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Top 10 Tips to Make Money from Google AdWords

Updated on April 25, 2017

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Google Adwords is one of the advertising medium which can be used to make money online. Though it is structured as tool for advertising own products, it can be utilised to make money for persons without own products or website to promote by interlinking Google Adwords with affiliate programs.


Google AdWords is one of the most effective advertising programs on the internet. It is designed for advertising based on keywords. Key words research has vital role in it. The advertiser pays for his ads shown in the Google AdWords Package.

Top 10 Tips to Make Money from Google AdWords

  1. Select a popular and profitable segment for marketing.

  2. Sign Up for Google AdSense program.

  3. Sign Up for most profitable Affiliate Programs.

  4. Research on the products that are going to be promoted.

  5. Select products with high commission and most possibility of selling.

  6. Use Google AdWords Keywords Tool for most effective key words.

  7. Choose right keywords with less competition.

  8. Create attractive and eyecatching ads using the keywords.

  9. Create an attractive landing page. Make the visitors believe in the need of buying the product. Landing page determines the success of the ad.

  10. In the beginning, even though it may not be a success, continue experiment with ads and the selected products.

How to Make Money with Google Adwords


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