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Top 3 Ways To Be A Jack Of All Trades

Updated on December 18, 2015

Fulfil A Need

A lot of people want to start their own businesses from home these days, and it is starting to become an option that appeals to more and more people, particularly if they have children. Let's face it, not everyone is cut out for an office job, that 9 to 5 or retail, where you are told what to do and when; have to clock in and out at particular times; have to travel on overcrowded and over priced transport 5 or 6 days a week, and all for a job or career that isn't fulfilling to you. It pays the bills, though, and that is why most people stick at these jobs - because we need to work. There are positives to this mainstream way of earning a living. It puts you in contact with more people than if you work from home; there is that social aspect of getting through the day with other people rather than on your own; in most cases you get paid the same amount every month; there are other benefits like maternity/ paternity pay and leave and an office Christmas party! Like everything in life there are pros and cons. For those who do choose to take the plunge and start up their own company, it needs to do something really important regardless of what the product or service is. It needs to fulfil a need. This need can be split in two. There is a personal one for yourself because you need to be passionate about your business, your baby! When things get tough your passion needs to drive you through and push you to seek solutions in order to improve your company's performance. There will always be highs and lows, this is a fact. The other half of the need that's imperative will be to the consumer. That potential customer who needs your product or service. Your company will most likely be like a million others out there, so it's essential you have something unique about you, something that helps you to stand out like a beacon to encourage people to look your way, something that says you have what they need and want.

What Is The Most Important Thing To Be Good At?

Everything matters if you want your product or service to do well and people often lose their way when trying to do things successfully. In my case I own a digital drum and bass record label and also make branded clothing with my designs and ideas. My label has released music from myself and other people, and there is more in the pipeline and my clothing is selling and gaining interest. I have a already seen in this short amount of time that I have been doing this that there are some real important things that you need to really have down regardless of what your business is.

  1. A Clear Business Plan: I was encouraged to type out a business plan which outlined what I wanted to do with my business. In my case it was to make music and sell it, produce clothing and merchandise and sell that, also. My plan included spread sheets of costings for the costs to produce my clothing, cost to advertise, cost for anything related to the music (advertising, paying fees to other artists etc…) Other costs such as setting up my website, monthly hosting fees, you name it, everything costs everything! My business plan also included how I'm going to reach my audience, who my competitors are and how can I stand out - my USP (unique selling point). I understood the purpose of having this clear plan once I got started with it, it helped me to set my expectations straight. The realisation of how organised I had to be with things hit home the more and more I wrote things down, but it didn't deter me. That's how I knew I could do Ok with this.
  2. Product Quality: Everything is getting better these days. The ability to produce next to anything has gotten better for less money. In my case the ability to make electronic music from home has gotten easier and easier with the availability of all the software. Software is so much cheaper than having hardware equipment and with the emergence of everything software, with cheaper packages to allow more people to buy them, there are a lot more music producers out there. A lot more music producers doesn't mean a lot more good music, but it does mean a lot more people can live their dream and that is a good thing. It's also a bit of a curse. If you produce something that is a quality product, it will always stand out. Buying music is cheap and getting it for free is even cheaper! But, people will still pay for something they want if there's an outstanding quality to it. Focus on producing a good quality product. Obviously this can only be within your means, but by doing your level best to accomplish top quality it can be achieved and will be noticed. The more you do things the better you get, so keep doing it.
  3. Use Your Skills: Apart from making the music I design my artwork for my music, and clothing. I studied fine art at higher education, and have always been told how good my drawings and paintings are. Me being like the majority of artistic people that I know, I've always played down my abilities because what I see are the things that I felt I didn't quite get right. Too self critical. In all honesty, I do know I have a talent for artistic things and had a million and one ideas for clothing prints. I finally decided that I had to allow my actual skills to flourish because that is ultimately what will sell my products. Being confident in your ability allows you to really let other people see what you're producing and through that you can gain a wider audience.

Keep Reaching To The Top Of Your Dreams

The tallest building in London - The Shard
The tallest building in London - The Shard

Why Did I Decide To Start My Own Business?

I've always wanted to go it alone doing something I was passionate about. I've been fortunate to be in a situation where I could take somewhat of a backseat if I wanted when it comes to earning money. My husband has quite a steady job where he brings in a good wage. We have 2 children and having one parent that can be around to pick them up after school, cook dinners, spend time with them and see them for a good portion of the day is more ideal than the alternative of paying for childminders and seeing them just before bedtime. We aren't rich by any stretch of the imagination and do have to have those talks about money and spending less. The thought of not working isn't an appealing thing to me at all, because before I had my kids I was in work regularly from the age of 18. Since becoming a mother I was a self employed personal trainer and this took me away from my daughter a lot. I often had to call in the morning to say hello to her and would sometimes miss her bedtimes. I fell out of love with that pretty fast! My husband and I had a recording studio that we managed and that was what I decided to put my focus into. To me that always felt like his because it was his passion to build one and it was quite a successful commercial setup when you take into consideration that recording studios are dying out rapidly because of bedroom music producers emerging with great speed. After that was sold we moved the family outside of London and I had to think long and hard about what I could do that would allow me to work in something I'm passionate about and still be home to be with my kids. Well, hey presto Vivid Sounds was born! Music is my number one but I knew that you can't really make money off music. I needed to do other things that had a potential to earn me a living and the idea of the clothing was what made the idea even better. It's still quite new for me, but I am learning a lot as I go on. Making sure to be really good at more than one thing is essential to having your own business.

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Bonus Tip:

When you're new you want as much exposure as possible so the use of social media is a humungous help. Friends and family supporting your new venture is a great start. It's unfortunate how many people don't support their friends and family when they're starting out. There could be a few reasons for this. Maybe they don't particularly like certain aspects of your product/ service, maybe they're jealous because you're trying to carve out a little thing for yourself, or it could even be as simple as being totally oblivious to how much their support would mean to you. We automatically expect people we know to support us, but they may not always realise that that's what we want. So ask them! Ask them to share your posts, to mention you on their networks, to do testimonials (and genuine ones wherever possible), or to take part in something you're offering. Ask for help. Some people may say no, but you'd be surprised how many people will actually say yes.

We All Want To Make Money

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