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Top 5 Work From Home Business Opportunities

Updated on March 1, 2016
With so much technology at our fingertips, it makes sense to use to acquire income.
With so much technology at our fingertips, it makes sense to use to acquire income. | Source

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Working From Home

The one thing we would all love is to work from home in our pajamas with little to no effort and still make a six figure income. The truth is that is completely ridiculous and impossible, unless you were born into the world of wealth and sit back and collect monthly interest payments on your already massive fortune.

The truth is with any occupation, you have to be willing to invest your time and be completely dedicated to your goal. Before jumping into any profession, find something you will enjoy and are unwavering in your devotion and passion to it.

In order to be a success, you must commit to being successful.

Take a look at the top 5 legitimate work from home opportunities, and be sure to check out my other hub about work from home scams.

5. Freelancer with Elance

Becoming a freelancer with is no joke, and depending on your skills you can make some serious money! Elance is now being re-branded as upwork, in my case it seems to be a fairly seamless cross over and I still currently log in through

There is a little bit of everything on Elance, as they are the largest freelance workforce on the internet.

Everything from a virtual assistant, ghost writer, logo creator or even translation services or social media marketing. You do have to bid the job, and in most cases posting a sample of your work will help you in being selected. There is a free profile, and you do get a good amount of work from it, though you can opt to pay a fee for a premium profile.

Really worth looking into if you have some tech savy talents (the pay is better) and some spare time.

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk

If your tech lover, and love reading and research then Amazon Mechanical Turk maybe a great fit for you! With over 130,000 HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) I am sure you can find something you would enjoy doing!

The HITs are listed as a price per with a time allotted for each, some HITS will be worth very little, as you build up your rating and accuracy you will become eligible for HITs with a lot more money. You are limited at the number of HITs you can complete in a day.

HITs will vary from reading an article and rating it (per Amazon Mechanical Turk guidelines), to something as simple as finding a contact email for a company.

I doubt you will get rich with this one, but you will likely find that most home based work scenarios are good for extra cash; not getting rich!

3. Virtual Assistant

Many companies will outsource simple task, like answering emails, arranging appointments and so on. You can find many of these jobs will only require a few hours a day. So if you are an extremely organized individual you can take on several virtual assistant jobs at once and create a good steady supply of income.

You will find that Elance (mentioned above) will have many postings for virtual assistants. You can also find virtual assistant positions posted on or even on job sites like

If you find you do well doing the virtual assistant gig and multitasking different gigs, you may want to consider create your own virtual assistant business and website later down the line.

Depending on what you can handle as far as how many companies you can assist at once, this could mean some serious money!


2. Direct Sales

I am sure you are all shrugging your shoulders and shaking your heads, and have probably seen a million posts on social media for different products - but seriously there is money to be made here!

I know many people that make serious money selling products for other companies right from the sofa or couch.

Right now the top two MLM or DS companies I would recommend would be Younique or It Works. Seems crazy but the sales for these companies are amazing right now.

Not to mention that they have less consultants and representatives that many other direct sales companies right now, it is kind of like getting in on the ground floor.

If you like cosmetics then I would suggest Younique, with around $500 million is sales for 2015 - next year looks absolutely mind blowing amazing for this company! Of course there is the "kit" that you have to buy, though it really would be worth it if you have a winning personality love cosmetics and are not afraid to tell people about the products.

It Works is an awesome opportunity and a will-able company, that is right you can will your business to your loved ones. Similar to other companies there is a startup fee, though how hard is it to sell good health - not very. From hair, skin, and nail care, healthy greens and the famous skinny wraps, this stuff sells itself! Everyone loves the thought of a healthier self, and with the astounding results from the 90 day challenge, you should easily be able to sell these products!

With tax season around the corner you can easily buy into one of these great opportunity without breaking the bank! You can make a go at it as a full time income, or just some extra spending cash - either way the phenomenal sales record for these two companies is nothing to frown at!

1. Blogging or Vlogging

Finally the top choice of earning money at home, vlogging and/or blogging. If you can dedicate the time and effort to posting regular vlogs or blogs, there is some money to be made here. After all I am using Hubpages - a hosted site and you ended up here. Imagine if I were self hosted, then I would be making much more money than I am with my hubs.

I simply do not have the time to invest at this particular point in making sure I am posting new content frequently for followers. Some blogs have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, crazy right, It all boils down to content, find something of interest and create your own niche.

One of the most popular blogs and vlogs, are tutorials - so this could couple well if you are in a direct sales business. You can blog or vlog about your products, and create tutorial videos on how to properly use them.

Obviously this is not an overnight money making dream, but with dedication it can become a reality. Think about this; how many videos and articles do you see floating around your social media feeds daily, a lot right, now imagine some of them are yours, and one goes viral with over a million views, that means money in the bank!


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