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Humanity: A kind stranger

Updated on January 7, 2017
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I wrote these during some dark times. Putting a voice to some pain, that my family would never agree with me doing. BUT I DO IT ANYWAY!!

My own experience

I am sure that some people have had the experience of "paying it forward," such as someone in the vehicle ahead of you at a drive thru pays for your meal. I have heard of such things happening, but when it actually happened to me, and I posted it to my friends on social media. Many people were delighted to hear such stories.

Since I rarely eat at home during the week, I pick up breakfast at Jack in the Box, on my way to work. I had ordered my meal, and there were about two vehicles ahead of me. At this point, I am crying, but I honestly did not expect the car in front of me to actually witness this. Maybe the person didn't. I don't know. Something had triggered nostalgia about my children, and I was thinking about them that day. Finally, it was my turn to pay for my meal. I had the money out and ready to go. However, the girl at the window stated: "The vehicle in front of you paid for your meal." I was like, "What?" The girl at the window said: "Yea, no charge for your meal today, the person ahead of you paid for your meal." I was both surprised and overjoyed. I mean, to have a perfect stranger make my day. It was beyond incredible. The girl at the window also stated that it happens at their place of business quite often.

I, later, told my boyfriend. He didn't seem surprised because he has actually done this before. (Yea, apparently I got a good one now. No one like him.) However, this was the first time for me to experience someone doing this for a perfect stranger.

When I told my mother about it, she said that this had happened to her and my father before, while on vacation. Their whole meal had been paid for at a Cracker Barrel. Yes, a Cracker Barrel.

When I posted this on social media. I got messages like, "I love stories like this." Or, "Lucky, but you sure deserved it." I have great friends.

It came at a good time for me. I had been questioning humanity for quite sometime. There are still the right kind of people out there. It is just much harder to tease them out from the not so good. I just hope to continue to hear these wonderful stories of kindness. Hopefully they won't be too few and far between.


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