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Construction Workers: Safety Tips

Updated on January 14, 2018

Thousands of work-related injuries are being reported every year. The sad part about it is that most of it are accidents that could have easily been avoided if proper work safety procedures are just observed. These accidents could be caused by machines or merely the neglect of an individual. These can also be the result of an improperly planned work place.

So to help keep these accidents and injuries at minimum, here are the top seven work safety tips everyone must know and follow.

1. Make sure every worker goes through a work safety orientation.

Part of this orientation is informing the employee how to avoid getting injured in the work place, particularly about the most common accidents that occur in that specific place. The worker should also be instructed on how to properly operate the machines and where the emergency exits are in case of a fire. And this should not be a one-time thing; all workers should be put through a training or refresher course every year on proper work safety procedures.

2. Wear the proper work attire.

All workers should not be allowed to perform their duties without first wearing the correct uniforms and any protective attire or equipment. This may be as simple as wearing a pair of gloves or having a sturdy pair of work boots. Some employees may also be required to wear reflective work shirts or any high visibility clothing to avoid getting hit by any vehicle or machine.

3. Understand the correct way of using a mobile crane.

Many work areas require the use of a mobile crane. But knowing how to use one is often not enough. There are still a few safety tips to be considered. For one, understand the requirements of the job (weight of the load, working space, etc.) to determine the right type of crane to be used. And when in doubt of one’s skills, it is always a better and safer option to just hire an experienced crane operator.

4. Always take regular breaks.

Break times are meant to be taken to prevent employees from experiencing exhaustion. That’s because chances of somebody getting injured increases if that person is already too tired to do that job. Exhaustion leads to improper thinking, making poor decisions during the performance of the job which in turn may lead to accidents. A fresh and alert mind will have better concentration.

5. Protect the back.

Back injuries are common complaints because of workers lifting too heavy objects without using the proper lifting posture. If a worker has to pick up anything that’s heavy, always remember to keep the load as close to the body and lift using the legs, not the arms or back. Even better if you just use a tool or machine to do the lifting for you like using a wheelbarrow or a push cart.

6. Always wear a safety harness when working at heights.

If an employee is required to work at a very high elevation or location, make sure he is wearing a safety harness. He should also have a sturdy and stable platform to stand on and preferably with guardrails for him to hold on to. And don’t use ladders as the main platform; use it only as a means of access.

7. Put work stress at a minimum.

A worker should not feel too stressed as it may affect his work output or even make him lose his concentration which in turn may even lead to an accident. There are many ways to prevent or minimize work stress. It can be achieved by giving the employee enough time to sleep or rest, by providing him with the right tools to make his work easier, and by fixing any job insecurity issues or conflicts. If a worker has a lot less worries in mind, he will be more effective in his job.

Always be thorough and vigilant about safety.

No work place can be a hundred percent safe, but at least we can make it as safe as possible through proper safety guidelines and regulations. Always conduct an inspection of the work area and to regularly train the employees to avoid any accidents or injuries. And also, it helps by asking the employees how they think their workplace safety can be improved.


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