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Top 5 Things I Sell on Ebay

Updated on September 21, 2014

Selling on eBay is not a perfect science. If it is, no one told me. By design, it is a place where millions of people, if not more, search for that one special item. That's what makes it so great and profitable for someone who buys and sells basically everything. I have heard of people getting multiple accounts each with a different niche, but that may not be necessary. I have had pretty good success with a few items. Here they are:

1. Vintage. Vintage is a great niche because you are offering up very unique items for sale. Sometimes you are the only person offering it. You would be amazed how many people told me I was selling exactly what they wanted because their grandparent owned one or it was the same as their favorite childhood toy and they wanted to give it to their child. You can find a slew of these items on the cheap at Goodwill Outlet. Check out my Ebay Seller Jackpot article for details.

2. Name brand dresses. I'm pretty lucky since I have a local thrift store that has dollar sales on various colored tag every weekend. I can get bridesmaid dresses on the cheap whether or not they're a dollar and flip them on eBay. Why are they so popular? No one is fond of paying $100 on up for a one-time wear dress. The buyer gets what they need for much less and you make a good chunk of profit. Especially if you got it for a dollar.

3. Jewelry. I'm not giving away my big secret unless I get a lot of subscribers, but flipping jewelry on eBay can pay dividends. If you can get your hand on cheap gold and silver, you can flip it for more and make a profit. Craigslist is one place where people would rather sell their jewelry for less than its worth because most pawn shops give you very little. The great thing about precious metals is that if it doesn't sell, just hang on to it and ride out the highs and lows. Good backup investment.

4. Luggage. This one was surprising. I probably sell about 20% or my total sales with luggage. I get nice stuff at the Goodwill Outlet and people want it. I only get the designer stuff and I sell it more easily than anything else. This should have been number one but you reached this point and got my best tip for reading on. The only consideration you need is how you're going to ship it. If it's too big, sell it on Craigslist

5. Shoes. Make sure you get unique ones. I buy the big sparkly, brightly colored ones. Why? They're different from the other shoes and pop. Some people want eye-catching shoes or maybe the shoes you're selling match their outfit just perfectly. They are also easy to ship. Wrap them in newspaper, and put them into a padded envelope. An added not is to sell many pairs. You want a good variety for people to choose from.


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