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Top sites to earn money online

Updated on July 16, 2016

Top site for earning online

Earning online is not easy for all people. Any way here are the some top sites that actually pay well.

1. Google adsense

Google adsense is the most trust able site for earning money online. If you have the skill and enjoying writing about articles then this site is best for earning money online. Notice that these sites have strict terms and condition. So, for getting approve for adsense is very difficult for anyone. After getting approve, if you don't follow adsense policy then surely they will ban your account. These site is best in the world for cpm (Click per cost), cpc (Click per minute), and other. Adsense pay upto high cpc like 2$ to 3$ per click if your content is rich and traffic are from euro country. So, if you are intrested in google adsense then please apply fast in

2. Share cash

Share cash is the pay per download website. Share cash give 1$ to 2$ per downloading your file. If you have any video, images, application and other file then you can easily upload it on share cash. After uploading you will get link to that file which you have uploaded then your file should be downloaded by other to earn cash. These site accept payza, paypal and payoneer method.

3.Paid verts

Paid verts is the biggest site for ptc.These site will give you hard cash if your referral member are more and your bap points are more. In this site if you upgraded your account then you will get upto 1$ to 50$ for visting other site upto 30 second. Did you believe that with in 30 second you will earn 50$. These site is for those who are not interested in writing blog and other things. These site accept many payment method such as payza,paypal etc.

4.Propeller ads

Propeller ads are famous for cpm. You can earn hard cash by this site. Many people are seeking for earning online but they failed. This is the best method for people who are interested for writing articles. These site have not such strict terms and policy which will ban your account.This site is from UK. Also this site is trust able.


Youtube is the best and best method for all people who are enjoy to make video. Youtube have partner like google adsense and other as well. You can earn million and billion dollar from this method. From youtube many people are making many money without doing many effort. This is the best and easiest method to earn a big and hard cash online. Well, Sign up for youtube channel and upload your video and simply monetize your video to start earning online.

6.Free lancer

Free lancer is the website where you can hire or do jobs in here. In my view if you have extra skill then you can earn money online by the help of free lancer. If you have extra skill then someone will definitely hire you in free lancer and you can start your work and finish that work and that is easy.So, you can earn money online by this site.

7.Music xray

Music xray is the website where you can earn money online by hearing the music. This method doesn't require skill only some thing should be done which is listening music. If you listen some one music with the exact time then you will earn some bucks from that music.So, try it and earn money.

8.Slice thepie

Slice thepie is also same as music xray but this is also the best method. In this site you have to review music, cloth, equipment and other thing. If you review music and clothes etc then you will earn hard cash from this method. This method accept paypal and minimum withdraw is 10$.

9. Exo click

Exo click is the site which is use to monetize your website. If you are content writer or enjoying writing blog post or enjoying making website then this is suitable for you. If your visitor came from most of mobile phone then this site will be good to earn money online for you.

10. Guru is the website where you will be hire to to do such type of work like making graphics, article writing, making apps and games etc which you have skill. This method is very simple and easiest method to make money online. You can make many from this site if you have extra skill to do such types of work. This site accept payoneer, paypal etc.


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