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Top 25 Ways For Traffic Generation To Your Website - Part 1

Updated on March 26, 2014
#1 Search Engine Globally
#1 Search Engine Globally

Traffic Generation Method #1

The very first thing that you should consider whenever you are constructing your site is what is called Search Engine Optimization. Or what is widely referred to as SEO. There are many companies out there that will build and optimize your site for a price. What we are going to focus on right now is starting out and building your site on your own.

SEO by definition is working to improve a websites position and visibility in the organic results. What this means is that when you go to your favorite Search Engine, whether that be Google or Bing for example, when you type in a question or a keyword phrase, that your site is on the first page to come up for that keyword. Please notice that I did not say "result #1" and that is because you really should shoot for positions #4 - #6. More on that later.

Obviously the higher your position for that keyword(s) you are in the Search Engine, the more organic traffic you will receive to your website.

In order to target higher SEO status, you should begin with proper keyword research. By doing this, you will be targeting a specific group of high quality visitors to your site and hopefully they will be ready with cash in hand. Backlinks are also helpful when you are improving your statistics for the SEO. The more you have the better. However be careful because you need to make sure that the backlinks which you have are related to your websites topic/theme. DO NOT go out and buy backlinks for your site if you are doing a site on gardens and get them for yoga (Just an example)!

Start with these simple techniques when optimizing for the Search Engines. First look at your On Page references. Take note of your title tags. You are going to want to ensure that your target keywords for your site appear in the title tag description. Key thing to remember is that you will want to create a unique (no more than 70 characters) title tag for each of the individual pages that you create in your website. This is so that you will have an opportunity for ranking organically with each page within your site.

Next you are going to want to improve on the display of the content of your site. Make good use of the header tags that are in your content. Ensure that you incorporate the target keywords that you are using for that page in your header tags. Now when you are writing the paragraph content for your pages remember not to overuse the keywords and do what is called "keyword stuffing" throughout your content. Shoot to have a 1% - 3% Keyword use in your pages. What this means is that for every 100 words you should only use your target keyword 1 to 3 times. This is to ensure relevance for the search engines. Pretend that you are writing your content while speaking to an actual human because like the old saying goes, "Humans buy products, Search Engines do not carry cash!" Mainly focus on the content of your site and ensure that you are giving your visitors high quality content on each of your pages.

The next change is going to be talking about internal linking. Internal linking helps the search engine robots to find all of the possible content found in your overall site. Do yourself a favor in the beginning and set up a SiteMap which contains all of your links to all of your internal pages on just one page. Now if you are one of the Wordpress fanatics make sure that you are using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin as this will do this step for you. Also as you are linking internally to different pages, make sure that you are using text based links and not linking through images, javascript links, and the such.

Finally some more important considerations for your site. Start using all types of social sharing techniques, tactics and buttons. The more options that you have for sharing the content that is found on your site with everyone else the better. This is to include sites such as facebook, twitter, google+ and the likes. Constantly work on keeping your site updated with fresh, high quality content that just keeps your visitors coming back for more. One last thing, incorporate relevant images, videos, and external links in with your content.

Just by doing some of these steps outlined above you will soon reap the rewards of SEO. Don't get discouraged and keep at because just like Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is ranking in the search engines for page one. There will always be competition for your keyword phrases the overall goal is to get to page one and stay in the top 10.

#1 Global Social Networking Site

Proven Traffic Method #2 - FaceBook

No surprise here but when it comes to getting traffic to your site, YOU MUST consider using the number 1 Globally ranked social networking site on the internet today! That is right FaceBook. There are numerous ways to harness the sheer power that Facebook provides with the end user. I am only going to hit on a few of these topics as to list them would be impossible. Things to consider would be your public profile, All of your Pages, and the Groups you join.

They have a unique sharing concept you should be familiar with. It is called the Like/Share button. You are going to want to place these buttons on all of your pages somewhere so that when visitors come to your site, see what they like or have helped them out in some way, they can click on your "like" button and share with their friends your content. Can you imagine the endless possibilities with this feature. There is nothing more powerful in the business world then free advertising from word of mouth. Now if you are using a wordpress themed site then there are plugins that have been developed to make this much easier on you.

Your public profile allows you to share all of your blog posts and such on your timeline with your friends. Get them involved with your creations. If there is a new post you have done, a product that you absolutely adore or something of the likes, let your friends know about it by posting it on your timeline. Be proactive when it comes to getting people involved with your business venture and this is a free and fun way to do so.

Think about branding all the time. Create some pages for the things that you are involved with. Do your Keyword Research and then go and create a FaceBook page about it. Once you have created your Page then actively (10 - 20 minutes daily) promote your page. A lot of individuals just sit around and don't use FaceBook for branding and they lose much money that is left on the table. The only real limitations is the way that your mind works. Think outside of the box and adhere to the TOS and you will soon be able to rank high for your promotional efforts.


Traffic Generation Method #3 - Pinterest

Social media sites are becoming more and more popular with sharing information. Search engines love them because they are giving users more relevant information. If you do a search for just about anything you are sure enough going to find images as being extremely popular with the search engines. Heck Google has its own category search for strictly image results. This is going to bring us to Pinterest.

Now Pinterest is a photo sharing site where its users are able to create a various number of groups of images around themes. These selected groups are what Pinterest calls Pinboards. Now because people in general love to look at images, you can use Pinterest in a variety of different ways. For example, create and share public pinboards which are focused around your specific niche that you are in.

Once you create your profile inside, you can even create and take your own pictures and showcase them on your public pinboard. Consider using content rich infographics to share as well. The overall goal to this site is that you stand out. So whatever you can do that is creative and unique will ensure that you have your visitors coming back to (and hopefully sharing) your pinboard looking for more. You are also going to want to have a link inside of your profile that includes your website.

One final tip when using this site, when you do create your pinboard, any of the photos/images that you post to it, make sure that you include links to your website pages so that you can have a steady stream of backlinks pointing from a very high page ranking site back to your individual webpages. By doing this you are showing the search engines that your site is relative and you may just get more high quality organic traffic to your site. What I mean by this is that if you have a site on flowers and in your page about roses, you display a picture of a rose then on your flowers pinboard in Pinterest display that image and link it back to that page.

I hope that this helps you.

Tweet And Follow

Traffic Generating Method #4 - Twitter

Well now it is time to talk about one of the most popular social media sites currently on the net today. According to, at the time of this writing, Twitter is ranked #11 globally and #9 ranked in the United States among the millions of websites that can be found on the internet today. The possibilities of getting traffic to your blog/site are absolutely endless.

Twitter is what is called a micro-blogging website. Basically a user goes, sets up a profile and then begins telling everyone publicly what (s)he is doing within a limit of 140 characters. Some use it to say that they are going to go to some restaurant for lunch, others may post things that say that they are watching a killer television program and others use it for promotional purposes to reach out to their perspective clients. If you are going to use Twitter for promotional purposes you need to be really careful that you will not be labeled as a spammer that does nothing but advertise to your followers direct in your face adverts. Remember that it is a social site and should be treated as such.

Think about the posts that you are about to make. Something that you may want to consider is that before you post, think of yourself as being at a physical party and are about to meet some new people for the first time. Your posts should be about getting to know the people that are following you and not advertising to them.

In order to maximize the power of twitter, you are going to want to add a Twitter button to your website so that your visitors can automatically "tweet" about the content that you have provided to them. Link your posts that you make to your blog posts, interact with the people that you follow on Twitter, and make sure that you provide others with new information and share only niche specific content that you are involved with. Just by doing this for a month or so to get yourself acquainted with Twitter, you should see a jump in your website traffic.

This is another site that you want to be creative and unique on. They allow you to create your own background theme for your profile. Some things to consider when you are setting up your profile: try to brand yourself by using the same color scheme as your website/blog. For example if you see a McDonald's profile their basic overall color scheme is red & yellow. Or coke is red and white. This type of branding is something you want to think about for every site, social site profile that you set up.

Once your profile is complete to your satisfaction, do a search for your niche keywords and begin to follow like minded individuals involved in your niche. These are people who are already know about your niche and are highly active. Also remember to do a search for the experts that are in your niche as well. Those are the people whose names are highly respected and regarded as authoritative figures in your niche. As you interact over time with them, hopefully they will follow you back to look at the "tweets" that you send out.

Twitter is a daily activity that you are going to want to include in your day to day schedule. The more interaction you have with your followers the more traffic you will generate. It is a social platform, so socialize and have fun with it. Besides how much time can it take away from your day to day life to send out 140 characters.

Popular PPC

Traffic Method #5 - PPC

Now this next method of Traffic Generation I am going to talk about but I really do not like. You see it is possible to get some high quality traffic but it just takes a little bit too much time for me and I do not personally like doing this on a daily basis. PPC, or Pay Per Click as it is known, is an advertising method that you can use to allocate funds in your marketing campaigns. The problem that I have with it is that you really need to spend a lot of time with testing each of the campaigns that you have going on in order to see if you are getting the most for the money that you are spending.

This type of traffic generation is really geared for larger companies and not those who are on a shoestring budget or just starting out. It is possible to generate a nice cash flow from each campaign that you do but there is the potential of an extremely high risk involved where you can wipe out your company cash flow in a single campaign. You really need to decide if it is worth it to you for that risk.

What you do with PPC is that you tell the advertising company (Google Adwords, FaceBook Ads, Bing & Yahoo ads) what you are willing to pay for certain placement on certain keywords. Once you create your campaign and set up the bid amount then your advertising company of choice will begin to display your ads for those keywords. You are going to want to check out other adverts that you see online and take note on how they do their marketing efforts and sort of emulate the style that they are using. The reason for this is because they would not be spending the money on those adverts if they were not getting some kind of decent ROI (return on investment) for them.

Again it is extremely important for you to have a budget and a plan in place. You are going to want to have set out the answers to questions like: What are your business goals for these adverts? What kind of conversion rates are you intended to get from them? What is the average value of each sale or lead from the ads? Also remember that you are not shooting to be at the top of the pages for your ads. What you are shooting for is again #4 - #6. By doing this hopefully you will not get the "tyre kicking" website traffic. By this I mean that there are always going to be those individuals that are looking for more information and will not buy. So if you are #1, sure you will get more traffic but will those people who are price comparing actually buy from your site as apposed to some other site just a couple of rankings below you? So that means that you have now spent money on that click to your site without any kind of return.

Again this is one of the fastest ways to jumpstart your website/blog. Just be extremely careful and ensure that you are targeting keywords by exact and phrase match and also geotarget your ads to only place that are relevant in your niche. By doing this you are giving your mind some peace in knowing that you are spending money in well deserved areas on the internet.

Summary of #1 - #5

Congratulations you have made it through the first five. There was a lot of information discussed and hopefully you will come out with somethings that you have not quite thought about before hand. Maybe there was something that you can add on to your current company/personal traffic generation that you are not currently using.

Remember that Rome was not built in a day and traffic generation is the same thing. It takes a daily effort on your part to get the traffic to your site. With all of the competition on the internet today you are going to want to spend a little time on a variety of ways to generate traffic. Also get out of the mindset that if you build a site that the traffic will come. Take 10 - 20 minutes daily on about 5 different ways to get traffic to your site and rotate them every other day. What I mean is that maybe on Monday you go through SEO optimization & Pinterest, then the next day you do Facebook and something else and then the following day you pick another thing that you can do for about 10 - 20 minutes. This way you are always providing content and traffic to all of your sites.

Good luck and thanks for reading. I hope you like.

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