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Top 5 High Traffic Nigerian Websites

Updated on June 14, 2013

The most popular websites in Nigeria are owned and managed by young and incredibly talented individuals who are determined to make a difference in their world. For various information such as news, gossip or just online networks for individuals to meet and network the following websites rank high as the top 5 Nigerian focused websites in the year 2013!


For more than 5 years Nairaland has been Nigeria’s number one website. It remains a credible source of information and news for many Nigerians especially those living abroad who want to keep in touch with the latest events happening in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji

By web traffic Linda Ikeji ranks as Nigeria’s second most popular website. The blog owned and managed by popular Nigerian blogger and former Model Linda Ikeji is especially popular with the Nigerian female folk who troop there to access gossip, lifestyle and celebrity news.


Bella Naija used to occupy number two spot but has been displaced by Linda Ikeji which incidentally had offered massive support to Linda Ikeji during its early days. Today bella Naija is Nigeria’s leading online magazine for lifestyle and fashion information.


For latest news especially human angle news and celebrity information/gossip naij is a leading Nigerian website for that purpose. But that is not all, it’s also a market place offering many Nigerians a chance to access classified adverts for a variety of products and services.


This is Nigeria’s number 1 youth focused website which is also news oriented. YNaija has in the past offered very useful and trendy information about Nigeria that it could rightly be described as an opinion leader among the average internet savvy Nigerian youth.

This list was compiled based on the following criteria: web traffic for the year 2012/2013 and might change over time as more websites become more competitive and relevant to Nigerian internet users.


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