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Top 10 Affiliate Programs Online

Updated on June 15, 2009

There are many affiliate programs out there. Many of these affiliate programs are scams, only trying to use people to advertise their site so they may generate more income into their greedy pockets. But there are a select few affiliate programs that generate the income that they say they can. There is no scamming and illegal activity involved in these programs. It allows many internet users to be satisfied with their results and therefore they are proven to be legitimate affiliate programs. This hub is based on 10 affiliate programs that I find to be the best.

There are more than 10 legitimate affiliate programs out there, but I decided to list the ones with the best reputations. The quality of these programs change with different users because they are based on different ways to make money online. Affiliate programs listed here are based on different types of programs. You may find some based on ad advertising, selling products, hosting valuable information, etc. Nevertheless, these affiliate programs will earn you great money and there are so many to choose from. If you can't earn from one, quit and start with another. Its that simple.

This hub is about choices, so therefore I won't be naming the obvious programs that everyone knows about such as Google Adsense.

1. WebStarts

Yes, Webstarts has an affiliate program. Not only is it the best free web hosting service ever, its also one of the leading web hosting affiliate programs on the internet today. You can make thousands of dollars using this affiliate program, as they will give you an example when you decide to sign up for there program.

The best thing about this program is that you don't even have to sell anything. You just give out free website hosting, and if the person you referred decides to upgrade to the pro account or the pro plus account (which most likely they will due to the low prices), you get paid for it. It's a safe bet in this unknown world known as the internet. Making money online is becoming a targeted topic for scammers and phishing attempts. Most would prefer you to pay for there services, but Webstarts is one of those websites that has earned its trust over the years. Now with an affiliate program out there, Webstarts is truly the future of the website building industry.

2. Azoogleads


Many people that have never heard of this program would think its some sort of Google rip off, but its actually a very good program. Azoogleads has been around for a while now, and has made many members happy.

Sometimes Azoogleads may take a while to process your application (sometimes days or weeks) but there is a reason for that. Azoogleads affiliate program is used by thousands of people around the world. That would make sense, because many people probably try to make multiple accounts to earn more money. It may be for that reason, but for whatever reason it is, all I know is Azoogleads has made me money, and I love it lol.

There have been few complaints of bad customer experiences, that's because of what I just explained above. Azoogleads is one of the leading marketing programs worldwide.

Azoogleads is a division of epic advertising. They have a publisher base of over 40,000 members and is a flagship advertising company, advertising products from every topic that can be listed. It has an Epic Certified Search.

3. LiquidWeb

Professional web hosting at its finest, Liquid Web has probably the most potentially profitable affiliate program ever created. The program is free of charge to join, but the products you will be advertising are very expensive. I'm not sure if you will be able to make a good sell unless you know how to talk a good game, but its a potential million dollar plan for many.

Liquid Web has been around for years, and has drawn in many customers. It has been successful in the past for generating a large sum of income to many members of their affiliate program. With so many high tech programs available at your disposal, it will be a lot easier to sell these products to those who need it that are willing to spend that kind of money on it.

5. Play-Asia

Play Asia is one of the worlds leading gaming distribution companies that pays its affiliate up to 12% commission for every sell they generate. Starting off with this program, you don't have to make a sell as soon as the person comes to the site. You can wait and have them sign up and then start earning money on every sell that Play Asia makes to people that are referred to the site by you. Its a process that has proven to be very effective in the world of online marketing. Many people have earned thousands of dollars off commissions from Play Asia.

As gaming becomes a bigger part in the lives of many, Play Asia is allowing you to take advantage of this situation by allowing you to make money referring them to what they already want. Selling all the games of the future, people are gonna come storming to this website to obtain their copies of these games.

4. Yahoo Publisher Network

Yahoo Publisher Network is an affiliate program by Yahoo that displays ads on your website so that you may earn revenue from it. Similar to Google, it has a chance to earn you some great money. The sign up process is very simple and using the service is even easier. Yahoo Publisher Network is one of the world's favorite affiliate programs (alongside Google Adsense). Millions of people trust yahoo, so chances of you getting clicks on your ads are very high.

I personally like the way the Yahoo ads look better than I like Google ads. It looks more welcoming to the eyes, which makes it very tempting to click on these ads. With that being said, I'm guessing that others feel the same way about Yahoo Publisher Network ads.

6. is what the name says, "Art". Its based on selling artwork. I'm sure everyone here has at least one form of art in their home, whether it be a statue or a painting. Art is a great way to earn money selling artwork to those who purchase these items online. Generate sells and earn a commission of 25% for each sell. has some beautiful artwork up for sale. Earning one forth of the total cost of these products will pay offer very effectively. Place links and banners on your website to generate sells and altogether make more money for yourself.

7. Allposters

All Posters, yet another great art selling giant, has an affiliate program designed to help you earn a good amount of money to help them make sells. Think of it as a telemarketer position, without the phone and hanging up in the ear sound. You are trying to sell their products using the power of the internet, which is relatively easy by the way. As you make sells, you make commission for every sell that you generate.This is the "Worlds Largest Poster and Print Store".

You can link to All Posters from a choice of over 50,000 images, letting you appeal to many different people with different interests in the art world. The site has images related to just about anything so it doesn't matter what your site is about, most likely they will have an image related to your content.

8. Amazon

The reason why I include the Amazon affiliate program on this list of best affiliate programs is because there is an outstanding amount of products that you can promote from this site. Amazon is one of the leading world online stores on the internet today, with products ranging from every subject/topic.

There are many features that allow you to take advantage of this site. You can place a search engine, customized to promote Amazon products, on your website and make sells that way, or you can create your own online store and choose the exact products that you want to sell from your very own online store. Commissions are kind of low, but everyone trusts Amazon, so you are more likely to make more money with Amazon than any other affiliate marketing program.

9. Bidvertiser

A pay per click advertising program, also an affiliate program. Bidvertiser has brought in great money for users of their site. While I don't like the structure of the site myself, I like the income potential. I used it once before and I met the minimum required payment a lot quicker than I did using Google Adsense, so I can honestly say this is a pretty good program.

10. Admob

Admob specializes in mobile website content. You can generate a good amount of money using this affiliate program. It works great with free mobi site services and has been proven to generate a good amount of money. Although some people have reported spamming in their email accounts from Admob trying to sell them stuff, I've never had that problem using this service, so I fully recommend this to anyone who has a mobile website on the internet.


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    • grinnin1 profile image

      grinnin1 5 years ago from st louis,mo

      Wow, I'm going to take a look. Thanks for a great hub and some good information!

    • jiro profile image

      jiro 5 years ago from India

      than you for the affiliate information provided

    • profile image

      Ray 6 years ago has a pretty unique affiliate program. Great product, but the company is still new (so they haven't had much exposure).

    • profile image

      syamsul 7 years ago

      you can join another affiliate program too. . Sell software and get your commision

    • profile image

      mstvblog 7 years ago

      Very Useful Info Thanks

    • Johnyboy profile image

      Johnyboy 8 years ago

      I am currently looking to get my hands on an Azoogle account. But since they have so many restrictions and rules I believe that won't be in the near future.

      Anyways, Azoogle for me remains one of the best affiliate program out there.

    • babedoll50 profile image

      babedoll50 8 years ago from Alberta

      There certainly is a lot of stuff here that we haven't seen before. My husband was just telling me the other day that he was going to start using bidvertiser on a few blogs to do a comparison.

      Lots of great info