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Top 10 Things You'll Never Get Working for Someone Else

Updated on September 19, 2014

Affiliate Marketing Defined

Many Hubbers here are also affiliate marketers. Perhaps, the oldest and most well-known affiliate program is Amazon; however, nearly every major retailer in America runs an affiliate program, Some of the names you may recognize that have affilate programs are E-Bay, Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, K-Mart, Best Buy, and the list goes on. There are, in fact thousands of them. Must have them have their affilate programs managed by a third party such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale, PepperJam, or many others.

The premise of an affiliate program is that the advertiser provides links to a product or service that an affiliate marketer can place in a blog, a Hub, a WebSite, or even in a YouTube video. If someone reading an article or watching a video clicks on one of those links and goes to the product or advertiser associated with that link and buys a product from that advertiser, the affilate who placed that link receives a comission on that product. Commissions normally range anywhere from 5% to 75%, and there may be some that are a little lower and some that may be a little higher.

If an affilate happens to also be a Hubber or a blogger, he or she might write a product review on some product that they own and know a lot about in order that other people who may be interested in such a product can gain some extensive knowledge from someone who has experience with the product. For example, I recently purchased an Omega VRT350HD vertical masticulating juicer and I also have a Hamilton Beach Wide Mouth Centrfugal juicer so I wrote a review comparing the two.

In order to make a significant ongoing residual type income, one must get traffic to read those reviews, blogs, or websites. That is not always an easy task. Many affiliate marketers will get discouraged and quite before they make any money. Affilliate marketing is not an overnight get rich quick plan. You need to be at it every day and give it some time.

One of the best things about affilate marketing is that anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can be working and making money. The greatest advantage that affiliate marketing has other other forms of marketing is that nearly all affilliate programs are free to join. There may be some somewhere that charge a fee, but I am not aware of any.

The Downside to Affilliate Marketing

Most things that have a upside also have a downside and affilliate marketing is no exception. You have to be aware of your links, because if a product or service is discontinued, then your link to that product or service will be broken. Broken links lose you money and may affect your rankings on Google or other search engines. So, affilliate marketing isn't totally self-sustaining. One nice thing about HubPages is that when one of your links is broken, they give you a notification about it.

The other downside is that there really is no provision in any affiliate marketing program that I have ever seen that will enable you to will your income to your children. My greatest recommendation is don't put all your eggs in one basket. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, but it shouldn't be your ONLY way to make money.

#10-Royalty Style Residual Income

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get paid no matter how long you decided to take off from work, or to be able to receive an income after you retire that is more than what you made while you were working. E-Commerce might be your answer, but not all e-commerce opportunities are created equal. There are basically three kinds of e-commerce opportunities.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Multi-Level Marketing
  3. Consumer Direct Marketing

Most people who have been around the block a few times have a basic understanding of #1 and #2; however, hardly anybody knows anything about #3. (Your humble author excluded of course).

#9 Six Months (or More) Paid Vaction Every Year

There may be some job in the world, although, I'm not aware of any "traditional job" where a person can take six months of from work and get paid for the whole time. In Europe, in many of the countries they get 6 weeks paid vaction every year, but that's about the maximum that I've ever heard of. Most people can choose when they take their vacation time, but I'm aware of some companies that just shut down at certain times of the year, and that's when their employees have to take their vacations. There are no options. If you like take your vacations in the winter to go skiing, you may be out of luck if you work for one of those companies, because odds are the majority of your co-workers will want to have vactions in the summertime, and majority usually rules. (Unless of course you open to work at a ski-resort that shuts down in the summer).

#8 A FREE New Car Every 3 Years

You might get a free new car if you work for a car dealer, but it's probably a demo model and YOU don't own it, you're company does. Lots of people get company cars, but how many companies actually pay you from $400.00 up to $1200.00 per month towards the new car of your own choosing which YOU own or lease. I would guess, very few or closer to none.

This is something you wont' get as an affilliate marketer, but it is one of the perks that many MLM and consumer direct marketing companies offer their top producers. For $1200.00 per month, you could probably be driving a brand new Tesla, and certainly it would cover a Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes Benz. Of course, this isn't something that you will get overnight in this type of business. It take consistent effort, focus, and persistence. Most of these companies will tell you that their plan is 3-5 years to get to the point where the business is self-sustaining and the income is descent.

What is MLM?

Contrary to popular belief, MLM does not stand for Major League Madness (but I suppose it could). MLM is an acronym for Multi-Level Marketing. I'm not here to tell you whether MLM is good or bad, I'm just going to try to explain to the best of my ability exactly what MLM is. There are multiple types of MLM plans and they all work a little bit differently. I do not claim to be an expert on all of them, so I will explain a few of them that I understand fairly well.

MLMs have been around for over 50 years; however, very few of them have been around for more than 25 years. As a matter of fact, over 60,000 MLM companies have started up and gone out of business over the last 30 years, so IF this is a business you might be considering, do your due dilligence and find out how long the company has been in existence, what their sales growth history is, what the entry cost is, and whether there is any potential to actually LOSE money.

Back in the old days, typically, when you joined a company such as this, you would order products direct from someone who was called your "sponsor." In turn, your sponsor would pay you whatever bonuses you earned, up until the point that you reached what some call a "breakaway," which is when your business is no longer tied to your sponsor; however, generally your sponsor would receive some ongoing % of your business volume for as long as your business continued. Nowadays, things have changed. Most people order their products direct from the manufacturer and get paid directly by the manufacturer. The retail customers of that distributor may buy products directly from the distributor or directly from the manufacturer and usually everybody involved with the company gets paid directly by the manufacturer.

Many people, have the misguided impression that MLM is a pyramid scheme; however, in a true pyramid scheme, no one can ever break away from their sponsor or ever earn more money than their sponsor. Nearly every legitimate MLM is designed so that anyone has the potential to earn more than the person who brought them into the business. Some of the most succeful MLM companies are Amway, Shaklee, HerbalLife, Organo Gold, Beach Bodies, and Forever Living. You may have heard of some or all of them. They all are structured different. Some use a binary structure, which means, you only can have 2 people in your first generation, and anyone else that you might sponsor after that has to be placed in one of the two "legs" as they are called. When you get paid bonuses, you get paid only on the smaller of the two legs. Supposedly, that gives someone the incentive to work harder to help the smaller group. I'm not too sure about that concept, but it is what it is.

Other businesses use a breakaway compensation plan, in which when someone you have helped in the business reaches a certain level and then their business is no longer added to your business. You would still receive a small % of that business for the life of that business, which is a source of residual income and is generally willable to your heirs.

LinkShare Affiliate Program

Like most affilate programs, LinkShare is always free to join.
Like most affilate programs, LinkShare is always free to join. | Source

#7 Job Security

No matter what your job is, as long as you are an employee, you will never have job security. You might believe that if you've been with a company for 35 years and they are doing 35 billion dollars in annual sales, then your job is safe. You would be very wrong. I've seen it happen, with just one economic downturn. The company I was working for layed off 1300 people that year, many of them had a lot of time in, and though for certain they would be safe. They weren't. Many of them had been there much longer than I, and had much more experience than I. If I were a decision maker, I would have thought those people would have been more valuable assets to the company, because they knew much more than I about many things.

It was then that I realized that A.) There is no such thing as job security B.) No matter how you decide to pursue an additonal income, don't put all of your eggs into the same basket, or you might just wind up with a basket full of scrambled eggs. Tom Paxton put it very well in a song he wrote back in thd days of the Chrysler bailout, and the begnning lines go like this:

"The price of gold is rising out of sight,

and the dollar is in sorry shape tonight,

What the dollar used to get us,

Now won't buy a head of lettuce.

No, the economic forecast isn't bright,

but amidst the clouds I spot a shining ray......."

Businesses go out of business quickly. 90% of the business that started this year, will be out of business with in 10 years. Businesses downsize. In some states, such as the one I live in, you can be terminated at any time and you do not even need to be given a reason why you are being terminated. It's just the way it is. Everybody is expendable. You may still be expendable in the other businesses that I am detailiing in this article, but the difference is, even if you are expendable, you can still continue to get paid long after you have ended your working career.

Free to Join Affilliate Network
Free to Join Affilliate Network | Source

Robert Kiyosaki Explaiins Affiliate Marketing

What is Consumer Direct Marketing

Consumer direct marketing is a program that essentially works similar to Sam's Club, Costco, or BJ's, but strictly on the Internet as opposed to having physical stores. There are no distributors, and no one sells products. Everybody deals directly with the parent company and orders direct from them. A customer may pay a small annual fee to be a "preferred shopper" in exchange for being able to purchase products at a discount on the internet and have them shipped directly to their home. Like anything else, consumer direct marketing companies come in different flavors and sizes. The first time I was introduced to a plan like this, there was a $700.00 annual enrollment fee, after which you could shop at a deep discount for high-ticket items like furniture and appliances. I compared prices with some other merchants, and I believe it was not such a good deal because if you caught items on sale, you could usually get a better deal. If you joined this company, they wanted you to get your friends to enroll too, and then you would get a % of the enrollment fee.

There are consumer direct marketing companies; however, that do offer a good value on consumable items that people use every day, and the products they offer are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, which is a big plus to many people, especially those with small children. The first, and largest such consumer direct marketing company in America has been in business for 28 years and does over 1 billion dollars of business annually. Everybody joins for the same price, and nobody gets paid a commission on an enrollment fee. Anybody can return any item they aren't satisfied with for a full refund, and if someone joins and decides within 120 days they want to quit, all their supplies can be returned for a refund also. There is no front-loading of products that people neither need or want, because people only buy what they use on a monthly basis. Unlike an MLM there are no product sales and no distributors.

The compensation plan in this type of business is set up such that anyone who enrolls can then enroll other "preferred shoppers." When preferred shopper that you have enrolled does their shopping, then the parent company pays you a small % commission. In a way, this is somewhat like affiliate marketing with a twist, because initially there is some face-2-face interaction either in person, via a WebCast, or SkypeCall. This type of business is set up so that the original "enroller" gets a small % of all the orders generated though several generations of their preferred customers. Due to the type of structure, this kind of business can offer a passive type income that can last for life and can be willed to your heirs. The #1 company in this field has a 95% retention rate, which is probably better than almost any supermarket or department store.

What Methods do You Employ to Earn Additional Income

I Earn Additional Income By One or More of the Following:

See results

What Benefits Does Your Job or Business Provide

Tradtional Business
Untraditional Business
Residual Income
6 Months Paid Vacation
FREE New Car Every 3 Years
Willable Income
No Salary Cap
Job Security
Ability to Work From Anywhere in the World
Zero Financial Risk

#5 No Salary Cap

No matter what your position is in the corporate world, even if you are a CEO someone else controls how much your annual earnings are. If you are a lower level employee, probably your manager holds the purse strings. If your a manager, perhaps the business unit director, president, or human resources manager controls the payroll budget and decides how much your chunk is going to be at your next review. I've talked to several people who haven't had a raise in 5 or more years, because every review period they hear how bad the financial outlook of their company is.

If you are the CEO of your company, your board of directors decides what your salary is going to be. The only way to break this chain, is to develop one of the non-traditional type businesses discussed in this article, because the one thing they all have in common is the only one who can put a cap on your income is yourself.


#6 Financial Security

You company may have a great compensation package, and perhaps you have great insurance, a 401k, and a great profit sharing and pension plan. Unfortunately, any company can change the deal any time they want, and all they need is a passing vote from the board of directors. In my experience, anything a company does to reduce employee costs will result in Wall Street looking favorably on that business, and if your company happens to be a stock company with investors, you stock prices may begin rising, even though your benefits are being reduced.

Corporate directors, generally don't care about the little employees that make their businesses tick. If they did, they would take their time to go and rub elbows with those people and learn about what their financial goals and personal concerns are. I was through 4 CEOs at my last job, and I never saw a single one of them ever come into the building I worked in, let alone the laboratory I worked in. This just further reinforced my belief that the only one that can take care of you is you. Don't EVER be so foolish as to think that you will be taken care of by your company.

Sure companies like to show that they look like they care by making huge donations of time, money, or personal resources to disaster victims. In my opinion this strategy is more for publicity purposes than it is actually being caring. As is said, ANY publicity is good publicity.

#4 Willable Income to Your Heirs

Although, there may be some caveats to doing this with an affiliate program, it probably is technically possible if your heirs are already on your bank accounts or PayPal accounts. The downside is that it will be difficult, or maybe impossible for your heirs to maintain affiliate links on your blogs or websites. it's difficult enough for an affiliate that knows what they are doing to keep up with their links on those places. That's why something like HubPages is at an advantage. If you put an Amazon or E-Bay module in your Hub that is based on keywords rahter than a particular product, even if products change the products in your module will change also.

The two other types of businesses covered in this article, in most cases, have provisions for passing your income to your heirs. That doesn't necessarily mean that they should just ride the wave of your past successes. It would be a massively good idea if they know and understand the business that they are inheriting, so they can continue to operate it effeciently in your absence.

#3 Ability to Work Anywhere in the World Where You Have a Computer and Internet Connection

There maybe a few (a very few) types of other businesses where you might be able to conduct business anywhere in the world where you have a computer and Internet connection, but all three of the busineses discussed in the article have the distinct advantage of being able to do that. The Internet is a marvelous tool that has allowed multiple types of businesses to thrive and drive new business.

Most of these businesses either involve having a website, a blog, or interacting face-2-face with potential clients or business partners. With services such as LiveMetting, GoToMetting, and AnyMeeting, and Skype, face-2-face meetings can now be conducted across continents and across many time zone. Theoretically, any business that can be conducted in such a manner has the abiltiy to operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many of these various types of companies discussed in this article are authorized to operate in many, many countries around the world, but you can still conduct your business even if you are not physically in one of those countries.

No matter where you are, you can drive traffic to your blog or website, or perhaps you have a business presentation that you need to give to someone in Austrailia and you are in Antarctica. With the Internet, you can still do it. You don't even necessarily have to do a Webinar or WebCast, because now it's also possible to put your business presentations on SlideShare in the form of PowerPoint (to which you can also add YouTube videos) or .pdf files, to which you can also add YouTube videos. While the days of in-home presentations for various types of businesses may not be totally gone, they are certaininly much less important than they used to be.

You can even have a group meeting if you implement the tools on the Internet, and some of these tools will allow you to have up to 1,000 attendees during a WebCast. These certainly makes it a much easier task to expand any of the three types of business models discussed here. Also, YouTube videos can have links to your affiliate products, websites, blogs, or any other linkable method which you use to promote your products or business within the boundries of what your business deems allowable.

FREE Company Paid Travel to Exotic Worldwide Locations

Although, I'm not aware of any affilate programs that offer this benefit, I am aware of some that provide the ability to earn an income writing about your travel experiences by linking to various travel agencies that pay a commission if someone books a trip through them. If you are already doing a lot of travel, this may something that could benefit you, if you have the ability to write colorfully about the places you have visited and that you would encourage someone else to visit.

#1 Zero Financial Risk

Of all the benefits that can be provided by the three business models discussed here, perhaps the most important one to go into at some length is ZERO financial risk. I say this because this is something you need to understand on a company-by-company basis, because not all business models across all companies are the same.

Affiliate marketing programs in general are almost always free to join; however, the commissions in general are smaller than the other two marketing models discussed here. Most hard goods pay between 4% and about up to a maxiumum of about 20% with the exception of e-books which may pay up to 75%. There are sites where you can also promote your own e-book, if you are a writer. This may be advantageous to you, because essentially, once you have produced an e-book, the hard work is done, and you have no further costs unless you pay to advertise the book. There are a few channels where you can sell your own e-books, such as Amazon and ClickBank (perhaps others) in exchange for a % of your sales. On ClickBank you might also offer others the opportunity to market your e-book in exchange for a % commission on the sales of your books.

When it comes to the other two business models, some are ZERO risk and some are not, so you have to examine each one on a case-to-case basis and determine whether or not it is possible for you to lose money. I would love to have the time to have done all the research in this area for you, but this would require an extensive amount of time and effort. Personally, I would not get involved with any company that posed a financially risk to me or my family, but everyone has to make their own decision about what they are willing to risk.

The Take-Away Message

I'm not here to suggest to you that your become involved with any particular type of business as opposed to another one. This article is intended to be informative only. My main message to you is that if you rely solely on your job to provide financial security, you might end up getting burned. I also suggest that no matter what you decide, that you don't put all of your eggs in the same basket. Business is like the stock market, diversification can protect you against having all your potential risk focused in one area. Imagine years ago if you had invested all your money in W.T. Grants, Two Guys, or Ice City? Time is the same as money. Don't put all of it into one type of business. Spread it around a little bit. Diversify.

Make it your business to understand all three types of these business models, and learn where there is zero risk and where there isn't. You can have a better and more balanced life, if you spend a little time now on developing an income that will sustain you later. My wish for you, is that you find the playing field where you feel you can become a winner in business, and might be one of these business models, or it might be a combination of all three. It's up to you. Just don't let your job dictate your financial future.

I encourage you to stick wtih companies that have a long history as opposed to start-up companies that are "the next big thing." The fact remains that 9 out of ever 10 businesses that start today will be gone in 10 years. It doesn't matter what the business is, this is a well-known business statistic. I can tell you from personal experience what it's like to start a tradional brick-and-mortar business, have it fail, lose all your money, and have to take yourself and your family through bankruptcy. It isn't a pretty picture, and it changed my life forever.


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    • profile image

      Old Poolman 3 years ago

      Great advice from a truly great writer. I spent 25 years in the Corporate World prior to taking early retirement and starting my own business. If I had life to live over I would not have wasted that 25 years working for the Corporation. I am retired now but loved being in control of my own destiny. I did find out though that I am the toughest boss I ever had.

      Not everyone can work without a boss standing behind them all day or the "security" offered by working for someone else. Perhaps you provided enough really good ideas that some will make the jump to self-employment.

      Thanks for all your research and sharing with the rest of us.

    • pocono foothills profile image

      John Fisher 3 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

      Hi midget38, Thanks for your comment. There are many other ways to establish security besides a tradtional "job" (which in my opinion is an acronym for "just over broke." Lots of people have big dreams and then invest tons of money in a traditional business only to discover it's not all sunshine and roses. There are lots of ways to make a secure income without investing any great sums of money.

    • pocono foothills profile image

      John Fisher 3 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

      @billybuc-Thanks for the comment. As more and more people realize how insecure their future really is, the easier it becomes to get them to understand that they need to take action now and have a plan B, because plan A doesn't work anymore.

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 3 years ago from Singapore

      No job guarantees security these days...only we do!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I'm with you all the way my friend. I quit my full-time job three years ago and started in as a freelance writer. I have had some lean times, but I never had to worry about being fired. Quite frankly, I'm surprised more people aren't looking into this sort of thing. Times are tough and scary and will get worse.

    • pocono foothills profile image

      John Fisher 3 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

      @DealForALiving-Thanks for you comments. I'm trying to have more passion. Somedays it's there, somedays it isn't.

    • DealForALiving profile image

      Sam Deal 3 years ago from Earth

      Thanks for the hub and for all the passion in your writing