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Top Ten Jobs In America Right Now!

Updated on August 21, 2010

The Top Ten Jobs In America Right Now Are:

1. I.R.S. Director - This person doesn't have to pay any taxes! Is that really true or does a lot of online social outlets just blurt that out loud? How nice would that be to never have to pay taxes on anything in America!

2. Tax Lawyer - This person gets to manipulate financial laws and at the same time make serious money writing confusing legal terminology; think stimulus package, executive bonus checks, A.I.G., Bernard Madoff, Ponzi scheme!

3. U.S. Department of Human Resources Director - This person must be paid at least half a million dollars for keeping salary information about top-paid United States government officials strictly confidential.

4. Lokelani Lindsey - Former Trustee of Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate - This woman got paid at least $800,000.00 (eight-hundred thousand dollars) a year but got fired for planning an illegal business operation that left a serious money trail. Such a fool! I'm crossing my fingers and praying to God that a future position opens up so I can land this job. I want to work for Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate as a Trustee!

5. Cheif Executive Officer/President for any United States Financial Institution - Washiton Mutual's (WaMu is now owned and operated by J.P. Morgan Chase) former president was hired for 3 weeks in the fall of 2008 then quit his job and his severance package totalled $7 million dollars! Not bad for 3 weeks of work! Where can we as a people apply for this job?

6. Federal Government Scientist - Don't worry, even if your scientific research doesn't amount to anything, you'll still earn a six-figure salary each year or more!

7. Informations Technology Specialist I - I heard that the computer scientists' who work for the federal government make up their own salary of how much they think they should get paid. And if you can hack into any information system owned and operated by the U.S. government, you'll get hired with a nice salary package without a job interview.

8. U.S. Military Director - Any Branch of Military Service - The military is America's safeguard and protector from foreign affairs and military executives get paid loads of money! They don't even have to pay their own rent or mortgage, the government pays it for them.

9. Software Engineer - Okay I put this at the bottom of the list but these guys get paid tons of money too! If you're good and a client such as J.P. Morgan Chase hires you, your godly computer programming skills could make you a millionaire before 2008 is over. You got that right!

10. Nursing Director - I know a charge nurse that makes a sweet six-figure salary for bandaging up patients on her graveyard shift at a local Hawaii hosptial. If you want this job, a masters of science degree in nursing is a strong credential, just don't get your masters degree from an online university, I'm warning you!

And there you have it, the top ten jobs in America right now. I'm rooting for the cheif executive officer position that opens up at my local bank! I can make $7 million dollars like that former president of WaMu did in 3 weeks!

This hub was published May 12, 2009.


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