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Top Five Reasons to Use Banner Stands as an Advertisement Medium

Updated on January 29, 2012

Business Advertising can be Economical

If you want to get your target market's attention, nothing really beats a banner stand. For one thing, they are economical to produce. They are large enough, whether you use a pull up, roll up or twist banner display, to get the message across.

With the variety of products and services available today, it's not easy to have your voice heard. And many types of advertising are not all that effective. In the past, entrepreneurs had to build heavy wooden signs, objects of interest or whatnot just to get the public attention. Whether or not that translated into increased business remained questionable.

Time is Money

Balancing investment, advertising and waiting for business can be a real balancing act!
Balancing investment, advertising and waiting for business can be a real balancing act!

Risk and Reward

The first year of business is very crucial. There are business permits to pay, a learning curve, and maybe an employee or two. Since the business is new, there is no time to lose in getting your firm's name known and location well advertised. Many times a product or service is really effective, helpful, and even necessary, but nobody knows where to find you - or not enough to be able to stay alive that crucial first year.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are great, because they can be printed up quickly and the materials are durable to last for a season or more. They are large enough to explain the product and service you have to offer your target market. Maybe they never heard of you, or thought of how your product could really make their lives easier! The Banner Stand will bridge the gap.

Besides their economical production, they provide a blackboard sized space to 1) inform your potential customer, 2) use color and imagery to catch their eye and to leave a subconscious frame of reference for later.

Another advantage of the banner stands as a form of advertising is that they don't threaten the buyer. The business world creates the image of a cut-throat, out to get you society. Banner stands are colorful, whimsical and non-threatening. More of a celebration than a provocation, they send the subliminal message "you can trust me"!.

Colors like lavender, red, black and white, yellow, and green all give different messages. Green - good for the environment. Red - hot. Yellow - friendly. Lavender and pink - girly. Black and white - tip top. Using an animal logo like a rabbit for fast service, a mouse for frugality, or an owl for an intelligent option all stick in a customer's mind and return to him later at the moment that he realizes that he needs you!.

Durable, Portable, Attractive and Economical

The Top Five Reasons

1. Economical to produce, you can invest in a quality banner stand for less than $1000.

2. Colorful and roomy, there is plenty of opportunity to get your customer's eye

3. You can write a phrase or two to inform the buyer what you offer and how it can help them.

4. Portable, they can be moved to different locations to get business or to trade shows.

5. One person can do the assembly and take-down. You don't need a crew or helper, which is another business savings.

Another nice thing about your banner stand is that it can be neatly carried, displayed, and returned to its carrying case with little or no trouble. What used to require a moving crew for heavy bulky signs is no longer necessary. You can rotate the banner stand to different locations where your target market - let's say young professionals - tend to gather. If it doesn't get results in one place, try another. With a banner ad, this is all child's play.

For expos and trade shows, a banner ad does the job for the same reasons - it's easy to carry and set up. Like a Google Ad, you can keep moving it around until you get the results you want!


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    • EuroCafeAuLait profile image

      Anastasia Kingsley 5 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      To tell you the truth, I honestly don't know about the laws of posting them. They are popular because they are lightweight and less expensive than other methods of advertising. Yes, they can be curved. The ones that move and bend in the middle are called twist banner stands. You can get one for 250 GBP and up - double banners are around 500 GBP.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Are these related at all to some of the banner adds I see planted on grassy parts in front of businesses? The ones with the curved ones? I ask because I thought one advantage of using such banners was sign laws don't apply to them, so you can put them even where normal signs aren't allowed. Or am I wrong about that?