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Top Ten Well Respected Professions

Updated on June 13, 2017

Everybody one time or another has had a job or has needed to get one, me personally I hate working but it must be done. Some people believe jobs such as video game tester or restaurant worker is not a valuable profession but I beg to differ, as long as you are paying your bill and doing what you need to be doing I believe all jobs are good, except for these ones which might be a little higher on the list. This is the Top Ten well respected professions and as always this isn't in any order so enjoy.

#10, Military Personnel. War is unfortunately all too real and alive in today's society. We have seen all the games and movies about war and how cool it looks but it is real, there are men and women who defend this country to their best power. Many jobs can be found in the military but many still revolve around helping defend ones country. Engineers, medics, demolition experts, recon specialists and many more us their trained sets of skills to do their part in defending are freedom and for that I thank all men and women, past and present, who have defended this country. I am eternally grateful.

#9, Nurse/Doctor. When you are a child you have your mother to kiss your boo-boos but when your an adult, you still have your mother. But in case the wound is a little to hard for mama to fix we bring in the big guns. The doctors and nurses are there to try and make sure you don't die from falling off a ladder. The doctors and nurses can help with wounds, sickness and disease. I personally hate hospitals but if it wasn't for the doctors of the world I may have never walked again. They work long hours and do some hard work, they deserve a bit of recognition.

#8, Construction/Labor Workers. Many of the jobs previously listed have some hard work to go with them and this is no exception. I have worked as both a roofer and a freight worker and I gotta say to do the same exhausting thing everyday takes some cojones. From the largest of sky scrapers to the lowly bridge down at the park many construction and laborers work in some extreme weathers to get the job done. From fixing roofs to creating entire new buildings these men and women have a hard but respectable job.

#7, Farmers. For centuries we have relied on what usually seem to be country folk to make a steady supply of food to send to stores and what not. Farmers can grow from anything to pigs to cows to crops to fruit. Many of the wheat used to create bread comes from farms, which if you didn't know creating enough food to feed an entire globe isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. You have all seen the movies, the farmers wake up at the butt crack of dawn to begin feeding the animals and doing the crops. It is a hard job but you know what they say, farming builds character.

#6, Professional Athlete. From world renown sports players to Olympic athletes these men and women are some of the best. I suppose this is a good job, get to be paid for doing something you like are extremely good at. I know there might be some folks out there who might say that these folks get too much recognition or what not for just throwing a ball or something but in order to be paid alot for doing something I think you need to be pretty good at it. These athletes train hard and work hard to get better and better at their game, it may not be as life threatening such as some jobs in the military but becoming great doesn't simply come out over night, it takes some hard work and practice. Without alot of these people we might not have such enjoyable past times like soccer or baseball.

#5, Firefighter. Being in a job where you could get hurt or possibly even die isn't something I like to think about but many men and women do jobs such as these. Being a firefighter not only means you have to fight some fires but many times peoples lives can be in your very hands, you may not be fighting against armed villains but risking life and limb to stop forest fires and to rescue some people from burning buildings is something only the bravest of the brave can do. Just like in the military doing this job can give you alot of respect and you can meet alot of cool people.

#4, Police Force. While the military is out and about in some other parts of the world many of the men and women who reside in the police force stay here. Men and women who train in the ways of the law. They take down murderous serial killers, bust drug rings and help those in need. Well they do at times have a bad reputation they help keep some of the human garbage off the street. I think many will not agree with me on this one but I think without any sort of police to help govern the streets a little all would fall into chaos. The Police Force also have a chance to lose their lives, these brave men and women who fight to try and keep the streets clean deserve a bit of thanks as well.

#3, Astronaut. Houston we have lift off, I have wanted to say that for a little while. The Astronauts are those folks who get in a rocket and explore some of the darkest parts of space, while are technology prohibits us from going extremely far this does not mean we cannot still see the stars. Many of those who go into space may not see their families for months or even years, much like the military many of those who go into space can only rely on themselves and their new founded comrades to give them a bit of social-ness in that barren wasteland of space.

#2, Actors. Actors can basically be anything on this list with their skills of acting, although it may not be the real job acting does take some talent. To become someone completely different takes some work, to be able to change your voice or how you look or act to fill the role cannot be done simply on a whim by many people. During the movie set the actor might have to remember a long paragraph worth of lines or act in a certain way, to become famous by using this ancient form of entertainment takes a bit of skill and cunning, as well as some talent and hard work.

#1, Musicians. Whether it be in a famous band or in a well managed orchestra the musician takes their talent and pronounces it to the world. Ludwig Van Beethoven, Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, there are many musicians out there who have made a name for themselves and their bands by some hard work and talent. Being a musician means either singing, writing or playing an instrument and doing it with some class and a bit of skill. From "We are the champions" to "Home of the red, white and blue" We have many songs and orchestrated performances by many talented folks.


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