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Top 10 Rules For Creating Good Marketing Videos

Updated on November 1, 2015

It is a well known fact that a video can register more easily in a human mind than pictures or texts.

Why do you think that more people like watching movies than reading books?

Why does YouTube happen to be one of the most popular websites on the internet?

Video marketing is the best possible way to showcase your products or services online.

The colorful visuals, special effects and live demonstrations recorded in a video make it easy for people to understand the product.

A good video can go a long way in attracting potential customers.

Things to Do Before You Start

Here are 3 crucial aspects that we need to take care of before we can start creating a marketing video.


1. Do your research

Collect information about other products that are similar to yours. Competitive analysis is extremely important.

Look up the most popular products in that domain and make a note of how those are being advertised.

This will not only give you a good idea about what marketing points to use, it will also keep you aware of the market competition.

2. Involve an experienced person

Take the help and guidance of someone who has prior experience of creating videos. If you are not familiar with video recording and editing techniques, learning these from scratch will require time. It is always best to have the expertise of someone who has done it before.


3. Have the equipment ready

Whether you are planning to use a video camera, a web camera or a camcorder, make sure that you have the hardware ready and learn how to operate them before hand.

These days, most tablets support video recording in HD format. If you do not own a video camera, tablets are your next best alternative for recording a high-resolution video.

The 10 Rules of Thumb to Do It Right!

If you are on a mission to achieve client list building with videos, keep a few important points in mind while creating that marketing video.

Here are some of the best online video editing software that come for free:

  • Camtasia is a great video editor for Windows. It is user-friendly and is easy to handle.
  • Screenflow is a powerful video editing tool for Mac OS.
  • Powtoon is a wonderful tool for creating animation videos. It is available for all OS - Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Andromedia is the best video editor for Android.


1) Choose the right tool

The internet offers many easy-to-use video recording and editing tools. These can be downloaded and used free of cost. Based on your specific requirement, look for a software that might suit you the best.

For example, if you are going to demonstrate the working of a software application, you will need to capture your screen for the entire duration. In this case, Camtasia Studios may work great for you. Another good tool for video recording in Adobe Captivate.

2) Have the perfect headline

The title is the first thing that a reader sees and it decides whether to click on the video or not. There is a reason why a headline is called a headline.

An eye-catching title grabs the viewer's interest immediately.

Choosing the right keywords in the title also increase the chances of your video showing up on search results.

3) Building contents

Think about what would have made you more curious about the product if you knew nothing about it - put yourself in the viewer's shoes.

When a potential buyer comes across a new item, there are 3 main questions that come up:

  • Why is my product better than any other products in the market? What is so unique about this product?
  • How will it benefit the buyer?
  • How do we use the product, is it easy to set up, is it equally easy to use?

Ensure that your video illustrates the above points well. This is the reason why how-to videos are extremely effective, they clearly demonstrate the working of a product.


4) Never talk about solutions to problems in your product

The main objective of a marketing video is to advertise why people should buy something, not to highlight the various problems or defects that can arise in future.

By describing solutions to problems, you would be drawing attention to faults in your product. Nobody wants to do that.

If you are that particular about pro-actively solving problems, you can always publish a user guide or a FAQ to address such things, which should not be combined with the sales pitch.

5) Include the core features only

The viewer may not be well-versed with the technology that your product or service uses.

  • A lengthy video with too many technical details will tend to bore your viewers.
  • It will also divert their focus from the main benefits of the product.

It is sufficient to explain the basic working of a product that covers installation or setup, how to use, how to maintain and so on.


6) Avoid excessive technical jargon

Remember that your viewers may not be hard-core techies. Certain fancy keywords can definitely make your product sound more attractive, but never overdo it.

Albert Einstein had said -

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough".

He couldn't have been more right.

If your audience cannot understand the contents spoken, you will lose their attention fast. Instead, try to use simple terms that a layman can understand. Simplicity is the key here.

7) Include links in you video

Embed links to your web page that has more information about the item or service that you are marketing. This ensures that viewers who are interested to know more get directed to the right place to pursue a possible purchase.

8) Choose a good speaker

If the video needs a speaker to appear on camera, choose someone who is camera-friendly. This means that the person should be comfortable speaking in front of the camera, and should be able to pull off a spontaneous speech, rather than a memorized one. So, choose your speaker carefully. Every viewer wants to see a confident speaker, not a nervous fidgety one.

9) Include one or two testimonials

Potential purchasers love to hear testimonials and find it safer to believe a sales pitch when one or more actual users of the product appear on camera and vouch on the reliability and efficiency of the item.

10) Good marketing of your video

A marketing video needs to be advertised well so that more viewers can witness the wonders of your product through the video. Don't just restrict the video to your own website, make it a point to upload it on different social medias, YouTube and other relevant sites that you think might fetch you more viewers.

Effective Ways of Video Marketing

The above video demonstrates 5 different ways of video marketing that can help in expanding the customer base effectively.

A good practice is to make a checklist of all the requirements you need to incorporate in your video, before you set out to make that video. Try to follow the 10 simple rules discussed above and watch your marketing video perform its magic.

What kind of an online buyer are you?

What is the most important criteria for you when you are about to order a product online?

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