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Top 15 Hot Jobs in Middleton WI - Mustard Fun Town

Updated on February 6, 2013
Menominees spearfishing at night by torchlight and canoe. The Menominee lived on fish, game and wild rice, making them well known as the Wild Rice People. Then they became lumbermen.(Photos public domain).
Menominees spearfishing at night by torchlight and canoe. The Menominee lived on fish, game and wild rice, making them well known as the Wild Rice People. Then they became lumbermen.(Photos public domain).

Money Magazine's Number Four

Middleton is the #4 Best Place to Live in America out of the Top 10. As a suburb of Madison, Middleton had access to over 5,000 open jobs in the fall of 2009, about the same at a year ago.

From 1990 - 2008, the local population of Pillion and Madison has increased about 20%. In light if this increase, Middleton may become one hub of a new 13-mile railroad corridor that links Middleton to the University of Wisconsin–Madison as well as downtown and eastside Madison. High speed rail has become a vital feature of fast growing American suburbs.

Another vital feature of successful suburbs today is green living. Middleton consistent works with Seventh Generation Energy Systems and other companies in developing and implementing a Sustainable City Plan.

Urban Development

Middleton Hills is a housing development much influenced by the industriously styles of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The development is located on small plots of land close together with neat houses featuring specific architectural styles that include from porches and tiny front yards. The narrow streets are an obstacle to speeding, but encourage neighbors to walk across the street and meet one another. Organized garage sales do the same thing.

Businesses are located in or adjacent to this downtown neighborhood and many residents walk to do their errands and grocery shopping. It's a great place to live, with a low crime rate.

One of the improvements to the area is the relocation of the National Mustard Museum and Gift Shop and its yearly national holiday festivities to Middleton.

National Mustard Day

Do you like mustard? Are you a mustard connoisseur?

National Mustard Day and its accompanying festival occur on the first Saturday every August in Middleton,led by the folks at the National Mustard Museum and Gift Shop. They moved over from Mt. Horeb in 2009 to bring a lot of fun and good eats to Middleton and more people.

All kinds of events happen on Mustard Day. Artists pain in mustard. Thousands of hot dogs with mustard fill the tummies of men, women, and children that wonder by to wonder what's going on.

While they are in the vicinity, they can see a collection of 5,000 mustards from around the world and about 1500 or so mustard containers of various interesting types. Visitors should look to see if the Captain Mustard comic and trading cards are still around.

Beware the Ketchup Fines!

Generally, the tradition at the festival is to pass out free hotdogs with mustard. However, there's a $10 fine if you ask for ketchup!

Top Job Listers

  1. Covance
  2. Epic
  3. Associated Bank
  4. QTI Group
  5. Promega
  6. MRI Network
  7. Agile Enterprise Solutions
  8. Dean Health System
  9. Wisconsin State Government
  10. EDS
  11. Remedy Intelligent Staffing
  12. Pizza Hut - YUM! Brands
  13. Top Echelon Network
  14. CPM Marketing Group
  15. Life Style Staffing
  16. Taco Bell
  17. Celerity Staffing
  18. Symphony

Leading High Demand Job Openings

  1. IT Analysts
  2. Java Developers
  3. Physical Therapists & Assistants
  4. Sales Representatives and Salespeople
  5. Business Analysts
  6. Project Managers
  7. Research Assistants
  8. Store Managers
  9. Staff Accountants
  10. Occupational Therapists
  11. Executive Directors
  12. Assistant Managers
  13. Tax Managers
  14. Information Specialists
  15. Accountants
  16. Programmer Analysts
  17. Receptionists


Long-Term Employment Projections to 2016

Entries on the following list in bold type indicate jobs titles already frequent in large numbers in job listings.

  1. Personal & Home Health Aides
  2. Computer Software Applications Engineers
  3. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
  4. Pharmacy Technicians
  5. Medical Assistants
  6. Industrial Engineers
  7. Computer Software Systems Engineers
  8. Dental Hygienists
  9. Dental Assistants
  10. Physical Therapists
  11. Veterinarians
  12. Surgical Technologists
  13. Veterinary Techs
  14. Personal Financial Advisors
  15. Physician's and Physical Therapy Assistants


Covance - Top 15 Hot Jobs

Covance is a health and pharmaceutical company in Wisconsin with headquarters in Madison. Offering many job openings accessible through Internet job search engines, its locations include:

Additional sites are located in Michgian and Indiana.

An example of positions open include:

  1. Analysts - Business, IT, other 
  2. Global Marketing Managers
  3. Research Assistants
  4. Accounts Receivable Supervisors
  5. Revenue Analysts
  6. Study Technicians
  7. Animal Technicians
  8. Clinical Pharmacists
  9. Regional Controllers
  10. Lab Assistants
  11. Financial Business Partners
  12. Scientific Officers
  13. Sample CoordinatorsI - Nutritional Chemistry Food Safety
  14. Senior Trainer/Regisgtered Nurses (RNs) 
  15. Supervisors - various departments

Wisconsin Native American Nations

Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin

Up to 10,000 of this nation live in Wisconsin, many between Middleton and their headquarters to the north in Kenesha..

The Menominee Nation is an Eastern Woodlands group that were mound builders in the past. They traded furs with the French around nearby Lake Mendota around 1830. By 1856, a railroad line had come through Madison to the Mississippi River and Prairie du Chien, more specifically, through East Middleton to Pheasant Branch over land that became Middleton. This increased the numbers of Euroamericans - mostly German and English - that came in to settle. The local Railroad Station is a popular tourist attraction today, although is was quite active in commercial transport of wheat and lumber.

The lumber also created wealth for the Menominee that owned and worked forested lands. In 1954, the US Federal Government declared the Menominee Nation self sufficient and eliminated their reservation. However, as lumber declined as an industry, the native nation suffered and were reinstated as a federally recognized tribe in 1973 by President Richard Nixon. By 1979, the Menominee had their own reservation, constitution, and democratic government.

Menominee Pow Wow

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