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Top 25 Sites for Start Up Entrepreneurs

Updated on April 1, 2013

Information for Start Up Founders

The following are the best 25 website resources for entrepreneurs that want to learn about starting a new technology focused business.

Tech & Start Up Blogs

List of Sites and Blogs for Entrepreneurs

  1. Paul Graham - Personal site of notable early stage investor Paul Graham is the founder of Y Combinator an extremely successful early stage incubator in Silicon Valley. The site has essays covering a range of topics, Paul's bio, but also links out to Y Combinator and the News section is worthy of being its own entry in this list, but will be included here. Hacker News is a very fluid board about technology and business.
  2. Thefunded - Supporting entrepreneurs that are pursuing capital from angel or venture capital investors. Thefunded is the best resource of information about Venture Capital firms and the individual partners. The site also has several other resources for founders looking to learn about the funding process.
  3. PandoDaily - A News Blog focused on proving interesting stories about Silicon Valley and start up culture around the world. Pando Daily has several well known tech writers including the founder Sarah Lacy a successful author and journalist that has covered start up and technology news for many years.
  4. Ben Horowitz Blog - The Ben Horowitz blog is a unique blog that is very interesting, each post starts off with a lyric of a song and often the lyrics are from a rap or hip hop song and then he proceeds to tie the words into business. As one of the most successful venture capitalists keeping an active blog, he provides a fresh look at the topics and they are full of great suggestions for entrepreneurs.
  5. SEOmoz Blog - This daily SEO blog is consistently updated with the best practices for Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing by professionals conducting campaigns for clients everyday. Learn from the best on how to do online marketing correctly. Whiteboard Friday sessions are some of the best content on the web about how to properly position your website online.
  6. Guy Kawasaki - How to Change the World - A practical blog for impractical people is the tagline for Guy Kawasaki's blog about running a business and launching a successful venture. Former Apple Executive Guy invests in and advises early stage start up companies. There is countless posts inside the blog that provide entrepreneurs actual strategies and ideas that can improve their business.
  7. Techcrunch - one of the largest early stage technology blogs that focuses on technology and innovation. This blog is now owned by AOL, but still produces lots of interesting articles and topics of interest to start ups.
  8. Venturebeat - a early stage technology blog that has a few specific beats that are particularly interesting both the Green and Games areas on Venture Beat are unique and rich with content.
  9. Techmeme - is a tech news aggregator that provides the hottest stories to readers and the ability to drill down into a topics and check out what lots of writers are saying about a topic. Find interesting start up jobs through their job board.
  10. Chris Dixon's Blog - an early stage investor and successful entrepreneur shares stories and insight into business that can help entrepreneurs regardless the industry that they are supporting.
  11. Ben Casnocha - Entrepreneur and author among many things discussing various start up related topics. Ben also Co-authored a book about getting yourself as an individual moving forward and succeeding with Reid Hoffman the founder of LinkedIn and successful investor.
  12. Fast Company - The business magazine that covers up and coming start ups and successful business professionals has an interesting articles that covers smattering of subjects that are relevant to a business minded individual.
  13. Seth Godin's Blog - Personal blog for Seth Godin that contains often short blog posts that are very valuable to anyone looking at starting a company. Subscribe and receive short blurbs that get you thinking and inspired in your email.
  14. This is going to be big - Written by a partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures covers events in New York City through a newsletter and topics related to investing and start ups.
  15. The Next web - The next web is comprised of many different channels such as Design, Gadgets, Entrepreneur, Lifehacks, and many more as well as editions broken up by location. There is a variety of media from articles to video and audio content on this site.
  16. Fred Wilson - A VC at Union Square Ventures an early stage investor that is a notable blogger.
  17. A Smart Bear - the blog from Jason Cohen founder of WP Engine and smart bear software covers a range of entrepreneur and tech focused articles. Lots of gems in the archives.
  18. Above the Crowd - Bill Gurley - A partner at Benchmark Capital focuses on technology and business issues in his blog posts for the most part.
  19. - While the Mint service is focused on personal finance, their blog is something to aspire to for a start up that wants to develop a blog to help educate its users and attract new users. The Mint blog provides value to the readership and enhances the brand.
  20. Gigaom - is a comprehensive technology blog that has many contributors that are experts in various industries. Gigaom tv has a special start up session series featuring topics of interest to entrepreneurs.
  21. Inc. - The popular magazine of entrepreneurs and business professionals. This blog has articles that cover a really wide array of topics and is excellent for staying abreast of popular ideas and strategies in industries that may be different then your own. There is several categories for the posts including start up, running a business, finance, leadership & mentoring, sales & marketing, technology, and innovation
  22. Start up Nation - Everything that you need to get a business up and running start up nation can help your business with making the right first impression. The blog contains many interesting topics of course they would like for you to retain their services but it is not required to just have access to great information.
  23. Small Business Labs - is tracking and forecasting the trends impacting the future of small business owners. Lots of great market research type information in the posts on several different areas as well as posts specifically about new companies and the ideas that they are working on bringing to market.
  24. Uncrunched - the blog where Michael Arrington the founder of Techcrunch writes his opinions about start ups, tech investing, journalism, and many other topics. If you enjoyed reading Mike at Techcrunch then it is worth stopping by and checking out the posts as they are interesting and often discussing things others are not.
  25. Accounting Web - This is the site that every business owner that has to do their own financial work should frequent. The focus is on all the financial matters related to a company from taxes to pay roll and how to best organize and manage all the financial aspects of running a new business.

There certainly are many many more awesome websites and blogs out there that can help people that are in the process of starting a new business. Entrepreneurs are faced with so many challenges at the start of a new venture that it is always a good idea to reach out to others that have gone through the same problems and with the sites listed above you can gain a lot of valuable information that might help you make the right decisions with your business.

And a bonus blog that certainly could replace many of the existing sites up on the list above is CopyBlogger. Learn the ins and outs for how to write great content for the website and other marketing activities like email marketing. Sign up for their web copy tutorial and receive weekly lessons in how to be a better marketer online.

Learn The 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Never Stop Learning as a Founder

Starting a new business is incredibly exciting and scary at the same time and the following websites and online resources are perfect for a person making this drastic change in their professional career. Today's entrepreneurs have a wealth of information at there fingertips and can quickly learn about the basics to running a start up company. Avoid the common mistakes, be aware of the best practices for developing a minimally viable product, learn creative go to market strategies, how to raise capital and much more from experienced start up veterans that write blog posts geared to answering these questions for start up founders.

It can be easy to be very focused and not look outside your domain, but it is important to stay current with industry trends about competition and products and services that might give your business an edge in the market by cruising through the more popular start up news blogs that cover company funding's, product demos and releases, and of course back door rumors that bear some truth depending on the source.

Find a couple sites and blogs that suite your interests and make sure to check in on them from time to time, these are some of the best sites out there however, it is not a full list and certainly there are many others with a wealth of knowledge that are not included. Please feel free to add any additional sites in the comments section and what you like about the site and I will certainly include it in the list during an update.


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