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Top 10 Retail Companies of 2016

Updated on April 22, 2016


Amazon is by far the most popular retail store. Simply put, people trust They know that when they place orders at the online website, they will receive what they paid for. Most people report receiving their purchase in a total of 7-10 days. This retailer was given an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. At you can type anything into the search engine and in a matter of seconds you will have various things to choose from related to your keyword. This retailer was made especially for the internet. These are the top reasons that shoppers choose When you benefit this much from one website, who wouldn't shop at

2. Walmart

Shoppers who love Walmart rave about how much they save. They go on and on about how it is a one-stop shop. Walmart's online store is a reliable way to purchase products. According to various online reviews people receive the exact date that the product will arrive, so they know when to expect their packages. How cool is that? This is extremely helpful if FedEx leaves a box on your doorstep. You know to be home so people can not steal your goods. Walmart is a great retailer for many different reasons. One Walmart shopper on Consumer Affairs wrote "I can find everything I need in the store. The costs range from pricey to low and therefore fits the need of all types of shoppers. They are the only ones that carry the type of fish that I like..." Not only does Walmart provide a wide range of products for a great bargain, they provide opportunities for disabled individuals. Who wouldn't want to support their store? If you are not on the Walmart bandwagon, then get on board already!

3. Target Corporation

People reported that they never know what they may find at Target stores. Making Target a treasure hunt of great products. Target offers a variety of quality products. In-store shoppers reported that they enjoyed the attentiveness of sales personnel. Who want's to hunt for a store employee during their shopping experience? If store representatives are always available you will save time constantly looking for things that you need. Overall, customers have various reasons why they love shopping at Target.

Based on consumer reviews, customers felt valued when shopping with these retailers.
Based on consumer reviews, customers felt valued when shopping with these retailers.

4. The Home Depot

Customers who shop at the Home Depot love this store. Shoppers enjoy having a place to ask questions related to DIY projects. People report that sales representatives are always friendly and make finding supplies easier than other stores. The Home Depot has equipment for most home related projects. Looking for a place to get all you need for that home repair? Many Home Depot consumers report that this is where you can find everything for home repairs and more...

5. Lowe's

Shoppers at Lowe's find that they have an overall great experience. They especially like the fact that customer service is helpful and provides timely responses. Reviewers agreed that the service that Lowe's provides is helpful and courteous. Who wouldn't enjoy something like that? People really feel that Lowe's deserves their business because this company has exactly what they need and they treat their customers like royalty.

These retailers make DIY projects easier.
These retailers make DIY projects easier.

6. Best Buy

This retailer maintains an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. When you check out their consumer reviews you will find that this grade is much deserved. Sales representatives are often described as knowledgeable and helpful. Reviewers exalted this retailers ability to handle customer related issues. Not only does this business have outstanding customer service, they also have the latest electronics and technology that people are seeking to purchase. Overall Best Buy has many attributes that has put them on the top of the consumer spectrum.

7. Costco

Costco is a beloved consumer of many people who seek great brands and exceptional quality. This store has many of the products that are sought out by customers on a daily basis. Reviews about this establishment reveal that customer service is one of its shoppers' most favorite attributes about the store. According to consumer reviews from one reviewer wrote, "Their products are typically of a higher caliber and sold at a discounted price." When it comes to meeting the requirements of its consumers, Costco is one of the most successful.

Consumers choose many of these retailers because of the products available.
Consumers choose many of these retailers because of the products available.

8. Macy's

Are you really surprised to see Macy's on this list? Macy's has been a consumer favorite for many years. They don't only put immense work into their Christmas parades every year, they also put energy into providing wonderful products and services that customers love. Although they can be on the high-end of the pricing spectrum, you cannot beat the great products they offer to their shoppers.

9. Walgreens

This retailer offers the ultimate one stop shop. With a pharmacy in every location. Walgreens has most of everything you need. Consumers love Walgreens because the store is always presentable and store personnel are friendly and professional. They have both an in-store and online store for their shoppers. These stores are also available in almost every city within the USA. Basically consumers agree that this store has what customers need to have a great shopping experience.

Why Customer's choose them?
Reliable Delivery, Variety of Proucts
One-Stop Shop, Reliable Delivery, Store Organization, Great Products, Affordable Prices
Target Corporation
Variety of Products, Quality of Products, Great Customer Service
The Home Depot
Great Customer Service, Product Availbility
Great Customer Service, Product Availability
Best Buy
Great Customer Service, Product Availability
Great Customer Service, Product Availabiltiy
Product Availbility
Great Customer Service, Convient Locations, Overall Store Experience, One-Stop Shop
Great Customer Service, Product Availability, Overall Store Experience
Here is why Consumer's choose these retailers?

10. Kohl's

People can't get enough of Kohl's. When you find a store that has great products and great customer service you have hit the jackpot of consumer comforts. Kohl's offers fashionable clothing at great prices. Many customers describe this store as a great place. From friendly knowledgeable store personnel to the latest fashions, Kohl's knows how to treat their loyal shoppers.

Consumers agree that these retailers are awesome. With great customer service, products, and overall experience, these retailers beat the competition.

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