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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Time off Work

Updated on November 28, 2016

Time off work

Time off work
Time off work

Time off work

Most people will not be happy about the amount of work they will find on their desks when they return from a vacation. For this reason, they are afraid of taking time off work. Some will also not like to lose any extra income so for them, taking time off work will be a big no. On the other hand some employees would want to impress their bosses by showing their absolute devotion towards work, hence they feel taking time off work would be a hindrance and might even negatively affect their promotion. What you must know is that time off work has a lot of benefits for you and your organization as well. In this article we will take a look of some of these benefits.

Benefits of time off work

Increases productivity

Taking some time off work makes you more productive than you might think. Whenever you return from a vacation you know that there will be some amount of work waiting for you to do so you will try to make up for the time spent on vacation. This means your level of productivity increases. Productivity depends a lot on your level of energy. Taking some time off work helps you recover energy that you have lost over the period of time you spent working. A revitalized person would be more productive hence he would be able to achieve more.

Creates time for family

Family is important and you need to have time to spend with your family. Time off work keeps you closer to your family. A time off work is not only about you. It has a great impact on your family as well. All the hard work during the year will give you very little time to spend with your family and loved ones. Taking a vacation will give you enough time to spend with those who matter to you and this increases family bonding.

Freshens your mind

Time off work helps to reset your mind for a much better performance. Experts have said that our brains don't have a reserve pool where they gather energy and power from. Time off work helps the brain in doing this. The Tribune reported,'' If we had a huge amount of brain power in reserve, we might not need vacations'' We could just tap those beach-lolling brain cells. But we don't. Taking time off work tunes up a well-functioning brain''. Indeed, this makes a lot of sense. You can’t spend the whole year working without giving yourself some rest. Giving yourself some amount of rest would help give you a refreshed mind.

Potential to make you more innovative

Taking some time off work can bring a lot of benefits to an individual or an organization. When away from work, since you do not have much work thoughts on your mind it means you think about other creative ideas. Some well known and established companies have tried this off work policy with their employee, and it has really paid a lot of dividends. Employees especially those in the creative industry or those in the departments which require regular innovations, for instance in the marketing department; off work policies would go a long way to increase the innovative skills of employees.

Makes you more healthier

Rest is good for the body and mind. It makes you healthier. Working over a period of time gets you stressed up. There are many health conditions that can be caused by excessive stress. Taking time off work will give you enough time to relax. Not only your body but your brain as well will be relaxed. This can save you from health issues like coronary heart diseases or heart attacks.

You also get more conscious of what you eat when you are on vacation as compared to when you are busy at work. Remember a good diet will always keep you healthier.

You should note that taking time off work is meant to relieve yourself from work and other energy sapping related activities. So you should spend your time off work relaxing and not engaging yourself in activities which would get you exhausted both physically and mentally.


It is with no doubt that hard work would make a person successful. However, as an individual, there is a limit to the level of work you can put in over a period. Your body and mind has it limits when it comes to work. So you need to be cautious when working and take necessary period breaks.

Taking time off work will only make you healthier and improve your performance at work. So everyone must create some time for off work activities.

Time off work for innovative ideas

Time off work for innovative ideas
Time off work for innovative ideas

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