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Top 5 Things That Your Remote Staff Should Know

Updated on August 23, 2016

Offshore staffing may have a lot of benefits but it's also a big challenge for remote workers to advance their own career. Unlike the normal office set up, employees working 8 hours a day in the office could easily perform and immediately get recognition from their boss's. However, a remote staff needs to exert a lot of effort and hard work through digital accomplishments and must backup it with succeeding reports. Sometimes it's not about all that you know and what you can offer, but it's also how quickly you can learn and adapt to the possible changes that may occur in a day. Work standards must always be high and not diminished as days go by. To maintain this quality of work, here are the 5 things your remote staff should know:

1. Do Not Allow Your Kids to Touch Your Computer

Your kids may ask you to download a file and wants to use your laptop for a homework. But mixing work files and personal files may lead to confusion and loss of data’s related to work. Never mix your files with your kid’s files and give them a separate tool or computer for making their own homework.

2. The Career Challenges

It may be difficult to establish career growth for remote staff since everything are being done digitally. Discussions are not made one on one and face to face if you want a raise. A different approach is a must if you want to talk to your boss about career growth. Sending emails about the stages on your career or simply chatting with your boss about your plans may still have the same rules but at least with a different methodology. A good demonstration why you need a raise can be helpful but it must also be supported with your accomplishments.

3. Security Awareness

A remote staff must undergo security awareness training to ensure that the company data’s and resources are safe and secured. End users are weakest spot to the security fence of the company. At any certain point, where a remote worker telecommutes inside a coffee shop or any public area to respond to an urgent email, already creates a high risk of security implication to the company. Frequent training for remote workers that will serve as a reminder will be a great help to maintain the confidentiality of company's data.

4. Encrypt All Data Transmission

For any incoming and outgoing emails, whether telecommuters respond to a client or a 3rd party, encryption is important for this will allow the server to store the person’s data who will be opening the files being sent or received. The information of the person is easily stored and tracked based on how the data’s were provided and saved in the system during the registration process. Whether you saved the data on flash drives or any other saving device, it is the remote workers responsibility to keep and secure that device and make sure no one can view and open the encryption easily.

5. The History of the Company They'll Be Working With

It's necessary to know the company's background and history so remote workers will know how they will start working and servicing the company. It is always a smart move if you are aware of the company's goals and how they started operating to reach it on a date range that they've planned to achieve it. Either a failure or a success, you always have the right to know because you are already part of the company once you accept the duties and responsibilities.

Remote Staff Philippines added value to the company where highly skilled professionals work hard to ensure the security of the company's progress. Each remote staff is responsible in maintaining a secured level of information in the organization. In return, organizations must also make sure that the careers of these remote staff workers are also secured.

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    • KevGee profile image

      Kevin Gee 21 months ago from Singapore

      Hi Kenneth! I totally agree before you plan on working as a remote staff you should first prioritize if you have a place or a small room to work to.

    • profile image

      Kenneth 21 months ago

      One of the best things about being a Remote Staff is to have your own Den in your house so no one can touch your wok!