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Top 5 Job Search Websites

Updated on August 19, 2011

The current job market has a bleak outlook; no company seems to be hiring these days and to make matters more difficult - most companies now require you to fill out job applications through their online systems. The major problem with job hunting these days, as it seems, is that far and a few people understand the entire job application process online. It's not the fault of the companies nor the person hunting for a job; many job search websites are available but they are slightly clunky and can be overwhelming.

However, job search websites are one of your best bets when it comes to finding a job, today. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs listed on job search websites. Once you understand where and how to apply for a job - you're on the fast track to landing the career of your dreams.

This article shares five different job search websites you can use to start a new career or find a job.


CareerBuilder boast 22 million visitors every month with thousands of jobs being listed daily. More than 300,000 employers utilize to find their employees which makes it a very viable market for landing a job. With CareerBuilder, you may setup a resume and profile which will streamline the process of applying for jobs through the website. Simply place in your desired job, set your location, filter the results and start looking.



Monster is one of the largest job search websites on the Internet today. There are thousands of job listings from many more employers. The website gives the ability to setup a profile and resume which can be used to easily fill in job applications which cut down the time it takes while job hunting. The websites gives you search features, helpful articles, resources, tools and more; each of these will aid you in the process of landing the job, guaranteed.



Craigslist is the worlds largest online classifieds website. Don't be fooled by the appearance of Craigslist; it may be outdated in design but it's infinitely powerful for landing a job. There are different Craigslist listings for nearly every major city and town which will help you focus in on the job you wish to find within your local area. You'll have direct access to employers through email; send them your resume, a short cover letter, thank you note and you're good to go!


Indeed is a job search engine which pulls the listings from many other job search websites into one, convenient place (usually). Indeed is vastly powerful in terms of finding job listings but you'll need to take the additional steps to apply for the jobs as they are generally off-site. However, Indeed can be a powerful tool in your job search arsenal because you won't be required to jump back and forth between job search websites which eliminates a lot of the hassle.



SnagAJob takes a different approach as a job search website: it tries to specifically target part-time and full-time jobs based around hourly pay. Although you aren't hunting down a career with SnagAJob, you can still find very opportunistic jobs with the website that my eventually blossom into something on salary. Whichever your choice, SnagAJob can be great for landing a job quickly so you're no longer under stress.

Additional Job Hunting Resources

Before you go, remember that a job search website can only help find a job that you're seeking - it's still up to you to land the interview and follow through until you've got the job.

There are many different elements of the job hunting process you will want to pay special attention to, including:

  • Resume writing
  • Cover letters
  • Professional appearence
  • Interview questions and resources
  • And more

Your quest to find a job doesn't stop at getting your foot at the door; you still need to "close the deal" aka. land the job. I've collected a few resources which you may find helpful and will aid you in the process of job hunting.

All-in-all, it comes down to determination. Send out applications every day. It's a numbers game. The more applications you can send - the more interviews you can land. Keep at it day in and day out until you've landed the job you've been seeking. Good Luck!

Care to share some job hunting tips?

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