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Top Job Boards for Nightclubs

Updated on May 22, 2012

Working at a nightclub is a fun job, but when you are out of work the search can be frustrating. Many job boards are flooded with corporate jobs, yet they lack club/lounge industry resources. I remember searching online for hours and finally having to pick up a phonebook (YES a Phonebook!), looking up all the local nightclubs and applying to their individual websites! It was not at all fun.

Luckily now there are some newer resources, but they take some digging. So I've decided to put together a nice little list to make life easier. Hope you enjoy, good luck on your job search, and if you get frustrated, just remember, 2oz Vodka mixed with 1/2 lime juice over ice = the cure for everything! :)

So if all else fails when searching for a nightclub job online, what's next? You have a few options. Of course there is the local job search that requires you to go door to door. But let's be tactical. Contact your neighborhood promoters, ask the to let you guest bartend at one of their events. Showing off your skills will definitely get your foot in the door a lot faster.

Social Networking sites are a great way to follow your local nightclubs. They often use websites like twitter and facebook to post last minute and emergency openings. Keep an eye out and you might just get lucky!

Contact a liquor marketing company. They are always hiring new promo people and what batter way to show off your skills then to strut your stuff for potential employers.

What you really wanted to do when someone complained there was too much ice in their drink....

Last but not least, always have fun when you are working in the nightclub indrustry. Your energy travels on to others. If you are having fun, your customers are having fun, and if your customers are having fun, your boss is making money.

What was your funniest experience with a customer at a nightclub?

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