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Top 3 questions you should ask yourself before you start to make money online

Updated on November 7, 2013

Before you start making money online you should read these three tips and always think about the answers to these questions before making any further steps into the online business. Nowadays people want to make money quickly in a week, two or even overnight by mostly doing nothing. I've checked at least a thousand sites with the keyword "make money online". The owners of these sites were showing me pics of checks for millions of dollars from affiliate programs, google adsense etc. and they were assuring me that i can make the same amount of money or even more. Don't belive them and read my suggestions. Let's start with first question:

1. Did you ever see money falling from the sky?

Guess not... Neither have I, that's why you shouldn't believe in any miraculous schemes to make money online. Be resistant and suspicious when someone is selling you a product and cliaming that it will make you a millionaire or even a billionaire because:

If he's a owner of a great way or scheme making it possible to earn millions online why would he bother to make a product and sell it when he's supposed to be a millionaire already?

Best ways to check if a product is reliable:

  1. Google it! (always use google if you're not sure about a product)
  2. Check the product site to see if it's professional - if there's a direct e-mail address, help section, FAQ (and not only a picture of the check with thousands of dollars and a registration form) REMEMBER: Even if the product seems to be free, but asks for your e-mail address IT'S NOT FREE - people make good money sending e-mails marketing all sorts of products.
  3. Last but not least - check forums - best SEO's forums are Digital Point Forum, and Warrior Forum. Ask questions or ask for reviews. Most of the best products should be reviewed there.

2. Do I know somebody who made fortune overnight?

As i wrote earlier people are really impatient these days because of the speed of the world around us. Information comes within a second, we can fly thousands of miles within hours. We want to work fast and immediately see the results of our work, that's why we think that it is possible to make money online overnight. To tell you the thruth... No! it's impossible!

Online marketers know very well that people are greedy and lazy and they want to make money easily and quickly. That's why everywhere you look you will see the following phrases:

  1. Make money overnight
  2. Be a millionaire by doing nothing within a week
  3. This woman is making 500$ hourly by just being at home

Let's come back to my question. Take a look around at your friends, family etc. 
Did any of those people make money overnight or even within a week (doesn't matter if it's in real life or online)? 

No. So why you would believe online marketers?

Again if they can make money overnight doing nothing why bother selling any online product - they should be sipping a Margarita on a sunny beach.

To make money online you have to apply the same methods as in real life. You need to be:

  1. Stubborn
  2. Persistent
  3. Aware that your first income can be received in half of year or even in a year
  4. Concentrate only on one online business:
  • Choose only one method of doing money online
  • Make a road-map for at least 6 months
  • Don't discourage yourself so quickly

3. Did you hear of any successful company which revealed its method of making money?

Again, neither have I, so why are people giving away the secrets of their success? This is a tricky one. Some of the marketers hope that by revealing their online success or only a part of it they will bring traffic to their squeeze pages to sell you an online product, e-book etc. For example a lot of marketers are making a video and then upload it to YouTube. In such a video you might see 3 out of 6 steps on how to make easy money online. To see the rest of them you need to buy an e-book for 20$.


Everywhere you look people will try to sell you a product, an e-book etc. It’s not necessarily something you need to make money online. So don't believe in any miraculous ideas to make money overnight.

All you need to reach your goal is patience and perseverance. Hubpages are a good way to start making money online.

A few tips for beginners:

  1. Write, write, write.
  2. Write about your hobbies, life problems or search some niche.
  3. Don't give up after 10-15 hubs - write at least 50-60 in order to start earning.

If you don't want to write articles start to read some e-books about making money online as there's a lot of good ideas. I will not tell which books are the best ones because each one can teach you something if you’re willing and eager to learn. Good luck!


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