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Top ten companies that are hard to get work in

Updated on December 6, 2015

Number 1. Coca - Cola

Coke has an assortment of available jobs that might match one's criteria, On the other hand, Coke is very selective on who and how they hire. Based on my extensive experience in the Beverage industry, I have applied with Coke on many occasions with positions based on my experience, unfortunately, I have been turned down by Coke repeatedly. Was it for a lack of experience? certainly not. Did other candidates have more qualifications than what I presented? I don't believe so.

On Monday, August 4th, 2014 I was contacted by a recruiter by the name of Vivek Kumar from Spectra force Technologies, Inc. I was scheduled to do an interview with Sturgis Burns, The District manager at Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA. The position was for a Customer Service Technician there at the time. I was asked about my experience as a Technician where I work in the past. After elaborating on this topic, I was further questioned on other topics and or qualifications. Of course, I may have had a little brain freeze at the moment, he didn't take that into consideration at all. I was escorted out of the facility very swiftly, I felt like a common criminal. Was he bias in not hiring me? I believe so, even with my qualifications. He contacted my recruiter a few days later telling him I was not qualified for the position and that I didn't know what I was doing. Talking about blackmail, he was not sincere In what he relayed to Vivek.

I had applied with Coke with other opportunities, but I have received their rejection messages as a response. Coke is a difficult company to find a job here in Atlanta, Georgia. They're very selective, and for the most part, very bias in their hiring decisions.

#2 Uline

Uline is a top of the line Distribution company with over 1000-5000 employees. They sell more than 22,000 packaging and shipping products (such as bubble wraps, corrugated boxes, envelopes, tape (janitoria products, brooms, cleaners Etc.) They are very selective on who they hire and on top of that, an extensive interview process. If you apply with them, you better know what they are looking for in the first place. the competition is very stiff, and the odds of getting in are very slim. I had applied with Uline on many occasions but I have been turned down on all.

# 3 Pepsi


# 3. Pepsi

Along with Coke, Pepsi is a difficult company to get in by all means. either as a driver, or Technician. What qualifies a potential candidate to get a career with Pepsi? that is the question. I'm sure that the competition is pretty hectic especially in Atlanta. Here is an email response from the HR department I received.

Thank you for your interest in the Driver - Bay Truck Delivery position in Atlanta, Georgia with Pepsi Beverages Company. As you may know, the competition is exceptionally strong for positions at Pepsi Beverages Company. We were fortunate to have a high level of interest in this position. While your background has many impressive aspects, we have selected candidates who more closely fit our current business needs. Again, thank you for your interest in The Pepsi Beverages Company.


The Staffing Department of Pepsi Beverages Company

Now you see what I mean by fierce competition there, you have to know what they're really looking for to even get to that first interview.

#4 Nestle' Waters

# 4 Nestlé Waters

Although having previous driving experience as a courier and a driver with a good driving record; I have been out of fortune of landing a job with Nestle. Who are they really looking for to hire, and how much experience as a non-CDL driver has to have? Their online application is very long and tedious, and after you spend hours filling it out, they send you an email with rejection for consideration with them. After all, the pay is great, and they have good benefits. What does it takes to land a job with them? are they a bit bias in their decisions? If you are applying with them, take heed, you may just get fortunate enough to get in. Here is a email I received from them that made me weary and reluctant that I applied in the first place.

Thank you for your interest in the Route Sales Delivery Non CDL position with Nestlé Waters. We appreciate the time and effort you invested in the application process. Your skills, qualifications and accomplishments have been reviewed and compared with the needs of the position. After careful consideration, we wish to inform you that you were not selected for further consideration. Please feel free to apply for other open positions for which you qualify. You will find a list of current openings on our career site. You may also create a profile and set up job alerts based on your preferences for future openings. In order to be considered for a role, you will need to apply directly to each position in which you have an interest. We appreciate your interest in Nestle Waters and wish you continued success in your career.

Best regards,

Human Resources


#5 Federal Express

# 5. Federal express

Federal Express is an American global courier delivery service company, They deliver the goods worldwide. I have carefully filled an intense application with Fed Ex. My experience as a courier does indeed qualify me to be considered for a courier position there; unfortunately, I was turned down for a route position. Is the competition there on a high level, do they overlook a perspective employee's experience? It shouldn't be that difficult to land a job with Fed Ex, especially with prior experience for the most part. I know that being a courier is a high demanding position with many companies looking to hire a driver or courier, but why is it so difficult lately to land a courier job here in Atlanta?

Spectrum Financial /Post Browning

# 6. Spectrum Financial /Post Browning

In 2010, Post Browning acquired Spectrum financial Incorporated. Post Browning is currently providing services to over 13,000 different bank branch locations in 13 States. I was contacted by Tim Drake via on May 16, 2016 through an introductory email message. He offered me a position as a Preventive Maintenance Technician. We agreed to meet for an initial interview via Cracker Barrel on 5/27/15 at 9:00 AM. We had breakfast, discussed the job responsibilities and requirements. After all was done, he ask me was I interested in the position, I kindly said yes. He mentioned that he had other candidates to interview in the mean time. On June 16, 2015, Tim contacted me with the job offer stating that he was sending me email documents for a background check, application and to get a drug test. I mentioned when will I start and he replied, it won't be as long as the first time and that he was getting me a company van. All the requirements was carefully done and I was ready to start work. I quit my job, giving it enough time to be ready for work. Time went by but I haven't heard from Tim at all. On July 22, 2015 I tried to contact Tim via email, phone and I even called the HR person. Here is the last reply that I heard from Tim Drake after those initial contacts.

I apologize for the delay in getting back with you. I have been out of the office. A decision has not been made on this position at this time due to some unexpected projects that came up and required my full attention. I should have a decision by the end of this month.

Tim Drake/ District Service Manager

Spectrum Financial Services.

After the long wait, quitting my job thinking that I was surely hired and ready to work, I was thrown a curve. My first meeting with Tim was that he had the impression that I was white because he looked at me very strangely. I didn't mention my race on the Resume' and that may have thrown him off. I believe he was bias in his decision on not hiring me on the basis of my race because he surely had a change of mind.

# 7 Sears Holding/A & E Factory Service

Sears Holding/ AKA A & E Factory Service

Sears Holding is by far a renowned appliance company, and offers service and repair of home appliances. The probability of landing a sears career is very slim based on the competition. I've applied with Sears on many occasions and at various times, but had no fortune of landing a job with them. The application process is very long, and on top of that, you are required to take a long assessment test and then take a knowledge base test that is very time consuming. To land a job with Sears, you have to know what their expectations are. Prior experience is a must to jump start a career there, and you should learn about the company's expectations. If you don't succeed the first time, try and try again, you might just get your foot in the door. Their Technicians average about 12 hours a day and work every Saturday. They didn't think that I was a sales minded person.

Sears holding seemed like a great place with a promising career, unfortunately, after applying three times and finally landing an in person interview, I was declined for employment. I have relative experience in this field of work and after an intensive interview process I felt I was the right fit for this position. They continuously stressed the importance of gaining sales as a very important aspect of the job, they've made a point carefully informing me, "It's all just a game to get sales."

Here is the response I received from them.

Curtis Shelton -

Thank you for your interest in the Service Technician, Appliance Repair Req#631702BR position with Sears, Roebuck and Co. Although we were impressed with many of your qualifications, at this time we will not be further pursuing your candidacy for this position. You may however be contacted regarding other opportunities that fit your background. We encourage you to revisit our careers website and continue exploring opportunities that may be of interest to you. We value your interest in our organization and wish you the best of luck with your job search

# 8. Georgia State University

Georgia State

Georgia State University is a major urban educational institution In Atlanta, GA. founded in 1913. They employ about 3,500 full-time faculty and staff, and 4,500 temporary student employees. Applying with Georgia State is like applying for Government jobs, you apply and you wait for the opportunity to get an interview. Sometimes you never get pass the application process let alone an interview. With that said, the opportunity is there, and they have many employees, but getting in is the hardest part. After sending in several Resumes, and going through the application process, I ran out of fortune there and will look no further.

Lasership & Kit Express

# 9. Kit Express and Leadership

I have to combine these two companies because they fall in the same category.

I have applied to these two companies many times and on different dates, but I have never received any feedback from either. Hello, is anybody there? Lazership requires that you have a modern truck or van preferably white. However, I have seen many employees driving an assortment of different color vehicles all the time. They never respond after you apply or send in a Resume, and to be quite frank, I don't think they care in the first place. Don't waste your time with these two companies, they're a joke.

# 10. HD Supply

HD Supply

HD supply is one of the largest industrial distributors in North America. They provide a range of products, services and solutions for more than 500,000 professional customers. This company is not the easiest company to land a job. Despite prior or recent experience, I've been rejected repeatedly. They ask, on the application, "Are you able to drive a box truck?" what's so hard about driving a box truck? Grandma can rent a twenty- six footer from U-haul and hit the road? I don't think that experience is a major factor; nevertheless, they have different requirements to land a position here. Many resumes were sent out but not response whatsoever.

Honorable mention:

Next Era Energy

Pronto Technologies

Hoffmann Services


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