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Tough Love For Men

Updated on December 31, 2016


This is going to be an uncomfortable conversation. This will upset many of you because you feel this is a new era and women should support you. This will upset many of you because it will make you own up to where you are in life, your life your fault. This will upset you because many women's low self-esteem will allow them to convince themselves that they like supporting a man so they can control the relationship/household. My desire is to reach the man that is absolutely amazing but has yet to tap into his potential to be a better man, a great man. There are men that lack the ability to reach their potential, reach for greatness, and are stuck in the “victim” role of life working against them. Can the world conspire against you? Can you win? Can you stop indulging in playing, distractions, and become focused on being successful, pursuing only what will place you in a better position. Television is not a priority, partying is not a priority, dating is not a priority. Creating a better life for you and your future family is the priority so my hope is that 2017 is not a repeat of 2016. Win!

What's Your Excuse

"Excuse - a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense"

Let us study people that didn't allow their background, life choices, or situation to prevent them from greatness:

Ryan Blair – From jail records, arrested 10 times before the age of 16 to Entrepreneur and author.

Malachi Jenkins, former crip gang member AND Roberto Smith, former blood gang member-created catering company.

Darnell Ferguson from arrests and homelessness to SuperChef


Change Your Life

Change Your Life

So here we are entering 2017. So here is tough love. Many people go to work and go to school or learn a trade a the same time. If you are living below you potential but you have time to hang out at the club, focus on dating, or spend every night at the bar distracting yourself from achieving your goal. Time flies by whether you do something with it or not. So take a few years to earn the lifestyle that will help you and your family in the future, bottom line. Break away from friends and people that encourage you to waste your time with distractions and aren't headed in the same direction. Iron sharpens iron. Some people, including family, do not believe in themselves so they do everything to keep everyone around them on the ground floor with them. Misery loves company.

What you do today dictates your future? College is not for everyone. Trades are not for everyone. 9-5 job is not for everyone. By all means you must do something to secure your future, legally. There is a road to success for everything. Find a mentor to show you the ropes. Finding a mentor is just locating someone that is successful in the path you want to travel, reaching out, and making a connection with someone that can help guide you providing steps to be successful. Most people love to share wisdom and knowledge with others to help someone else. Determine what you want and go get it. You can accomplish anything you set out to do but you have to want it and your actions must prove you're chasing that dream.

Eliminate people that speak words like “can't” “won't” “no” language. Never allow people to put you down- put them out of your life. If you have a relationship where the person is taking from you, never encouraging or supportive-let them go. If you are making the same money 10 years later something is wrong and you need to change things in your life. Spending money in the street foolishly needs to be changes to buying stock and investing. Associations and memberships will put you around others that are interest in the same things you enjoy. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable because that is the foundation of change and growth. Put 100% effort in what you love and I promise your life will change for the better.


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