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Top 10 Security Guard Job Websites

Updated on March 28, 2017

Local Security Guard Jobs


Security Guard Jobs are everywhere ... almost anywhere that you live in the world you can find a security job. Whether you are looking for full or part time work, permanent or casual I have found the following websites to be the best place to start when looking for a security job:


These are obviously just 10 of the many websites that you can find security jobs, but there are heaps more.

Twitter and Facebook are great places to also keep up to date with new vacancies.

Some things to think about when applying for Security Jobs:

  1. Ensure that your resume outlines your experiences - specifically to the job advertisement
  2. Ensure that your resume is presented well, neat and tidy, with no spelling mistakes
  3. Make it easy for the employer - the simpler that you can make it for the busy employer the better chances you will have at landing an interview
  4. Do you have the experience and training required?
  5. Is security really the industry for you?

About the Author: After being in small businesses, including security, for over 13 years Tammy Love is now sharing her knowledge and helping others to change careers or start a small business through her websites.

Local Security provides a free ebook called Becoming a Security Guard - it is a really good introduction to the industry if you are thinking about becoming a security guard or starting a local security business.


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    • profile image

      Nikki 4 years ago

      Brush up on your spelling

    • profile image

      Dawn Bailey 5 years ago

      I have been in the security field for about 10 years and I getting ready to graduat with an associate degree in criminal justice. I want to work with a company with good benefits and good pay and advancement with a comapany. Can you give me some pointers on this kind of comapny?