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Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Amature Speaker

Updated on April 15, 2015

This is my third articles on public speaking tips and my first articles regarding public speaking tips "Top Secret Tips for Public Speaking" also provide five major public speaking tips and in this article I am planning to post some more additional important tips for public speak. Followings are some secret that great public speakers and motivational speakers use for their speech and presentations for large audiences. following these tips will definite helpful to perform better speech without any hesitation.

1. Planning the content

planning the content of your speech will generate additional weight to audience rater than go to stage and say something coming in to mind on that moment. So planning the content is one of the most essential public speaking tips that must use in any speaking situations. You must plan what you going to say in podium with respect to time frame that given to you. This is one of the necessary tips for public speaking. Content is one of the key essential in any public speaking and this will also create good attraction around audience. Planning will helpful to reduce your Public speaking anxiety and build self confidence in you.

2. Giving statistical and research data’s

Provide statistical and research data of your presentation is good public speaking tips which you can apply. Speech concludes statistical and research details will provide positive feed back to your audience. Remember to give those details in proper manner otherwise your audience will get bored and dislike your speech. Giving statistical, research details are not necessary in every speech ,but most of professional speakers use this tool to have a better speech. This will added advantage for your speak and you will also get confident about the speech from it.

3.Story Telling

Speakers can add a story to the speech and everyone like stories whether children or adults. So include one or several simple story to audience of your speech. This public speaking tips will sure improve audience feedback to your and they will sure love your speech.

4. Vocal Variate

This is one of the important public speaking tips that can apply for your speak. If you are given a speech try to vary your volume and tone of your voice in proper manner. This means low the volume and higher volume with respect to the speech. The vocal variate should apply in proper manner for example to higher your vocal tone and lower it much done in related to your speech.This will create great attraction and combined audience with speaker very well.

5.Ask Questions form Audience.

Asking questions form audience is also a good public speaking tips that can apply. Most of great public speakers and politicians use this ticks for their speech. Ask question will provide great bond between you and audience in podium and this will also can use for create interaction between audience too.

Every articles I am post only 5 tips under each sections and I think this will helpful to understand concept behind public speaking rather than going for longer and boring list.Here are some several articles regarding public speaking tips and tricks.

In Above I have explained 5 tips to give a better speak for armature speaker. There are lots of tips and tricks to have a better public speaking and improve your public speaking talents. I am plan to put more content regarding public speaking in my future hubs and hope that this public speaking tips will helpful for you in various aspects.


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