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Top Writing Sites for International Writers

Updated on April 22, 2013

The Writer


Writing Sites for International Writers

Writers should at least be acceptably compensated for the services we offer.

As promised, I have compiled a list of writing sites that accept international writers. I will focus on sites that will be worth the while. Writing is our skill, and it takes time, energy and brain power. We should at least be acceptably compensated for the services we offer. That said, some of these sites will start you off at pretty cheap rates then as the clients, and in some cases editors give their feedback and rate your work you will move up the ladder. This means you will be able to work on the higher paying articles. I will try to include a screen shot for at least some of the sites mentioned.

A Bit of Advice

Please, no matter how timid you are and how much you doubt yourself, if you are in a position where you really need to earn some extra income, give it a try. There will be a lot of ups and downs for some, but its all a part of the game. The administrators and editors on some of these sites really take the time to correct, advise and help their writers to grow.

Some editors, senior writers and of course the clients can be really mean at times, but as crushing as that can be press on. Sift through the criticisms and use those that are constructive to build you. Remember, we all need to survive and hypocritically even those who put you down will bad mouth you if you throw your hands up in the air and run away. You are here to improve your earning potential, and try to improve your life. Do not allow it to go down like the man with his donkey and his son (one of Aesop's fables I believe). I suddenly have a urge to do a hub on that, but on to the earning sites.



iWriter is one of those sites where you start out dirt cheap and work your way up, but I'll give a hint or two how to get past the first stage quickly. You will start at the first of three levels and will move up the ranks based on client ratings. The levels are Standard, Premium and Elite. The starting prices are really not attractive:

Standard Level

150 words $1.01

300 words $1.62

500 words $2.43

700 words $4.05

1000 words $4.86

My advise is that you use the smaller articles to quickly move up the ranks. Also try to select articles you know you can deliver on and get good ratings. If I remember correctly, 23 good ratings (4 -5 stars) will take you to the premium level. Bad ratings will cause you to plummet. I also suggest that you be selective about who you write for. Some clients have some ridiculous rejection rates, and I think its best to avoid them. For example, a client whose stats shows that he/she posted 20 articles and rejected 15 gets the pass-over treatment from me. There is another way you can move up the ranks much faster, and you'll see that when you get onto the site.

Premium Level

150 words $1.62

300 words $3.64 and sometimes over $4

500 words $8.10

700 words $6.48

1000 words $8.51

Elite Level

150 words $4.05

300 words $5.67 and sometimes over $6

500 words $8.10

700 words $10.13

1000 words $14.99

Special articles are available at a higher price. For example, I saw a 500 word article going for $40. Technical and foreign language articles also attract higher offers. French, Spanish and German articles always seem to be on the board.

You can be both a client and a writer. Payments are made through Paypal and you select your payment option (Weekly - on Tuesdays, Every 2 weeks - alternate Wednesdays, Every month on the 5th or on the 25th). I have, so far, found them to be responsive to queries or issues with site problems.

There are no editors, and your work is automatically passed through Copyscape before going to the client. How much you earn is totally dependent on you.



SponsoredReview.Com seems to be a great site, and the earning potential is very attractive. As the site puts it - Earn hundreds or thousands per month.

Bloggers are paid to review clients' products and/or services then post that review on their own website. Your website/blog should be at least three months old with no less than 10 post, and must be cached/indexed in major search engines including Google. Once you are selected to do the review you have five days to complete it, post it to your website then submit the URL of that review to SponsoredReview.Com.

Ensure that you spend some time to really read through the site requirements for your blog, bidding ethics and work actions or else you run the risk of having your account suspended. For example, your blog must have at least 10 backlinks and you must complete all accepted works within the 5 day period. There's more so as I said before, ensure you take the time to read through and adhere to the rules.

You can find work by submitting your blog link, and it will be displayed on the site where advertisers can find it and approach you to advertise for them. You set your fees. You can also search the site for ad opportunities that are are more in line with your blog/site content.

Payment will be made to your Paypal account every two weeks.

More Sites to Come

Once again time is a factor in completing this hub the way I would like. It has been sitting here like this for a few days so I'll go ahead instead and publish it as is and make updates as soon as I can .


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    • Nemetos profile image

      Nemetos 4 years ago

      Some interesting pages I haven't heard of yet. I'll be sure to check them out. Thank you!

    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 4 years ago from Jamaica

      I'll be watching out for the updates. I like your stress free website too.

    • ohic32 profile image

      ohic32 4 years ago

      Thank you rasta1. Hopefully I have a lighter day tomorrow and can make some additions to the hub.

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