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Most Successful Small Business Ideas for Small Towns

Updated on December 15, 2015
Small Business Ideas
Small Business Ideas

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The rule of achievement

Commit to the action necessary to realize it and persistently take that action. When you begin rationalizing why you can't, ask yourself, “When is a good reason not a good excuse?" We begin to rationalize when our fears become larger than our passion for our dream. What tasks have you already avoided this week or year so far? Do it now!

How to become successful?

Everyone you admire in life for their success, achievement or personality has paid one price or the other to get to where they are that gets your attention and admiration. You can remain a cheerleader and a great admirer for the rest of your life. Or you can continue to admire and cheer them, but learn from their experience and principles to succeed for yourself, that way you become an admired person in your own generation and circle of influence.

Top 50 Small Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

As in everything in the 21st Century and knowledge age there is nothing you want to do that you can do successfully without being smart and taking, at least, a little time to research or study something about it before taking the leap.

Enticing people to spend money on your business can be challenging in the current economic climate. In order to make the right changes to position yourself and grab your share of the market, you have to look at consumer spending in the post-Great-Recession years and prepare to tailor your business accordingly.

As a business, you must incorporate value into your products and services and connect with the new customer mindset. Shrewd the use of the internet and the ability to respond to social concerns and a sense of tradition! To turn this trend into an advantage for your business, consider the following. Embrace austerity yourself. Austerity means focus. Focused businesses grow. Focus on the right core offering. Lastly, austerity means cutting bad clients. Let go of the dead weight and watch your business take off.

What kind of business should you start in a small town?

  1. An old book shop
  2. Sports club for most famous local sports
  3. Pizza Shop with local flavors
  4. Custom hand made cards shop
  5. Artificial antique jewelry shop
  6. Start selling your local handicrafts online
  7. Internet Café
  8. Fashion boutique for females
  9. Men style fashion store
  10. Readymade garments for kids
  11. Herbal shop
  12. Mobile Accessories shop
  13. Cell phone repairing shop
  14. Crockery store
  15. Fresh vegetable store
  16. Start a data warehouse
  17. Cold storage
  18. Fertilizer shops for local crops
  19. Start a local website for buying and selling used products
  20. Provide solar energy on cheap rates
  21. Start farming
  22. Sell home security equipment
  23. Build a marriage hall for your town
  24. Start a mini cinema
  25. Start selling stationary to local schools and offices
  26. Open a traditional foods restaurant in your town
  27. Make event movies on demand
  28. Start a fitness club in your area
  29. Start marketing of imported products in your town
  30. Start a small homemade toy factory
  31. Start outsourcing by hiring educated people from your local community
  32. Open driving center
  33. Become a property advisor of your town
  34. Become a party singer if you are good in singing.
  35. Arrange fun games with low fees for young kids of your town.
  36. Fast food Franchise
  37. Tea House
  38. Coffee Shop
  39. Haircuts and Color shop
  40. Baby Care center
  41. Start a bakery
  42. Make an auto service station
  43. Chicken hatchery
  44. Meat Sale point
  45. Foreign language training center
  46. Computer short courses and learning center
  47. Women slim center
  48. Start selling fresh milk in bottles or in tetra pack
  49. Women cooking and sewing center
  50. Home tuitions

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Top 3 Point Marketing Strategy For Start-ups

If you don't have existing customers (which you probably don't), you:

1. Need to rely heavily on your associates and networks to talk about you.

2. You will need to heavily rely on the market, or the media to talk about you.

3. You need to find ways to build trust because no one is ready to risk being the first one to 'jump' into your 'pool'.

Potential customers want to always know that someone else has dived in first to check the temperature of the water.

Most people that start a small business are driven by a great passion for their product or service. That passion is critical to success in business. However, you need more than that to turn out a successful business. Other important ingredients, such as business skills, business planning, best legal structure options, strategies (marketing, advertising, selling, pricing, social media etc), are essential for your success.


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    • Quoteslover profile imageAUTHOR

      Quotes Lover 

      3 years ago

      Yes why not, it's a good idea

    • profile image

      Eric Mwizerwa 

      3 years ago

      I would like to start a business in a small town related to promote women as they do tailor services, do you think this will be so successful as i already own my house from which they will work from.

      Thank you

    • Quoteslover profile imageAUTHOR

      Quotes Lover 

      6 years ago

      Sure buddy, your business idea is very creative and you can go with this cool idea, best of luck.

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 

      6 years ago

      I currently live in a small town and its jailhouse filled with adult activities like clubs and bars; I think it would be best to do something for kids like a skating ring or an arcade.


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