Columbia University School of Social Work
  • Concordia College
  • Dorothea Hopfer School of Nursing at Mount Vernon Hospital
  • Iona College – New Rochelle
  • Long Island University
  • Westchester Graduate Campus
  • Manhattanville College
  • Fordham University, Marymount Campus
  • Mercy College
  • Mercy College-Onine Learning
  • Monroe College
  • New York Medical College
  • New York University
  • Pace University – Also Pace School of Law, White Plains Graduate Center, Pace University NYC, Pace Midtown Center.
  • Polytechnic University
  • Westchester Graduate Center
  • Sarah Lawrence College
  • St. Joseph's Seminary and College
  • St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary
  • State University of New York at Purchase
  • SUNY Empire State College
  • Tefft Business School
  • Westchester Community College
  • Westchester Community College - Yonkers Technology Site

Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving wrote this story and terrified youngsters for hundreds of years, espcially in animated versions provided by Walt Disney in the 20th century. His book is about the Old Dutch Burying Ground next door to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York.

Many celebrities are interred in Sleepy Hollow, including several Rockefellers (money & politics), the Astors (money), the Chryslers (autos), Washington Irving himself, and dozens of others.


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