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Top ten Websites

Updated on January 2, 2009

Top 10/20 For the year 2008

First the Top 10 (actually I'll do 20) for the United States.

  1. Almost to be expected, the major search engine with a multitude of applications like Google Earth, image search, Usenet, the Web. Their focus is searching.
  2. The next major search engine and email provider (Yes Google does that too). Personalized content.
  3. Well known as a Social Networking Site
  4. Getting your videos uploaded, and sharing for all the world to see. Either how good you are at filming or how bad.
  5. A social website, allowing you to connect with friends and making new friends. Sharing links, pictures, and videos.
  6. Microsoft's search engine.
  7. Content provider, general news, and the hotmail link.
  8. The international auction site, stores, goods sorted by categories. (surprising it fails top ten on the global).
  9. A collaborative encyclopedia. Not neccasirly from experts either.
  10. America on line's portal, searching, chatting, email, and shopping.
  11. Orginally started as the book store online, now striving to be the place where customers can find nearly everything. Striving also to offer the lowest possible prices. Restaurant and movie listings (beside purchasing the later). Photo processing, travel, gift certificates, one-click buying. Plus personalization of their features and services. Go see for yourself. They are taking eBay head on in the big internet business.
  12. The famous or not so famous free Classifieds Add site. They have caused their waves too. Most Adds can be placed free, but some adds for some cities do cost.
  13. A weblog site or commonly referred to as Blogs. Automated publishing tool. Interfaces nicely with the Flock Browser.
  14. Searchable directory making use of the Yahoo search engine. For news, stocks, sports, and free e-mail.
  15. The number one news site. International and US stories. Weather, video clips of news.
  16. Image hosting and photo sharing. Providing live journals, blogs, message boards. Personal websites and online photo albums. Simple to use.
  17. Great place to go for all you sport fans for both the college and professional sports.
  18. Main site for product information, support, and news. Especially for their products. Good knowledge base and can help solve some of your computer problems in the windows environment.
  19. Internet cable provider.
  20. Picture galleries, allowing to rate photos. Chat and groups.

For a more completely listing and more specs on these sites you can cruise on over to Alexa

Top Ten Global Websites - some surprises

Rank Website


In comparison to the United States some minor shuffling.  But Yahoo beats out Google. Interesting.  AOL and Ebay fail the list, but and come in (that's two hits for Yahoo in the top 10 global). 

Now for just a little trivial on most searched for.

Fastest Rising (Global) ---------- Fastest Rising (U.S.)

  1. sarah palin ------------------------- obama
  2. beijing 2008 ------------------------ facebook
  3. facebook login --------------------- att
  4. tuenti --------------------------------- iphone
  5. heath ledger ------------------------ youtube
  6. obama ------------------------------- fox news
  7. nasza klasa ------------------------- palin
  8. wer kennt wen ---------------------- beijing 2008
  9. euro 2008 --------------------------- david cook
  10. jonas brothers ---------------------- surf the channel

Facebook made the top 10 in both Global and US searches. With YouTube making it on the US. Interesting that our Sarah Palin made it number one for the global. Definitely a news maker in competition to Obama. Politics, News, phones, videos, sports, and socializing dominated. For the world our Sarah Palin novelty, and politics, sports, socializing (4 places), acting, soccer and music.

Now if you are interested in more popular search words you can visit Google Zeitgeist 

A small conclusion

Well in going over this we see that people are hungry for socializing.  With Facebook clearly taking the lead.  I have seen a forum that I hang around in and getting to know some very good people become a very quite place.  Most of them migrated over to Facebook for the ease in which to quickly share thoughts and photos.  And a blog site has lost favor too, with this migration.

Facebook though on the global scene does have have competition from some European sites.  Which only follows people do like to talk to people of the same language. (for some odd reason it's just easier).

I had a little fun doing this.  Especially seeing how our political scene is important in the eyes of the world.  


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    • eaglegordon profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks Research. Hmm. Did a quick search, knowing that. The Microsoft, Google and Yahoo deals continue.

      With some of the news from

      Yahoo is overall better for the advertiser.

    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 

      9 years ago

      This is a good list, its true that Yahoo gets more traffic, thats why some internet marketers are switching from google adwords PPC to Yahoo search marketing instead, I heard paying for traffic is cheaper with Yahoo!


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