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Top group of companies in Bangladesh

Updated on September 29, 2016

Bangladesh is moving ahead. The private business group of companies in Bangladesh are playing a vital role in the socio-economic development of the country. They are increasing the annual revenue with an upward trend. And they are contributing in the development of the society to a large extent. Through various corporate social activities, these groups are working for the welfare of the mass people as well. Their gain is the country's gain.

Here are details of the top group of companies in Bangladesh that are making a difference in the economy:

ACI | Source

ACI Group of Companies

ACI Group of companies has been working in Bangladesh since the country achieved its independence. Currently, they are involved in the pharmaceuticals, agribusiness and consumer products industries. Since the birth of Bangladesh they have been working tireless to provide the best quality product for the people of this country and made sure that the people are getting it at a very reasonable price. They have trained countless young people of the country and made them into assets. So far, ACI has been able to progress a lot in their goal of creating a productive Bangladesh.

Beximco Pharma
Beximco Pharma | Source


Beximco is one of the largest business groups of Bangladesh. So to speak, it is one of Bangladesh’s leading textile and ceramic industry. Apart from this, it has become one of the top exporters of pharmaceutical products. Beximco Pharma was originally founded in 1976. It is currently supplying over 10 percent of the whole country’s medical needs. Presently Beximco Pharma creates its own generics for a lot of different diseases such as AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer and Asthma.

Dynamic duo Sohail F Rahman Rahman and Salman F Rahman are the owner of Beximco. To its credit, the group has its presence in over 45 countries across the globe. The group is currently Bangladesh’s largest textile and ceramics manufacturer. It continues to be the leading ceramics exporter in Bangladesh. It also plays a major part in the media industry of the country. Apart than that, it has its presence in the country’s real estate, trading, aviation, financial services and energy sectors. Being such a major part of Bangladesh’s export and import, the group contributes a lot towards the total GDP of the whole country.

Over the past three decades, Beximco, along with other group of companies in Bangladesh, created a lot of job opportunities and done humanitarian work.

Paradise Group
Paradise Group | Source

Paradise Group

Paradise Group is the number one cable manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Their cables are widely popular in the western countries as well. Paradise Group has always been considerate about their customers and their dealers. They have always helped their dealers and distributors to be success and their customers to be satisfied. They have expanded their realm of business by entering the readymade garments, electronics and IT industries.

Navana Group

Navana Group is one of the biggest company in real estate, constructions and automobiles sector in Bangladesh. They started as the sole distributor of TOYOTA cars in Bangladesh and now they are the exclusive distributors of HINO Motors. They have also expanded their business to heavy and light industries, food, telecommunication, chemical & bulk commodities supply & indenting and power.

Navana Group has the most delicate and effective management panel. it would not be surprising in they become the top most company in Bangladesh in next five years time.

Sunman Group of Companies

Sunman Group of Companies has one of the biggest readymade garment companies in Bangladesh. Their garment products have extremely high domestic and international demand. They have offices in foreign countries and they run a very successful business there as well.

Orion Group

Orion Group has one of the most productive workforces in the country. They have over 18,000 highly trained and skilled employees who work tirelessly to make Orion Group one of the biggest names in the world. Their hard work has made Orion the fastest growing group in Bangladesh. Orion Group is working in pharmaceuticals, Agro products, hospitality management, aviation management, real estate, power, construction, toiletries, knitwear and cosmetics industries.Their contribution in Bangladesh's economy is huge.

Information sources...

Information of these group of companies were collected from Bangladesh based news papers, business magazines, company websites. Apart from that states, updates and other info were collected from the following sites:

Biz Bangladesh


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