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Top 5 Best Ways To Sell Storage Findings

Updated on January 15, 2016

Selling Storage Findings

I am going to go over the five best ways to go about selling your storage findings. Don't get everything home and think, "now what?" Take action and get to work!


Unfortunately I didn't discover until I had sold a ton of items for way too cheap. I found is perfect for selling clothes, jewelry, and pretty much any item under 20 pounds. My favorite thing to sell on is clothes. They always sell quickly, are easy to ship, and usually you get a few bids above what your bottom price is. You really cannot go wrong with clothes and does charge for each item you sell, after you sell it. There is no start up price. The charges vary, usually between 10% to 15%, but makes it so easy to post and start up it's completely worth it.


Craigslist is good for larger items. If it's something that would be a pain in the butt to ship I always use craigslist. The best things to sell on craigslist are tools, building materials, or furniture. It's also great because it has a free section. If you want to get rid of something large that doesn't have much value (such as an old couch with stains on it) the free section on craigslist is the best way to go. It saves you the dump fee and people will usually come pick it up the same day. I LOVE using the free section on craigslist. Always be careful of scammers though, anyone who wants you to send them personal information through text, avoid. Leave it at a first name basis only.


Everybody has a Facebook. Not only is it a great marketing tool, but there are also tons of "for sale" pages in every community. I actually started out using Facebook for selling. It's free, quick, and personable. You can sell almost anything and can communicate to buyers through messaging. The only problem I have with Facebook is people can be pretty flakey. With other sites such as or, people are going there to look and buy a specific thing, but with Facebook it just pops up on their newsfeed and they think, "Yes, I have to have that," message you, then once they consult with their wife or husband or whomever, they change their mind. I have been cancelled on a lot with Facebook, but I have also made a lot of sales. You just need to weigh out the pros and cons and how much BS you are willing to deal with.

4. Farmer's Market

Try your local farmer's market! You get up early, get to be outside all day and get some fresh air and meet real people. I always enjoy a day at the farmers market. It's good for selling all the stuff that you don't want to throw away but isn't worth a ton, such as blankets, dishes, singular tools, or costume jewelry. I will price things low and sell a lot. You get to meet new people who are also aspiring entrepreneurs, and usually you can make some pretty good trades. My favorite thing to do before a farmer's market is get all my costume jewelry and trinkets together and weigh them in bags, about 2 pounds each bag. Then sell the bags at $10 a piece. Not only do you get to greatly reduce your stock but you make decent money while doing so. Most farmers markets charge a fee for a spot, about $25 or so, but it's like having your own little store for a day, and if you are like me and want to open up a store someday, it's great practice. The only drawback is battling the elements. Summer can get pretty hot, and winter can get pretty cold. It's another one of those situations you need to weigh out the pros and cons.


Don't be afraid to tell people what you do. They are usually pretty fascinated and the question that always follows is, "Do you have any (enter random product here)." If you've bought a lot of storages like me chances are you do have it and yes they can buy it. Be weary of this though, friends sometimes expect a discount if not free items. I'm all for being charitable, but don't go giving your hard work away. For example, I bought a storage with a lot of furniture in it and a good friend of mine was in desperate need of furniture. I though to myself, "what a great way to get rid of some things, and help a friend out." I worked out a payment plan with my friend while still giving her a great deal. After the second payment she decided to stop paying. If I demand the money I'm the bad guy. Deciding to take the high road I made a promise to myself to not do payment plans to friends, and only give discounts if it doesn't cut into my pocket too much. I could have made 5 times the amount and had the money up front. Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't give your items away.

I hope this was helpful to anyone who is thinking about buying a storage or has bought a storage and doesn't know what to do next. I didn't have a guide like this when I started, but I definitely could have used it!


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