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Top 10 Simple Project Management Software Options

Updated on February 22, 2014

Simple Project Management Software

In most cases, managing projects is a complex and time consuming task. To make it worse, most of project management programs are difficult to master. That’s why we had better to think about the type of software we are going to use for a certain project. There are number of simple project management software that performs well and efficiently. Let’s see what the best programs are in terms of simplicity.


1. Tenrox

Tenrox is simple project management software with easy to use features. Also, it is one of the most complete software compared with other similar options.

Pros: Comes with an extensive feature set. This is easy to use and learn.

Cons: Microsoft Project integration is supported. RSS tool and forums are not included.

Tenrox provides almost all the tools and features for collaboration and resource management that makes it one of the top selections. Project managers can create and handle their project offline and then upload for allowing the team members to work on them. Although there are complex features, there's no issue in understanding those features.

Monthly price of Tenrox is $20.00 and this is a very cheap price compared to most similar project management websites. They allow unlimited users per account unlike most of other software that allow only one user per account.


EasyProjects is another great tool for successful completion of a complex project. Price is expensive compared to most of its competitors.

Pros: This is a web based tool. Therefore it is possible to access from any location where internet access is available.

Cons: Price is relatively high. No way to track skills and abilities.

You can create thousands of tasks and projects in the database without affecting the performance of the software. Using their Vyew system, it is easy to conduct online meetings. This is a great advantage for a project management tool. EasyProjects offers number of charts, reports, etc. that makes the project work much easier. Monthly price is $75.00 and it is relatively expensive compared with similar options.

3. Clarizen

Clarizen is simple and easy to use project management software that comes with an email style look.

Pros: Navigation and management of projects are very easy.

Cons: Some options may seem overwhelming.

Due to Clarizen's novel interface, using this tool is very easy. This is one of the leading project management software because of its simple learning curve and project management capabilities. Clarizen comes with number of features than most of its competitors, yet it is easy to manage them efficiently. Monthly price of Clarizen is $24.95 and only one user per account is allowed.

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4. @task

@task is popular software due to its emphasis on communication.

Pros: Excel spreadsheets can be imported and saved for easy use.

Cons: It may take some time to learn the software

@task is a SaaS (software as a service) type of tool that is based on web browsers. It supports several major languages including Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, and Polish. Therefore it is very good for projects with international participation. There are so many collaboration, resource management, and project management features that may take some time to learn and practice. Once you are familiar with the program, this is really a powerful and simple and project management tool. homepage homepage | Source


Although Project has relatively few features, those features have been remarkably utilized to create a great program.

Pros: The processes are easy to manage with "ProjectManager"

Cons: Lack of collaboration facilities.

"ProjectManager" has comprehensive charts and easily manageable project processes. Lack of collaboration facilities is an issue. However, it is compensated by great project management and resource management features. Monthly price for an account is $25.00.

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6. Genius Project for Web

Genius Project is not simple project management software to learn. But if you manage to go through the hard learning curve, you will find that this is very easy to use.

Pros: User friendly interface.

Cons: Relatively difficult to learn.

Although this allows solid collaboration with the team members of a project, it is lacking some useful features. Team members get notifications about modifications and new assignments whenever they occur. Unlimited user accounts are available with Genius Project for a monthly fee of $29.00.

7. Daptiv PPM

Daptiv PPM is one of the leading programs in the world of project management software. However, we have rated it down due to its relative complexity. Because, this article is mainly concentrated on simple tools.

Pros: So many features and easy to use interface.

Cons: Due to complexity, it may take some time to get familiar with all the available features.

Daptiv PPM is great software that makes managing projects is easy and efficient. In terms of features, this is a must use program. It has number of resource management features such as viewing resource allocation, skill sheets, time sheets, etc. Monthly cost for Daptiv PPM is $50.00 for one user account.

8. Intervals

As a simple project management program Intervals facilitates fast and efficient management of large projects.

Pros: No need to download any software since it is an internet based software.

Cons: Inability to track talents, abilities, etc. No forum modules.

Automatic notifications and good tracking features are some of the advantages of Intervals. Intervals provide unlimited user accounts for a monthly price of $20.00 that includes 1 GB of storage and up to 15 projects. Also they have upgraded versions with higher storage and security.

Project Insight logo
Project Insight logo | Source

9. Project Insight

Project Insight is hosted by a company called Metafuse, Inc. and it comes with detailed reports and information for better handling of projects.

Pros: Advanced budgeting facilities

Cons: Lack of help and support features.

This is relatively simple project management platform. It comes with highly customizable sites, many project reports, and advanced budgeting facilities. The price for one month is just $25.00 and it is worth the money when we consider significant features of this program.

10. Celoxis

Celoxis is cheap project management software that facilitates better communication between members.

Pros: Online forum and email interaction facilities

Cons: Lack of help features. Inability to create recurring functions

Celoxis is a browser based program that can be installed in to a company's private server. This includes forums and email facilities that make it easy to communicate with the team members. Another advantage is the ability to integrate Microsoft Project reports. Lead and lag time of Celoxis is another useful feature for adjusting projects based on their completion. Monthly cost is $14.95 for an account with one user.

One problem with project management tools is it takes some time to get familiar with its all features. Although these are called simple project management software, we have to go through a relatively difficult learning curve to successfully manage these project management programs and achieve desired results.

So what are your favorite tools?

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    • DavidHog profile image

      DavidHog 3 years ago from Jaipur


      This hub shows that you have done a great research before publishing it.

      I would like to add one more project management/resource scheduling software i.e. eResource Scheduler by Enbraun.

      It provides relief to resource coordinators, project managers, resources and other management resources. It comes up with bunch of features which can be used to minimize all issues pertaining project resource scheduling.

    • Ella01 profile image

      Ella01 3 years ago from Newport

      Great Post! I would like to add proofhub ( in your list, it is simple and easy to use tool. It is a sigh of relief for people who were looking for such a combination in a collaboration tool for long. Loaded with features based on customers feedback and request, the tool all that’s necessary and nothing that is extra or adds up to the clutter.