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Top Ten Home-Based Business Ideas

Updated on August 11, 2014

What home-based business should you start? And, which one is profitable for you? The ideas for home-based business are so many.

It can be overwhelming searching for a business idea but don't choose a business idea that is not profitable or the one that you have no passion for.

Motivation alone is not enough. You should have passion for your business. Without passion, you'll not keep on moving towards attaining the vision and mission of your business.

Passion will drive you to work hard and even to do the boring tasks that you don't feel like doing but they must be done each day. Passion will not let you to give up easily in times of uncertainties.

Passion is the fuel that keeps you moving. When you're motivated and you have passion for your business (in that case your home-based business), then you'll definitely get things done. There is no way you're going to give up easily when things get worse or worsen.

I have heard many successful people say, "I couldn't give up on my dream therefore I kept myself going and eventually succeeded because I had passion for what I was doing."

Even Steve Jobs talked about the importance of having passion, here is what he said:

Do you know that most of the online companies that are now successful were started from home or in college dorm rooms? You can also start a home-based business; by the way you don't have to worry about capital. Some of the business ideas don't require a huge amount of money. In most cases, what is required is just coming up with a business idea.

As an example, in 1977 Julie Aigner-Clark, a stay-at-home mom and former teacher started The Baby Einstein Company at her home (her basement). The company grew to become a multi-million dollar franchise. It was reported that the company's revenue grew from $1 million to $10 million.

If you're thinking of starting your home-based business, below are some of the ideas.


Home-Based Business Ideas

1.) Starting an Online Store

One of the home-based business ideas that will not require you much money to get started is an online store. Starting an online store doesn't mean that you're going to sell every product that you come across, but you have to choose specific products you'll be selling in your store.

The advantage of starting your own online store is that you'll eliminate the costs associated with storing inventories. How are you going to eliminate inventory costs? First, you'll not rent a warehouse where you'll be storing the product(s) that you're going to sell in your online store. Instead, you'll use drop shipment deals.

How to Create an Online Store

The product(s) will be in possession of a wholesaler, vendor or manufacturer. Once the customers place an order, you'll then buy the product from your supplier (Drop ship supplier) and the drop ship supplier will deliver that product to your customer.

The advantage of drop ship suppliers is that they take all the responsibility of handling and managing stock. You'll be only paying stock that you sell and this makes you to avoid losses due to dead stock. Choose a drop shipper that will not run shortage of the products that you'll be selling in your online store.

You can also start an online store to sell home-made products such as cleaning products. This way, you'll be running your home-based business selling the home-made products to people who need them. Sell the products that you’re happy and confident to buy.

2.) Travel Agent Home Based Business

Do you have the passion for visiting attractive places in your country? If you really love traveling and visiting attractive places that nature has offered us, then turn your passion into money making home-based business opportunity by becoming a travel agent.

Make it to be your home-based business. As a travel agent, you'll be making book travel arrangements for your clients. You should have a wide knowledge of various places before you start this business.

3.) Yoga Instructor

There are many people especially the old who need a yoga instructor. There are patients who are recommended to practice yoga daily as it is a form of self-healing. It is due to the increased demand for yoga that you should start a yoga home-based business.

As a yoga instructor, you'll either be visiting your clients at their homes to instruct and guide them on how to go about practicing yoga or the clients can visit you at your home.

4.) Child Care Services

Have you acquired education on early childhood development and you really love working with children?

If your answer is Yes, then starting a child day care center home-based business will earn you an income and also you'll be doing what you love.

5.) Tutoring

Are you a teacher? During holidays, evenings or weekends you can be tutoring students. There are parents who are searching for tutors to help their children to have a better understanding of subjects so as to improve their performance. You can start your home-based business of tutoring students to target such students.

6.) Being a Virtual Assistant

Companies are nowadays outsourcing services such as virtual assistant. Companies that outsource virtual assistants instead of hiring full-time virtual assistants are able to keep their costs at minimum.

They avoid costs such as providing offices for virtual assistants. You can start a virtual assistant home-based business. Companies will be hiring you to perform some of their office support duties like bookkeeping.

7.) Coding Programming

Are you an expert in coding? If yes, you can start your own consulting business that is home-based. You can offer coding consulting services to companies and individuals.

You need a computer that is connected to a stable internet to get started with this kind of business. The good news is that most of the coding programming jobs are advertised online.

8.) Content Writing

Each month, several websites and blogs are created. These websites and blogs require people to write content for them. Content writing jobs are advertised on websites such as

This gives you an opportunity of working from home writing articles for various blogs and websites. You can make it to be your home-based business.

9.) Web Designing

Web designing jobs are in demand. Small and medium businesses have realized the importance of them having a website. Companies that have not created their online presence are losing clients compared to companies that have gone online.

Due to increased demand for companies to create websites, the demand for web designers has also increased. You can now think of starting a web designing home-based business. You'll be working online from your home.

10.) Selling Photos

Selling photos online is another lucrative home-based business. If you're a good photographer, you can take photos that can be related to various topics such as cheating in a relationship, work related photos, inspiration photos etc to sell to people who need them.

This business requires you to invest on high-quality cameras, laptops, lighting equipments and photo-editing software. You can use Adobe Photoshop to do some editing of your photos to make them look nice and professional.

Website owners and bloggers do search online for photos that they can purchase and use them to publish their articles alongside. How much do you think is making each month selling photos? Probably a lot of money, you can also make money online selling photos.

Take Your Home-Based Business Online

Take your home based business online no matter what type of business you're running from home. How will you create online presence for your home-based business?

It's simple, you'll just create a blog or website. However, just creating a blog or a website shouldn't be the end. There is a lot you have to do regarding internet marketing to ensure your blog or websites reaches a lot of potential buyers who are in need of the products you're selling.

This way, you'll be marketing your business both locally and internationally. A blog and website will enable you to be in touch with your existing customers and also to acquire new customers.


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