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Top 36 Reasons to Join Network Marketing Part-time

Updated on June 3, 2014

Here there are.......

36 of some of the absolute best reasons for moving forward with the Entrepreneurial Option associated with a Direct Selling / Network Marketing Company. Plus a big...BIG... BONUS reason immediately after the list of 36.

Top Reasons Network Marketing Makes Sense - 36 Great Reasons to Give the Business Model Your Consideration.

I stumbled upon Network Marketing about two years ago and it has impressed the heck out of me. I've been doing a whole lot of research on the industry for the past 12 months and I have to say... I am really impressed. So impressed, I actually decided to add a distributorship as an avenue of revenue to my pre-existing enterprises. Now I am by no means a money touting distributor or anything like that, but the industry and my business have shown me their potential,and its ability to contend as a high value entrepreneurial, hopefully you will see it too. Knowledge is power.

  1. Lifestyle Design, you get to be the artist.
  2. A very simple but powerful reason.... Proftis are Better Than Wages.
  3. Tax incentives: You get great write-offs!
  4. You get to be your own boss. You decide went to work or when not to.
  5. You can earn Residual Income
  6. Time Freedom
  7. Money Freedom
  8. World money is moving towards intellectual distribution (person to person & internet) vs. physical distribution (retail..i.e walmart)
  9. Warren Buffet sees the value, has purchases & invested in multiple Network Marketing Businesses.
  10. Robert Kiyosaki endorses the industry: He actually wrote a book on it called "The Business School For People Who Like Helping People".
  11. It's a good way to give yourself a raise....because you determine your income through your efforts and productivity as a business person. Want more money? Don't ask someone else for it....Just work harder and smarter on your business.
  12. It's a great way to get discounted products... at cost (wholesale)
  13. Develop savvy business skills from people who want to teach you everything they know.
  14. Great opportunities for travel.
  15. Counts as an ASSETT not a LIABILITY.
  16. Jim Rohn (the guy responsible for inspiring Anothony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, & Les Brown) endorsed and was invovled in the industry, which is how he initially became successful.
  17. Brian Tracy endorses it and utilizes model himself for some of his business ventures.
  18. Bob Proctor endorses it and utilizes model himself for some of his business ventures.
  19. Economic genius, Paul Zane Pilzer touts the industry as the best entrepreneurial opportunities of the century. .
  20. IBM utiizes Network Marketing model to move products.
  21. Citibank utilizes Network Marketing model to move products.
  22. MCI utilizes Network Marketing model to move products.
  23. Microsoft utilizes Network Marketing model to move products.
  24. Many Network Marketing business are publicly traded on the NYSE and Nasdaq stock markets.
  25. It's a 70+ Billion dollar/year industry
  26. You can actually earn what you are don't have to wait for a promotion. You can dictate what your income with your level of activity and contribution.
  27. Seth Godin thinks it has potential as long as you make the business about your customers and not you.
  28. Richard Branson of Virgin inc.owns one.
  29. Donald Trump owns one.
  30. No employees to manage.
  31. No Inventory to manage.
  32. No Bookkeeping.
  33. Low start up costs.
  34. Low risk.... only real risk is your time and sweat equity.
  35. You get to distribute some of the highest quality products manufactured and brought to the market.
  36. You get to help people! You are in he perfet position to revolutionize another persons' llife. A perfect place to exercise the idea meant behind the quote: " You can have everything you want....if you will only help enough people get what they want." Zig Ziglar... Oh, and did mention Zig Ziglar once wrote a book on the industry and actually owned his own Network Marketing company at one point in time? pay close attention because this is one of my favorite reasons, and I think it's one of the best out there that many people fail to see. With a business of your can become an automatic millionaire faster. Here's how:

What I want you to first imagine you have started your own Network Marketing Business...and let's say you are selling products of a health and nutrition me. Let's pretend initially, that you begin this business...and don't have too much luck in the first couple of years with building a strong business, nor have you sold many products. However......because you have a business now...and as such... amazing tax write-offs as can get a huge chunk of your hard earned tax money back......Let's give a rough estimate and say $4000. Now....let's imagine that you are smart with your money...and so you place this big tax refund in an interest bearing investment account (and never touch it).....and let's pretend you do this every year for 25 years in an account that yields 10% on average...since this is basically what the stock market has yielded on average throughout let's pretend you also had $5000 initially in savings as well.

Now, let's see what you would get in 25 years: a whopping $486,900.59

you can also do your own calculations...Click Here.

Now, let's pretend you start making money your 2nd year....and we will just pretend for my examples sake, that you don't achieve Rockstar Network Marketing Status (my definition is any Marketer earning over $10,000/month...but that's my definition only)....but you do however, earn on average $6000/ year from the sale of products to customers and through your down-line. (Which adds up to you earning only $600 extra per month from your business) And let's pretend that you also are really smart with your money, and so you put your earnings in a pre-tax profit sharing business owner account whereby you earn also on avg. 10% per year on this money....and you do so for 23 years since it took you 2 years to figure out how to generate some sales for your business.

Okay... let's see what you get in 23 years: a whopping $524,983.96

you can also do your own calculations...Click Here.

So....let's add these both up and see what you get in 25 years: $486,900.59 + $524,983.96 = 1,011,884.6 YOU are now a MILLIONAIRE!!! And it only took you 25 years.

[Don't forget this is just a conservative estimate...but is doable in shorter time frames, and to a greater extent...of course it all depends on your productivity..... and it will been even more rapid if you are already using your own asset building plan with income earned from your job.]


Please feel free to say hello or add your own reasons why you think one should join Network Marketing.

I am always open to Feedback..

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    • MarketingLocomo profile image

      MarketingLocomo 3 years ago

      I am a Jim Rohn fan myself. He isn't what got me into network marketing but he is a huge reason that I have stuck with it and continue to do well. I'm not "retired" yet, but well on my way.

      I just continue to provide as much value as I can to people and follow a set plan.

      Best of luck to you!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Network marketing works on the basic principle of generating leads. Like any marketing strategy, contacts and connections are essential for making a sale. It's a good way to give yourself a raise.So network marketing makes scene.