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Top 10 ways to improve your communication skill

Updated on May 21, 2016

Top 10 ways to improve your communication skill

To help you in your everyday life and social and business interactions. They are original and non-complicated to try

  1. Make the best use of every moment. A quick "Hi" followed by a question or a compliment is usually followed by something exciting to talk about. “You seem in a hurry" "You look great" are always good conversation starters. The objective is to seize every moment or opportunity to pick up a good conversation.
  2. Make your listener listen to what you are speaking. Plain speaking what you have in mind may not always get you the attentiveness that you have always want. It might be a word, a phrase, an idea or just few words of cordiality but without highlighting or without stressing on the words, you will not make a huge impression. Stress on the words to highlight important points. Do not hold back when you have to stress certain words or phrase. Explain if you must. And then you can summarize.
  3. Try intonation. Do not sound off-pitch. Put some healthy authority behind that voice. Use active voice to do a quick run through of the topic. Use soft tones if the subject is distracted by something or the noise.
  4. Learn new words by reading news and articles daily. To sound impeccable, use only correct and basic grammar unless the topic demands that you say it difficult words and complex sentences. Practice your pronunciations every day.
  5. Never agree to something that you do not agree with. Deal with it firmly, then and there. Take out the nagging from your head. Emphasize agreement by re-phrasing or with verbal nods. Never agree to something before all bits and pieces on a topics is discussed and doubts are cleared. Clear all objections with reasoning and logic.
  6. Pause only when you need to recharge your energy. This will give you the time to think and reason better. Unnecessary pausing will interrupts your thought processes and also your energy and enthusiasm. Asking questions will give you the perspective and the space required to gather your thoughts. Have a question in mind or prepare a few questions to ask during the course of the conversation. By asking questions you are making it clear to the listener that you have good grasp and ability to discuss more.
  7. Show energy, enthusiasm and express your opinion without being defensive or aggressive. Unless you feel strongly about something, try to avoid arguments.
  8. Be proactive and do not just reply to what people are saying. Take initiatives and introduce a new point or share another opinion in the discussion. Do not show boredom.
  9. Prepare yourself well in advance. If it is an interview, a business negotiation or an important meeting take notes. Do not go with the fear, the nervousness, or confusion in your mind. Present your case "as it is". .And be always ready to learn from the experience
  10. Do not pretend to know more or be pretentious about anything. Be yourself. Be caring. Be forgiving.

These are 10 tips for you to get started with on your way to becoming a better speaker and to own an expressive personality.


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