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Top Ultrasound Technician Schools

Updated on October 22, 2014


Ultra sound technician schoolsare one in a million but the qualifications of each differ. Whereas one may offer significant training in sonographic techniques, another may only offer old school training. Picking the right institution is the first step towards ensuring the success of your career. There are many aspects to consider when choosing an ultra sound technician school as will be highlighted below. Of course each institution has its disadvantages and weaknesses, but, whereas some of the disadvantages can be ignore there are some that are too significant to assume. There have been concerns that some students spend years in training with tuition fees amounting to thousands of dollars only to end up with negligible certifications, questionable skills and mediocre experience. Generally an increasing number of students are falling for these scams and loosing not just their resources but also their credibility. So exactly how can you avoid this and ensure that the institution you pick for ultra sound training in renowned and among the best not just in the country but also internationally, in addition to setting a strong foundation for your career?


Students and prospective ultra sound technicians need to determine the quality of education they are seeking.  Remember that the institution you pick will determine the path of your career and your future as an ultra sound technician in the medical profession. Highly acclaimed institutions are well known in the medical field, a short visit to the nearest health centre can give insight to the best and most recommended schools.  This is not as difficult as it sounds; shockingly people are always proud to point out where they got their skills from especially if it is praise worthy institution. Doctors and other players in the medical field can also show or indicate to you which training institutions they deem to be the best and why.  If an institution is not popular either with the technicians or other health care professionals then in follows that it is probably not the right choice for your career. For any student, picking this as a profession it is important to begin with applying to the popular and most recommended colleges either within your state or nationally. The chances of getting hired as an ultra sound technician will increase because more and more employers recognize the worth and quality of education you have received.


The best ultra sound technician schools are not as easy to enroll in as one may imagine. The requirements are quite extensive and often include high grades. There have been general concerns that most of the individuals applying to these institutions are not qualified in many ways. There are subjects that you require to have passed with high grades for example in order to join these renowned institutions. The best institutions are highly competitive and often very popular and therefore often require much more from an elite number of students. To get into such institutions you must meet competitive requirements such as high grades and extracurricular activities.  The best institutions have taken advantage of the internet to advertise themselves and encourage enrolment. The requirements are available online so you need not waste money travelling long distances to research the requirements of an institution. In addition, most of these institutions could give you a chance to communicate with current and past students to gauge the quality of education you will receive in these ultra sound technician schools. Take the time to pursue any avenue that offers you information with regard to the institution of your choice.

 In addition to the quality education offered by these institutions, it is important to note that the best ultra sound technician schools also generate as much experience for their students in the real environment. Such schools note that the quality of education does not necessarily rely on grades only, but also the student. The institutions are most likely set within a health care or medical center; therefore they are able to give proper internship experience to highly graded students. In addition such institutions are well known in the medical and health care field making it easy for students to get quality internships with just recommendation letters. Although the internships are highly competitive, with good grades you will find that you have gained good experience and are on the way to making and building a strong base for your career. Like any other subject, ultra sound equipment in theory may seem easy, but when it comes to the practical environment even the highly graded students find that they stumble and often fail to meet the standards required of them.  It is important to ensure that you have familiarized yourself with all the challenges that may arise in this situation either from the patient, employer or even the equipment. By taking up such internships, students find that they are able to handle the different challenges much easily and also appear to be professional and confident.


There have been changes taking place in the health care training field constantly. Most recently for example institutions have been required to register and be analyzed with regard to their training capability and the quality of students they produce.  Once they have been analyzed, the institutions are then graded and the lists made available through the health centers and the public health departments. The lists are perhaps the most independent reviews that you will have of the training institutions. The lists show the requirements for students to be enrolled, the courses offered and the experience one will be exposed to. Most of the qualified training institutions for ultra sound technicians are exposed through these lists. The list is prepared by qualified medical and government survey professionals and is therefore a reliable means of determining the quality training institutions.

The best ultra sound technician schools are available either through online research or through the proper avenues. Take the time to think carefully before choosing a training school as this will be the basis for your career in the health care world. A training school can either further or hinder your career prospects.


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  • Alternative Prime profile image

    Alternative Prime 

    7 years ago from > California

    Nice Hub adrienne2,

    I think just about any career with the word "Technician" or related to "Technology" has a pretty good chance of remaining a moderate to high demand job today and in the future.

    Also with an aging population via the "Baby Boom Generation", another related occupation with probable continued bright prospects is the Nursing field.

  • adrienne2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Adrienne F Manson 

    7 years ago from Atlanta

    Thank you Kenny Rogers you have mentioned some great points, I can use to add to this hub and make it even better!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I would write a little about the estimated school costs and financial aid opportunities available. What is the labor department outlook on job growth? What is the starting salary and what wold the range be in 5-10 years. Otherwise keep up the good work.



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