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Top 7 Internet Marketing Blunders To Avoid In 2011

Updated on February 23, 2011

Top 7 Marketing Blunders To Avoid In 2011

Considering this is the year 2011, everyone and their dog has a website, so how do you get your site noticed? What marketing tips should you implicate or avoid? Don’t be misled, your mistakes have a way of catching up with you. The year 2001 saw numerous dot coms laid to rest. Majority of those dot coms went out to pasture because their marketing techniques consumed most of their funds without driving any revenue into the business. There were venture capitalist who threw their nickels and dimes into websites believing that the foremost part of the work was done. Marketing was as easy as “taking candy from a baby.” Many found out, to their chagrin, that it just isn’t so and if anything you better be on the ball. In this article we will expose “The Top 7 Marketing Blunders to Avoid In 2011.” Before we go to the list try to envision the many websites that have millions of visitors everyday, and how they have found the magic key to marketing success. In cyberspace a great product has consumers, clients and visitors knocking down their internet walls to log on to their websites. People that return to websites have a wonderful, inexhaustible tool that never fails; their mouths. That’s right, word-of-mouth still works today like it did yesterday. Your consumer is your marketing executive and social networking techniques are their mouths, so to speak. If you’re not sure of how it works find someone who does.

Regardless of all that’s on offer for business marketing many of us will still manage to make a mess of it. Its seems easy, well it is if you know what you’re doing, but since most of us don’t have a clue while many still refuse to pay someone to teach them, here is a list of blunders to avoid.

1. Online Business Presence.

Expecting to rest on your laurels while some magic spell works on your online business presence. There are many internet entrepreneurs who think that there is no need to be concerned about their website’s ability to be found on the net. Today, the first place a person will look is on the internet to find out information about a business they may be considering giving their hard earned cash to. If the person can’t find you online, then your magic spell is a bunch of hocus-pocus, and you have some brewing to do.

2. Local Business Search.

Overlooking local search is another no-no. A local search is initiated when a person utilizes a local search engine to find business or services in their area. Yahoo Local, Google Maps, and MSN Maps are used billions of times every day. Think of it this way, the local search engine is the new version of the yellow pages. Statistics report that 70% of U.S. households go to the internet when contemplating where to shop locally.

3. Search Engine Optimization is still in style.

If you think that SEO is only for nerds you better think again. Search Engine Optimization is another link in the chain of good marketing. The work involved may be tumultuous but the results can be rewarding. There are some larger companies that have found a way to abuse the SEO system and manage to push smaller internet businesses aside. Of course they can afford the best SEO experts to work for them. Eventually Google or another search engine manages to catch on to the bullying and put them back in their place. But that shouldn’t prevent anyone from taking advantage of the increase in presence SEO can give their businesses online.

4. Non targeted traffic is no good.

If you think a lot of traffic to your website means that you’re in business, sit down, there’s a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. Don’t fall into the concept that traffic means sales. It likes in the brick n’ mortar world. Some places you visit, and walk out. There was nothing there you wanted to buy, or liked, or whatever. To put it bluntly; Are you making money from your website?

5. Is your website out of style?

Is your website not up-to-date? Drab looking? Or just plain ugly? Difficult to navigate? They do exist, you know. And if your site fits into any of those categories its time for an overhaul. Upgrades to your website is one of the most crucial marketing tools you can take advantage of.

6. Social Network sites!

We know that everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook account. It’s a fantastic marketing tool if you know how to use it to your advantage. So get going! Don’t just let it sit there as if everything will happen on its own.

7. And the last of our Top 7 Marketing Blunders To Avoid is being afraid to target your audience.

You can’t please everyone, so you better concentrate on pleasing those that want/need your business.

I hope this has given you a new perspective on your goals in the internet marketing business. We all learn by making mistakes, but sometimes the key is to keep the mistakes to a minimum. Please visit my site at Ultimate Money Making for other valuable information regarding money making opportunities online. 


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