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Reasons Why People Fail Esposed

Updated on March 25, 2013

Reasons People Fail

Have you ever failed before? What did you do at such a time? Did you take a step to overcome or you resolve to fate? Did you quit or forge ahead despite your failure? Well, I’ll like to unveil to you reasons why people fail in most of life endeavors. You too might be caught in this web. But you can escape if you have the right attitude today.
Failure to plan is the first of the reasons. As you know, he who fails to plan plans to fail. You cannot achieve any thing by accident. He who fails to plan will achieve nothing in the end. A footballer who fails to target the goal-post will end up scoring no goal at all. You must make a deliberate effort to achieve your desires and plans. Basic! Wishful thinking will not take you anywhere. Begin your life today with a plan, and you will not regret in years to come.
Moreover, people fail in life because they refuse to learn from the failures of those that have gone ahead. There is no journey in life that is new to the present generation. If we take conscious effort to read about the failure of those that have gone ahead in one’s life career; academic, spiritual or physical, we will be better equipped to face and overcome life challenges. The fact that you fail today does not mean you are the first to fail. You must be aware that others have failed in the same way before and they overcome their failures. So, learning from their mistakes will make you avoid their errors.
There is also the need to take to instruction. Instruction is life; it is guide. It keeps from errors that one should have committed. Failing to take to instruction will make anyone to fail and regret in life. Keeping of instruction is life and peace.
Spending precious time on things that add no value to one’s life is another reason why people fail. Some can go to the point of staging an argument on such things. Now look in at your relationship with people, what are those things that you argue about? Are they things that will add value to you or not? If they are not things that will move you foreword in life, there is no use engaging in argument on such futile project.
No doubt bad attitude is the next reason why people fail. Attitude determines one’s altitude. The zenith you reach in life depends on your attitude. If you desire to always be at the top, then you must have the right attitude.
However, your mindset is the next to your attitude. It narrows down your point of view towards life. If you have a good mindset, then achieving success will be at your finger tips. But if your mindset sees impossibility, then failure will always knock at your door.
One cankerworm you need to close your door against of all these reasons is laziness. It ruins beyond recovery. It can make someone a perpetual failure in life if one allows it. So, avoid it in all ways it approaches you.
The brother of laziness is procrastination. The two of them are identical in nature. You’ve got to avoid them in order to continually stay on top of failure. Else, you can be sure to bite your finger in times to come for things you ought to have done which you did procrastinate.
Finally, people fail because of indiscipline. It is a disruptive behavior which lacks focus. When a man is indiscipline, he is unruly, disorderly, rowdy and naughty. He stays beneath perpetual failure. You must do all you can to be discipline in all you do. This will make you ride on failure any day anytime. You can share your top reasons why people fail in the comment box below. Enjoy


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