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Top job search mistakes

Updated on June 11, 2014

Job Search Mistakes

Searching for a job can be both exciting and bewildering. You will have a better chance of success if you avoid simple job search mistakes that most candidates end up doing.

Ignoring the network – The biggest blunder that most candidates hunting for a job do is not building a strong network of people. You may be surprised to know that most people get hired through connections and referencing. When you network you create mutually beneficial relationships with others. It is best to invest in this people skill as it can help you succeed easily.

Start connecting with friends and colleagues you have worked with before so that you can build a network. Meet people for a cup of coffee or dinner on the weekend so that you can strengthen the relationship. When you start looking for a job change start connecting with your network and ask them to provide for references. Do remember to help people in the network when they need your help.

Forgetting to do your homework – Homework matters a lot when you are doing a job search. Not doing enough homework about your dream job is a common mistake that most people do. If you go to an interview without knowing much about the employer and the profile of the job it can cost you the job.

Research all information available about the employer, so that you are able to answer all the questions clearly. Good knowledge about the job and the employer shows your keenness and enthusiasm for the job. This can help in differentiating yourself from other candidates and help you gain an edge over them.

Not keeping in touch with job consultants – Most people aspiring to get a job make the mistake of not keeping in touch with job consultants after they have sent the resume. They keep waiting for a call that never comes.

As job consultants get hundreds of resumes they do not have the time to match it with the correct job profile. Reach out to the job consultants so that they are aware of your qualifications and experience and this can help them match your resume with the correct job profile.

Sending hundreds of resumes – Some job seekers make the mistake of sending hundreds of resumes to every email they see on job sites. When you start sending mails repeatedly it is treated as junk. This approach is a complete waste of time and may not help you get your dream job.

Selling yourself in a wrong way – Recruiters are looking at your resume to know how well you have performed in your previous job. If your resume does not contain any information about how you had performed and what your achievements are, you may not be able to sell your story. Focus on the challenges you had faced and how you had overcome them in your resume.

Other basic mistakes – A resume with typos and errors is a common mistake. This conveys sloppiness and disinterest in the job. Do a grammar and spell check before you email your resume. Dress appropriately so that you appear professional. Avoid casuals as most recruiters prefer formal dressed candidates.

You may be able to significantly improve your chances of success when you avoid these common job search mistakes.

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