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Top 4 Scariest Things Found In Storage Units

Updated on January 18, 2016
Madonna's stalker had a baby doll with the head cut off in his storage, creepy!
Madonna's stalker had a baby doll with the head cut off in his storage, creepy!
Jimmy Hoffa, finally laid to rest at Barry Weiss's house.
Jimmy Hoffa, finally laid to rest at Barry Weiss's house.

Beware of an Abandon Unit

Think that horror stories are just for the cinema's? Think again. Following this paragraph are some of the strangest and scariest storage finds yet. What would you think if you came across human remains, or a locker pull of dead snakes? I am going to go over the top 4 scariest storage findings. Normally I don't do articles like this, but when you've gotten a locker that isn't worth a damn, just be happy it isn't worth a damn and full of scary things. Except in the case of Jimmy Hoffa, that is the only exception where finding a skeleton would be a good thing. Read on, and I hope you sleep well tonight!

1. The Stalker's Storage

A storage unit belonging to Robert Dewey Hoskins was purchased by an unsuspecting man by the name of Jerry Licardi in Long Beach, California. Robert Dewey Hoskins is well known for stalking Madonna and Halle Berry and even sports a Madonna tattoo on his stomach, of which he also had the same picture framed in his storage. If that isn't creepy enough, other contents included: a headless baby doll, a notebook full of rants of a psychotic nature, dozens of knives, and an innocent Barbie backpack. Poor Jerry Licardi spent $100 on the unit and will probably have nightmares the rest of his life. I'm sure he got a refund for losing his storage, although, the years of disturbing images are sure to last him a lifetime.

2. Former Medical Examiner

In August 2012, in Florida, an unsuspecting bidder had the pleasure of placing the winning bid of a storage belonging to a former medical examiner with a hobby of storing human body parts. The medical examiner, Dr. Berkland, had stored body parts from more than 100 people. Even more creepy, a human brain was found stored in Styrofoam cup with formaldehyde creeping out of a crack in the side. Other body parts, which included tissue samples, hearts, and lungs, were kept in plastic containers, trash bags, and specimen cups. Oddly enough, in 2003 the Doctor had lost his license and job for failing to complete autopsy reports in a timely manner and having a big backlog of cases. Either the body parts were from cadavers at his previous job, or he was finding them elsewhere. I sure hope I never come across a storage like this one!

3. There are MotherF***ing Snakes in This MotherF***ing.....Storage?

No this isn't a bad sequel to Snakes on a Plane, and Samuel L. Jackson isn't going to save the day. In Dilworth, Minnesota 32 dead pythons were found in a self storage, stored by a Florida native by the name of Henry Artherton. So why would someone have 32 pythons? Breeding purposes. Authorities tracked down the man responsible for this act of animal cruelty. Henry Artherton claimed he could no longer care for the snakes, and they were alive when he had put them in the storage. Considering snakes are cold blooded creatures, maybe a cold hard storage wasn't the best idea.

4. Human Remains Worth Millions

In Venice, California Barry Weiss, famous for being on the show storage wars, cast the winning bid on a storage that contained human remains. The remains were wound up tight in a carpet in the back of a 10ft x 10ft storage that contained mostly tools and equipment that would be used to run a pizzeria. Upon unraveling the carpet, bones tumbled out and Barry thought to himself, "that must be Jim Morrison." After taking the bones to a medical examiner he found out it was actually the remains of Jimmy Hoffa. If that's not oddly amazing enough, after consulting with collectors the bones are thought to be valued at a whopping $30 million. Money doesn't phase Barry, as he decided to just keep the bones in his house as a "conversation piece." Pretty creepy if you ask me!

The thrill alone of buying storage units will give any entrepreneur a rush that they are constantly seeking to top, but finding human remains, snakes, or Madonna's number one fan is sure to leave a rush that will last a lifetime. It's amazing what people have found in storage, but imagine what could be sitting in a storage that has not been found yet.

Locker full of snakes is sure to raise some suspicions.
Locker full of snakes is sure to raise some suspicions.


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