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How To Make Money Online, Blogs and More.

Updated on April 26, 2014

Make Money at Home

Begin Making Money Online

If you have heard of blogging and are interested in starting a a wildly successful blog yourself, it is a relatively simple you process to begin however, it can be quite difficult to get your blog making money within the first few months. It is highly recommended that you don't think of quitting your day job for at lest one year. There are a few things that you can do to jump start your blog and make the whole process a lot quicker.

I suggest that you start writing here at Hubpages first. The reason is that this site is very active and you can very quickly gain writing experience with this user friendly platform wile at the same time building an audience. Once you feel confident with your writing skills, use Hubpages to leverage your new blog by directing your Hubpages traffic to your blog. Many bloggers regularly write for Hubpages and and their own blogs simultaneously.

After writing a few hubs on various topics, you should then apply for an AdSense account. I do not suggest that you do this immediately when signing up for Hubpages because they will most likely deny your application. Adsense likes to read a few things you have published before they accept you. To start writing for Hubpages click here.

The AdSense account is how you earn money blogging. They will place ads on your Hubpages and personal blogs.

After you have gotten your AdSense account and a few hubs behind you, start a blog using Google's Blogger. This is the most user friendly blogging platform available. To sign up with Google Blogger click here.

Hubpages - Best Way to Gain Audience.

If you don't join Hubpages first it will take significantly longer for your blog to gain audience. I strongly recommend starting a profile and writing as many informative articles as you can. The hubs that do the best are ones that instruct the reader on how to do something.

If you are very rusty in the art of writing I suggest diversifying your ways of earning money online by joining WebAnswers. This site is one in which you simply answer questions for money. It is the quickest way of obtaining an Adsense account and the easiest way of making money online. When I began blogging I would burn out but still want to be contributing to earning money, so, WebAnswers was the ideal place to hangout and passively answer questions. It is so convenient that you can use your smart phone.

Besides hubpages, you may wish to join tumblr, which is a microblogging platform somewhere in between Twitter, a blog, and a photo sharing site. It is also a high traffic area that can enhance your blog.

After doing these things, Start posting blogs on your Blogger blog, and create backlinks to your hubs from your blog and vice versa.This will give your blog a higher page ranking.

Pay attention to other blogs. This will show you what works. Blogging and becoming a successful blogger takes time and the learning process never ends.

Be sure to post pictures and videos to make your blog more dynamic.

Reading at least two good books on the subject will help you immensely. Most important, don't give up. I have seen more than 90% of my fellow beginner bloggers fail. What is truly discouraging is that they fail before even giving it a chance. They sign up for a blog and after writing one or two articles they stop. This is an endeavor worth pursuing. When your blog takes off you will be earning passive income. That is a lot better than going to a job and only making money while on the clock. This site, Hubpages, is one that many readers stick with without ever starting their own blog. The top earners are making $4000 per month writing here. From what I can tell, most of those who are earning over $1000 per month have between 300-800 features hubs. I have also seen many writers making hundreds per month will little over 100 articles. Personally, I look forward to my Hubpages payout every month and even though I have my own personal blog I continue to write here because after little less than one year of writing at this site has given me dependable, steady income.


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