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Top 3 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

Updated on September 15, 2012

Top Ways To Stop Procrastination

Top 3 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

Are you one of those people who always seem to cast of your tasks for a later time only to realize that when you get to it the time is almost up. If so you need to learn how to stop procrastinating. Don’t be ashamed. Most people are procrastinators at some point in time. It is one or the largest for missing deadlines and not getting an ample amount of work done both at work and at home. The label of a procrastinator is something that many would deny applies to them. But if they would simply own up to it they would realize that they would get a lot more accomplished.

To be fair, many people simply put off tasks until a later time due to habits that they have formed. Many find it difficult to get themselves into a mindset where they get work done in a timely manor. And the fact that the consequences for such actions are negligible then it makes the bad habit of procrastination even worse.

There are ways to get beyond your procrastination. Below is a few helpful things to get you on your way.

Stop Procrastinating With This Reading Material

1. Make a schedule: It’s imperative that you can organize your goals and goal achievements every day. You need to build lists of what needs to be done and when in order to manage your life. Making a schedule will keep you on track.

2. Evaluate your task: Many people make the mistake of taking certain tasks for granted. While some tasks may seem like a walk in the park, that simple task may be easy but require an underestimated amount of time to accomplish. So make sure that you know what tasks are not just the easiest to accomplish but also which ones are the most time consuming.

3. Do Something: It is often easier to say that you do a task later and then not do it than it is to do it when it is presented to you. Doing nothing is what we all would like to do with our time but it is not always the most beneficial use of our time. Try pushing yourself to do a task that you really don’t want to do by giving yourself some incentive for doing it. For instance, if you have a task that is due around dinner time then tell yourself you won’t eat until it gets done. That hunger will be a motivating factor to getting the task done.


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    • davidlivermore profile image

      David Livermore 5 years ago from Bakersfield, California, United States

      Ahh but the hardest part about following your steps is not to procrastinate starting them! Still, simple and easy to understand. A nice, brief hub for those who may procrastinate about reading something too long.