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Top 5 niche markets to target with your reseller hosting company

Updated on January 5, 2010
Focusing your energy on a specific niche helps you keep that certain market happy.
Focusing your energy on a specific niche helps you keep that certain market happy.

Top 5 niche markets to target with your reseller hosting company

So by now you should have taken my recommendations and picked one of the 2 reseller hosting companies. If you didn’t get a chance to look at the article, click here.

When creating your reseller hosting company, I explained that you must first consider a branding strategy (company name, logo, target market, etc). If it is hard to think about what you want to name your company, first think about what businesses or individuals you are after. Are you trying to target a blogger or web developers?

I highly recommend that you only focus on ONE niche!

Do not get overwhelmed by the possibility of earning a high figure income by accepting any and all customers. Sure you can accept an random customer who finds your website, likes your website presentation & prices, and signs up for your plan. But what I am trying to say is not to focus your energy on trying to attain customers from all different fields.

In this article, I will list the top 5 niche markets, so you can have an idea of where you want to target your energy and maybe pick one of them for your own business plan. Im not saying that you cant make money with any market, but I am saying that it might be easier for you to pick from one of these because hosting is in high demand in those niches.

So lets get started, these are not ranked in hierarchy!

  1. Wordpress Bloggers
  2. Home Business Starters
  3. Affiliate Marketers
  4. Reseller Hosting (Yes you can “resell” your own reseller hosting plan)
  5. Local Businesses

Ok, so now I will explain why I picked these 5.

Wordpress Bloggers
Wordpress blogging is a huge phenomenon and almost everyone wants to be a blogger. Anyone who has been blogging for at least a few months knows that the next step to becoming a more recognized and respected blogger is to have their own domain name, which requires a web hosting plan attached to it. If you choose this niche, focus on making your reseller hosting company as easy for wordpress bloggers to move to your company. This means you definitely want to have the “one-click wordpress installer” on your account (both my 2 recommended companies have it installed in the cpanel). You also want your hosting company’s front page to state that you exclusive cater to wordpress bloggers. This just shows that you are targeting a certain market, and you have everything they want. A huge bonus tool to have on your hosting company website is maybe a blog or a separate area where you have 15-20 articles with tips on how to do certain things on wordpress. This will become a reference area for your new customers, and they will appreciate the extra work you have done to make them happy. Remember, making one customer happy means you are multiplying your potential of getting referrals by that customer.

Home Business Starters
In these times, people are getting creative and starting businesses from their home to create a sustaining income to help them through these tough times. Target forums where people considering starting a home business would go. Have a few articles (like I mentioned for wordpress bloggers) with tips on how to start a home business, and the steps they need to take to make it successful. You don’t have to be an expert in “home business”, you just have to do some work and search online for good information that you can then turn into a unique article written by you.

Affiliate Marketers
Oh wow, do I need to say anything about this niche? This field is red hot as of late, for the same reason people are trying to start a home business. People are trying to make money online as fast and as easy as they can, and they read constant articles about how they can make thousands a week by doing this and that, and THEY EAT IT UP!! Your not really taking advantage of these hungry customers, but you can create a hosting page that targets this crowd, show them the many “one-click installer” scripts that you can provide (both the companies I recommend have about 40+ pre-installed scripts), and have an area where you give them advice on how to be successful at affiliate marketing.

Reseller Hosting
You can show customers who want to “build a home business” or “make extra money on the side” how they can make money online by having a reseller hosting company of their own. You can have a front page with facts about easy money making that will help you close the sale, and you can write articles about reseller hosting or link to my website as reference =]. Keep in mind that if you want to pick this niche, you might want to get a plan that has a lot of disk space and bandwidth, because you will need to offer your new customers a good chunk of that disk space and bandwidth so that they can resell it themselves. Don’t create reseller hosting packages that are too cheap, and don’t worry about overselling your packages a little higher than your competition. Price dictates quality, and if you have a strong website, then they will consider you a quality web hosting company.

Local Businesses
My favorite of them all! This is the niche I picked for my reseller hosting company, and boy did I pick the right one! Instead of going from forums to blogs to other pages, I focused on companies within my city limits. Every business these days needs a website, so its easy for you to convince them to get online and get a web hosting account with you. I love this niche, because the first thing I did after branding my company and getting everything set up with my website and payment terminal, was crack open the city Yellow Book and go down the list to all the companies who already had a website, and those who didn’t. I sent an email to all of them explaining the following:

For those who DID have a website, I explained that my prices are lower (if they were, sometimes they were not), and if my prices were not lower then I would convince them that working with a local web hosting company would mean less frustration when anything would go wrong. I explained that they would not need to be on the phone for 30 minutes waiting to talk to a live person. Now the way my company was setup, I posted a business phone number on the hosting company website, but I would get a call probably once a month. If you don’t want people used to calling you, you can explain in the email that you offer quick support via support tickets through your website.

For those who DIDN’T have a website, you can explain to them that they might be losing customers who are searching for the services and/or products that they are selling. You can explain that those customers would probably go to their competition, who does have a website and is reachable online. If you are a web designer, here is where you make bank! You are not only getting a customer who will pay you monthly for web hosting services, but you will make a ton of money for creating their website since they have no online presence at all!

In conclusion..

There are so many niches you can target on the internet, but I highly recommend that you pick one and only one to focus your energy on. I targeted my energy on local businesses, but my company’s reputation had grown so dramatically that I have been getting clients from all over the world. For some reason, Japan seems to love my company, and about 15% of my customers are from that country! So what I am saying is to focus on one niche, and you will surely have random customers also coming to you for web hosting services.

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