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Top 3 Online Rap Money Strategies

Updated on August 20, 2014

Top 3 Independent Online Rap Money Strategies

Today in the field of rap music there are a greater number of new rappers becoming independent in order to make rap money online. The internet is allowing for this phenomenon. The whole music industry has been affected by the emergence of internet rappers. And as much as some old record label executives hate it they have to deal with it because the internet is here to stay.

Top 3 Online Rap Money Strategies

They are now forced to adapt to a new way of doing music business where they are in total control of the industry. Because of the independent online rap market more rappers are able to enter into the rap game and show their talents over the cookie cutter veterans who over saturate the radio waves today. Let me give you the top 3 independent rap money strategies for your success.

Keep A Quality Copy Of Your Music At All Times

Strategy #1: Keep a quality copy of your music at all times.

By keeping a quality copy of your music at all times with you then you are always prepared. Your music should have roughly 10-15 of your best recorded tracks on there. Also you should have a work ethic where you are completing at least a song every day or two. Do your best to make the music as professional as possible. Also you should sharpen your skills so that you can have a better rap flow. This is one of the most important independent online rap money strategies. Find a good local producer who can provide you with good beats as well as mix and or master your music and give it a professional sound.

Online Rap Money Strategies Video

You Must Obtain A Loyal Fan Base.

Strategy #2: You must obtain a loyal fan base.

Given the sheer number of sites like Facebook and Twitter you would have to be living under a rock to not know how to reach out to obtain a fan base. If you have 200 personal friends then you can send a request for each of them to listen to your music and share it with at least 5 people each of them may know. That's a quick 1000 fans with little effort. With each of you new songs you can do the same thing to obtain a loyal fan base.

Remember to not harass (spam) your friends. This could turn them off to your endeavors. You need all of the fan base that you can get. Many of your friends will tell their friends anyway about your online music and that could really trigger a huge boost in your following. If at all possible it would be beneficial for you to obtain the email addresses of all of the online friends and fans that you acquire. You can use these emails to notify them of every event or music release that you have. This will increase your online music presence and make it easier for you to make independent online rap money.

Top 3 Online Rap Money Strategies

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Go Out And Market Your Online Rap Music

Strategy #3: Go out and market your online rap music.

Get off of your butt and market your online rap music to as many of your fans and potential fans as possible. I can think of nothing more important for you to be able to make independent online rap money. In order to sell your music and make money you need to market it in a way where the word gets out that your music is available for sell somewhere. You need to really think about the way that you go about marketing your music.

I suggest you make Youtube videos of each of your songs. The video can be as simple as you recording yourself in front of a microphone lip syncing to your music. This video is your marketing piece where many can see you. With each video you make you simply email a link to your fan base. You can also Tweet the links and create a Facebook fan page centered around your music and post it there as well. As you can see these top 3 strategies are very important when it comes to how you can make independent online rap money.


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