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Top Three Businessmen of Bangladesh

Updated on August 31, 2013
Bangaldesh | Source

Bangladesh's Business Sector

Bangladesh, which was part of the Indian sub continent in the past, maintained a long trade heritage since the early eighteen century. The corporate culture nevertheless came into light after Bangladesh liberated from Pakistan in 1971. Since than to this day, many Bangladeshi businessmen have shown their creativity, enthusiasm, energy & professionalism to take Bangladesh in the right direction.

Here is the list of top three businessmen of Bangladesh:

Jahurul Islam

Jahurul Islam
Jahurul Islam

Jahurul Islam – The Father of Bangladeshi Business

Very few men have a profound and lasting effect on the world. Jahurul Islam is one of the rare few. His glorious life transformed the industries of Bangladesh to such a tremendous extent that his influence is still being felt nearly two decades after his death. It is little wonder then that Jahurul Islam is known generally as “The Father of Bangladeshi Business”.

The beginnings of Jahurul Islam’s influence can be seen in 1964 with his founding of the Islam Group. The Islam Group features a diversified collection of companies from a variety of industries such as marketing, construction, real estate, international trade, and finance. With the guidance, leadership, and foresight of Jahurul Islam, the Islam Group has been propelled to prominence as Bangladesh’s largest business group.

As a true pioneer in business, Jahurul Islam showed genuine compassion for the employees of the Islam Group. The signs of his concern can still be seen in the benefits offered to employee such as medical facilities, pensions, accident compensation, and on-the-job training. Of course, such a positive work environment creates happy workers and yields
more efficient results.

Jahurul Islam recognized that success brings the responsibility to give back to one’s country. In this regard, he made great contributions to the good of Bangladesh. Jahurul Islam founded the Jahurul Islam Medical College and Hospital in 1989. The large hospital contains some 500 beds, emergency and general medical facilities as well as medical training.

Following his death in 1995, the Islam Group was divided into three parts – the Islam Group, the Navana Group, and the AFTAB Group. It is a testament to the lasting greatness of Jahurul Islam that all three of the groups continue to lead the business sector of Bangladesh to this day, AFTAB Group being the most dominant one. The grand influence of Jahurul Islam, the Father of Bangladeshi Business, truly continues to be felt today.

Samson H. Chowdhury

Samson H. Chowdhury
Samson H. Chowdhury

Samson H. Chowdhury – The Making of an Era

Few men make enough of an impact upon a country and upon a time so as to have an era named after them. Without the shadow of a doubt, Samson H. Chowdhury was such a man. The glorious, influential life of one of Bangladesh's greatest figures ended January 5, 2012. He was 86 years old in 2012.

Samson H. Chowdhury founded the Square Group and guided it to the top of Bangladeshi conglomerates with more than 33,000 employees. Much of Chowdhury's success was his ability to see the big picture even while all of those around him were focused solely on a single tile in the mosaic. A large part of his vision was that businesses had a responsibility to conduct themselves in an ethical and just manner. His desire to provide a good role model through his behavior as well as his concern for the welfare of others set him apart from other businessman in Bangladesh. Like everything else in his life, Chowdhury was not satisfied with simply stating a philosophy of ethics and responsibility without accompanying action.

The evidence that he did indeed put his philosophy into action is great. He was the Chairman of Koinonia, which service those in need of education, health, and micro finance. Following the Liberation War in 1971, he established the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh. The association of donors focused upon implementing a variety of projects assist those suffering from the ravages of war.

Samson H. Chowdhury was the founder and served as president of Bangladesh Association of Publicly Listed Companies. He was vice-president of International Chamber of Commerce, Bangladesh as well as the chairman of Central Depository Bangladesh Ltd. Bangladesh has certainly lost an amazing figure with the passing of Samson H. Chowdhury. However, the influences of this great man will be felt for a long time to come.

Salman F. Rahman

Salman F. Rahman
Salman F. Rahman

Born for Greatness- Salman F. Rahman

If one needs proof that some men are born for greatness, no clearer example exists than Salman F. Rahman. His father is Fazlur Rahman, formerly Pakistan’s Home Minister and Education Minister, and his brother is Sohel F. Rahman, who is co-proprietor of the Beximco Group.

Along with his brother, Salman F. Rahman has worked tirelessly for nearly half a century for the good of his company and for the good of Bangladesh. Under his leadership and vision, the Beximco Group has risen to the top of the corporate world. However, he is not satisfied to simply rest upon his accomplishments. He continues to explore and expand
into new endeavors within the group’s numerous industries which include pharmaceuticals, ceramics, textiles, media and property development.

Of course, success in business is only a single part of a successful life. Salman F. Rahman certainly recognizes this fact. That is why he has shown such enormous generosity in his efforts to fight poverty and to support human rights as well as other worthwhile causes.

Within the Beximco Group, Rahman in his incredibly broad vision has striven to establish a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility. With such a business philosophy, Salman F. Rahman has carried the Beximco Group far beyond its position as the largest private sector entity in Bangladesh. Through its involvement in matters of regional and national interest, the Beximco Group has been transformed from simply an amazingly successful corporation into a force for positive change.

For most men having a hugely prosperous corporation with all of the power, respect and admiration that accompanies such success would be enough to cause them to rest upon the glory of past accomplishments. However, Salman F. Rahman is no ordinary man. This review of his achievements and generosity can only lead to the conclusion that Salman F. Rahman was truly born for greatness.


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      Sajjad Hossain 2 years ago

      I Want to be a big businessman look likes them.but i don't know How can I start...

      And i inspire to know and read this passage...

      Thank You

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      dr siraj 2 years ago

      Forceps delivery & hasina govt.

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      Sk Maidul Islam 3 years ago

      I am coming bangladesh and start security business & group of companies . I am top king in Bangladesh ok bye all my Muslim brother, mother, father etc....

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      Want more history of more businessman.

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      affter fewdays i will be collect all of money................because i'm don in bd and all over the take be safe..........people...........

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      Mainul islam.

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      Khan delwar 4 years ago

      Samson h chowdhuery is not only rich of money matter . He is real person of mankind.

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      Jonathantrot 4 years ago from Florida, US

      Great hub.I liked what you wrote on Samson H. Chowdhury.

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      Samin 5 years ago

      want to know the birth date and year of Jahurul Islam

    • profile image

      kl 5 years ago

      Samson H. Chowdhury

    • profile image

      Monir 5 years ago

      Without arguing Salman F. Rahman is one the the great businessmen and asset of the country. But it also fact that this name is also involved with some controversy. I wish this successful businessman will clean all controversy surrounding him and uphold his reputation like as Samson H. Chowdhury.

    • profile image

      tips-on-business 5 years ago

      I agree that Jahurul Islam was number one all the way. Did not know that the group was formed in 1964. I feel that if the group was not divided after his death, it would have flourished and also contributed more.

    • Bangladesh-abc profile image

      Bangladesh-abc 5 years ago

      Good post you got here. I wrote one on Salman F Rahman some days back. Feel free to read my say on the man.

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      Kazi Nayem 5 years ago

      I agree with the first one only...

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      businesstips101 5 years ago

      Jahurul Islam - number one all the way. Samson Chowdhury was an amazing person. I meet his twice. He was a positive man. Salman F Rahman proved his worth but has still got some time to enhance his reputation.

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      i wonder how much they make..

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