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Top 7 strategies to retain your employees

Updated on August 21, 2016

The following below are 7 key recommendations to help you retain your employees and keep them working for you.

1. Hire employees who want the long-term not the short-term

When you’re looking at employee retention, it all starts from the moment they enter into a job interview with you. You should be hiring employees that are retainable. Once your employee decides to leave it’s very hard to influence them to stay. So making the right decisions from the gecko is important.

2. Giving your employees the valid feedback and response

It’s important for people to know if they’re succeeding in an organisation and if their talents and capabilities are being used in a way that is making a contribution and a difference. When a person's senses that they’re contributions mean something, they start to sense a feeling of belongingness and ultimately feel connected to the brand. Giving random feedback or being very vague is not enough. It needs to be genuine, concrete, solid and it resonates. When an employee sees that the results they have achieved for their work are being acknowledged, they will feel more connected to the brand and feel as though the company is their company.

3. Work-Life Balance

Human beings are not robots. To keep your employees working and functioning at their peak, they must be able to see that the company they work for supports them by ensuring that there is a level of work/life balance in the company. As a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees are not overworking themselves and they’re able to get the time out such as; an annual day off per month or having a long weekend. Finding that balance is really important because it not only makes your employees happy but it also makes them more productive, giving them that much-needed boost when they do have a break. It also strengthens there a connection to the company.

4. Be the best you can be and not second best

When you’re comparing your company to other competitors, you want to, of course, be on top of the game. It’s also the same of your employees. They want to work with a winner and they want to work with the best. Giving your employees a sense of pride will not only instil in them that the company is moving forward but it also ensures them of employment longevity. Looking at your company what is your competitive advantage? What sets you apart from all the others? What is your unique selling proposition? If you’re not clear on this, it may take some time to review and identify this. Things like using employee productivity tools that help employees to efficiently do their work or your customer service are highly regarded and therefore you retain customers for longer periods. Whatever it is, make sure you employees know what it is that makes your company unique.

5. Give opportunities to your employees so they can expand and grow

Expanding your employee's skills is the key to helping them grow and move up. Mentorship programs work really well. They can help to give your employees something to expand and grow with. Increasing one's performance in a current role is great but if that is all you’re doing for them, then your not doing all you can for them. Those employees who are dedicated want the opportunity to advance and not just maintain the current momentum.

6. Open policy. Don’t let your employees hide behind the open door

When it comes to your employees, they must feel as though they can contribute and express their ideas and feedback. By advising you have an open door policy but when they offer any ideas or feedback and they’re left with only criticism or pushback is not a good start. When this occurs, employees either feel they can’t express themselves for fear of embarrassing themselves or being knocked back and therefore if this occurs they hide behind the open door. Both managers and employees should have an open and engaged relationship so as to build and actively create an open rapport with each other. Not only is this a better approach but in the long run, you will only get the best out of your employees.

7. Employee Retention Strategy All The Way

Approaching employee retention half-way is not the best approach and secondly, you can’t afford it. As your overarching strategy, employee retention is everything you do and needs to be part of the complete approach. To keep your best employees motivated you to have to create an environment that is both friendly and inviting to work in.


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