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Top Businesses That Use Mobile Marketing.

Updated on October 24, 2013

Name Brands Using Mobile To Connect With Consumers.

Spending on Mobile Marketing campaigns is on the rise in response to changing consumer shopping behavior and the increased use of mobile devices being used to make shopping decisions along with the ease in which major brands can reach their targeted audience through their mobile devices.

In 2012, Mobile Marketing generated an estimated $139 billion in U.S. sales and is projected to increase over the next two years by 52% to over $400 billion by 2015 according to a report made by the Mobile Marketing Association. The MMA report also suggests that U.S. companies are gearing up to increase their spending on Mobile Marketing in the coming years.

Here's a rundown on how a few name brands are using Mobile Marketing right now.


Retail giant Macy's is using all Digital Marketing channels in it's latest Mobile Marketing campaigns. Macy's tactic is to spread it's advertising over all "Three Screens" (Television, Internet, and Mobile) to get the maximum exposure in the marketplace. The television ads are aimed at getting viewers to download their mobile shopping app. The mobile app experience enables consumers to shop with their preferred method and receive the same shopping experience whether it be on mobile, Internet, or in-store.

Macy's mobile app will assist the consumer in planning their trip to the store in advance and once in the store the app will help the consumer navigate the various departments within the store of choice.

Macy's is expecting a huge sales response from their mobile app during this year's Black Friday Sale. Mobile app users will be able to view the retailer's Black Friday specials on their mobile devices, create lists, and share with their friends. An advanced view at Macy's specials will be available on their Pinterest page where sharing of what interests Pinterest members will be pinned and re-pinned before the sale event. Cleaver use of social sharing to create "buzz" and anticipation before the sale event.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret uses the strategy of creating exclusivity with it's Ultimate Shopping Night in-store event. Participants are personally invited via their downloaded iPhone or iPad app. Social media is also used to get the word out about the event encouraging those who see the advertisement to download the mobile app to attend.

When consumers open the mobile invitation they are directed to an in-app landing page that calculates the nearest Victoria's Secret store. To encourage in-store shopping, Victoria's Secret offers $10 and $50 off purchase price for the one-night event.

Twitter is also used to get the word out about the Ultimate Shopping Night.

Domino's Pizza

When you hear marketers talking about Mobile Marketing, their most popular example model is the local pizzeria. Major pizza chain Domino's Pizza has been a long time participant in Mobile Marketing and is leading the pack in providing customers with faster and easier ways to order pizza via mobile.

While competing pizza chains Papa John's and Pizza Hut are still experimenting with Mobile Marketing, Domino's Pizza has lead the way with over 6 million downloads of its mobile app attributing to 35% of its $2 billion in global Internet sales coming from mobile.

A feature of Domino's mobile app is the ability of the customer to track their order on their mobile device. Customers can create a profile within the app to help streamline the ordering process the next time that they place an order. The customer can also receive timely notifications of specials and receive mobile coupons.

A&W Root Beer

Unlike the previous businesses that incorporate using a mobile app, A&W's campaign uses SMS text marketing to offer the promotion of its VIP Club. Similar to Macy's campaign, A&W uses television spots to advertise its campaign. Just text the keyword "burger" to 70626 to receive a free hamburger. When the consumer completes this action, they receive a text coupon to redeem at participating A&W restaurants. As the consumer receives the text coupon they are invited to join the VIP Club to receive more special offers. This is an "opt-in" list building strategy that creates a customer database for A&W to follow up with more incentives for club members to visit their local A&W restaurant.


McDonald's restaurant chain uses a QR code on its take-out bags and drink cups. A QR code is basically a link that when scanned by a mobile device will redirect the mobile device user to a mobile website, mobile app, or video. In this case it's a mobile website that informs the consumer about the nutritional value of the food that McDonald's serves its customers and where the food comes from.

The QR code could also link to an interactive activity such as a game for the kids or other promotional functions.

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