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How to Answer Job Interview

Updated on June 19, 2018

Unemployment today is the biggest problem of the country not because there are no jobs available but because:

  1. You are not fit for the job or
  2. You fail the Interview because you made a mistake

You are qualified but why most of us fail during the Interview? We failed because of inappropriate answers. When you search on Google about job interview questions, they will give you different answers but you can try reading this hub. My experiences during the interview might help. I will give examples in applying in a finance and call center industries.

Aside from choosing the right outfit for the interview, prepare your list of interview questions and practice.

In answering questions, be humble at the same time sound confident even if you're not. Show off your strengths. Be consistent. Expect they will ask you the same question again.

1. Tell me something about yourself

This is the easiest job interview question and it comes after the Interviewer gave a brief introduction about the company. They wanted to know more about you and interested about your personal, educational, work background and your skills.

1.State your name, age, and your educational background and work experiences. If you are a fresh graduate, add your school organizations that you have joined.

For work experiences, you can cite specific job responsibilities.

Example: "your name", graduated with a degree in Accountancy in Holy Cross of Davao College last 2003. I have gained a valuable experience in accounting for 2 years with (prior companies). Also, I had the chance working with importation and purchasing where I was able to learn a lot of skills in communication. I was trained of the actual practice of accounting in "name of the firm" and learned the bookkeeping.

As long as possible do not mention about your personal life unless been asked. Focus on your educational and work experiences. Be detailed and give relevant answers. If they are looking for someone who knows about accounting software, do not forget to mention it. If you haven't used any do not say "NO", tell them that " Everything can be learned and I am willing to learn." "If you I won't be able to get it in a month?,then fire me"

2. What do you know about the company? Why did you apply here?

Make sure you have done enough research about the company. This is also to test your interest about the job. This is also one way of choosing the type of job you are looking for, the type of people you are going to interact with and the working environment that you gonna work with.

Give a brief description about the company's background about how long does it operate, the different products they produced or sell and services they offer. You can also add how did you learn about the job hiring.

3. What is your ideal job?

After graduating from college, I am pretty sure you have a list of your ideal company to work with as well as your ideal job. For a fresh graduate, I don't really know what's in your mind for we have a different point of views in terms of a job. I majored accounting and trained in an accounting firm but my first job was cashiering in a lending company, it's still business related but it was one thing I haven't learned in accounting for it is more in finance. My second job, was with a manufacturing and merchandising company of firearms and ammunition. I was assigned to costing, which honestly I did not like. Later, I was transferred to Purchasing and Importation, this time this was the most exciting and interesting job. I really like it because I was able to apply my strength which is communication. I never got bored with this type of job.

" I am looking forward in a finance company as an analyst or accountant. I am keen to details and I have a strong analytical skill, I believe this is my greatest strength and that I can contribute to your company".

4.How do you handle pressure?

Can you meet up with the deadlines? Can you handle your boss? Can you interact with different people? Work is accompanied by pressure. It is something that will make you challenge. Focus on your strength, not on your weakness, your boss won't give you any task that you can't do.

What will you do with the pressure? Pass it with other. Work with your team, ask others.

5. How do you see yourself in 3 or 5 years from now?

This has been questioned many times and I hate it but this is about POSITIVITY.

" I would be grateful to work in an accounting firm or in a finance company as an accountant." In 3 to 5 years from now, I want to see myself as an "Accounting Manager or accounting officer. Or "I would love to have my own accounting firm".

6.What is your greatest strength and weakness?

The question doesn't really answer about your skills but asking who inspires you to strive hard.

"My greatest strength is my family. They are my inspiration."

One time, I have been asked, what is my greatest weakness, I answered: "My greatest weakness is coffee, it is one thing that makes me active and alert at work"

7.Why should we hire you?

The company wanted to know what you can do or what you contribute to their company. You have to sell yourself here. Emphasize your skills and expertise. Show that you are capable of doing the job, that you like or wanted the job. You don't need to sound like you are begging, though.

If you are a fresh graduate since you don't have enough skills and experience to show with them, tell them what you've learned from your organizations aside from your personal character.

8. Why did you have so many jobs before?

Why did you resign from your previous companies? This is one of the most difficult questions I have answered. My parents and my friends are asking, are you collecting jobs? Are you not tired? If you are worried about it because it's negative then turn it to positive. The employer doesn't want to hear the truth about leaving your job, probably it's because of your boss, the job itself, the work schedule and overtime or the Pay.

" I was confused which direction to take so I tried different jobs to know which I like most." I would have never known the different skills if I wouldn't have tried it."

" I liked the job and the company however I am looking for good work schedule"

" I am looking for a company that can provide me a good compensation package that can compensate my expenses.

9) Why I should not hire you?

This is the most difficult question I have had to encounter.

Call Center Hiring Process

Call Center hiring process:

I have applied in a call center company before and got hired. The interview was not that easy, most were tricky and just throwing some technical questions. The recruitment process starts from

  1. Filling out application forms
  2. Initial Panel Interview
  3. Second Interview
  4. Exams ( English, Listening, Technical, Typing)
  5. Final Interview

We were 6 who applied. In the Panel Interview, we were asked the same question:

1. Tell me something about yourself

2) How did you know or what do you know about our company?

3) Why did you apply to our company?

Then the interviewer gave us an illustration or pictures and we need to tell a story based on it. She also let us read a couple of paragraphs.

In answering questions, be humble at the same time sound confident even if you're not. Show off your strengths. Be consistent. Expect they will ask you the same question again.

Awkward Questions

What is your most difficult job interview question answered? If not in the choices below cite one.

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    • juderes profile imageAUTHOR

      judalyn eres 

      3 years ago from cebu city, philippines

      Thank you Rene!

    • profile image

      airen aguilar paete 

      3 years ago

      nice one juday.... tnx for the tips.

    • juderes profile imageAUTHOR

      judalyn eres 

      3 years ago from cebu city, philippines

      hahaha, yes, I'm still updating this hub, I might include some funny interviews before. thanks!

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      I think it's great any time anyone gives useful advice to those struggling to find work. Voted up.

      I love your answer on the greatest weakness. I may "borrow" that one....


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